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  1. Sorry for the delay but my cycle is done. My ending weight is 162lbs. My final thoughts on this product is, it's alright. It didn't blow my mind and I was hoping for more then what I got. Given the chance to do it again I would pass on it. If I step up in the future I will need something much stronger to make it worth while.

    I didn't have any bad sides and I actually feel good now that I am off it. I am currently on PCT with a combo of Rebound XT, Lean Extreme, and Tribullus. I question the need for PCT as I am not going through any kind of shutdown or any ofthe other things I read about from people coming off a cycle. I am taking it however just to be safe.

    If you have any questione then feel free to ask. I actually hired a personal trainer and my first day was today. At this point I'm looking for a little more guidance and hands on training to further benifit my progress. I also want to see if he can push me to my goal of 175lbs without the help of any PH.


  2. Can you give your before and after measurements along with strength increases. Thanks.

  3. Don't feel so bad. I didn't expect you to gain much on this new FiniGenx.. I don't think you need something "much" stronger - just something that actually works...

  4. Update on PCT.

    I just wanted to shoot an update and let everyone know my PCT is going good. I gotta admit, I didn't notice any symptoms of shutdown like others expressed after doing a cycle. I still get my freak on normally with no problems.

    I am actually with a personal trainer now and my weight is 165lbs at the moment. I'm glad my weight is still going up and not down after the cycle, it's usually the opposite.

    After thinking over this entire cycle and noticing I had no signs of the usual post cycle nature maybe this stuff didn't do much at all. Hell if I know, but it's just my opinion.

    Lastly, I haven't taken measurements since going off the cycle. I'm confident they haven't changed a whole lot so I thought I would spare myself the agony of finding out.



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