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  1. Whats up buff? Hey I have a suggestion. If ur not on it already, get some casein protein and take 40g before bed. In terms of speedy recovery time, nothing has worked better for me than casein. Get it cheap at proteinfactory. I use the Aussie. Seriously, it took 1 day off of my normal recovery time. Im sure the sickness played a role too. BEING SICK SUX. I have a log going too if you want to check it out. I just switched to mdiene for the next 3 weeks.

  2. thanks methyl-d i am using 20 grams maybe i will try to up it to 40 and see what happens!! good log keep me updated on how you like that e...max
  3. Day 28 and 29

    Day 28-29:
    Arms on day 28

    Today my chest felt good enough to lift i dont know what i did that i had to take 4 days off till it got recovered. anyways here we go. remember that i am only taking the creatine e2 matrix because i ran out of the arginine e2 matrix. so i am taking 5 pills 2 times a day. i did bi' and tri's, pumps are still pretty good because of the l-norvaline i believe. so still pretty good in this department.

    Strength was not a factor today since i was working more for blood volume. the intensity was good, and it felt like i could lift forever.

    another good day in the gym, nothing to cry about. also another side note my arms looked more dry than normal.it could be my diet since i am 10 1/2 weeks out but i am happy that i am not holding any more water than normal.

    Day 29:
    Boulder shoulders

    The pump today was very good, also a little more vascularity than normal through my traps and shoulders. my shoulders were really full and capped, also coulde be the fact that i am getting leaner but still looked really full i was pleased with this.

    Today was another blood volume day so not a whole lot to note here other than i felt real srtong though my whole work out. my weights didnt get any lighter and i didnt burn out as fast.

    I was very excited about how my shoulders looked today, with the fullness and vascularity. also i am still pretty dry which is awesome.

    well Freaky Legs tom.
    check out my brotha from another motha's log on cvm and arginine e2

  4. cardio

    Hey guys i just got done with my cardio and it went really well i dont post like this early but i have some extra time to note a few things. tri's today are pretty sore as for my shoulders little tight but nothing to really be upset about. i havent decided if i am going to do legs tonight or not i am thinking YES, but i will see how my day goes with classes and all.
    well thats it for now have a good day guys and keep hitting that iron.
  5. Day 30

    Day 30:
    LEG DAY BABY!!!!

    Awesome pump today really full! more veins to speak of, my calves and very faint in my quads but they havent been there before. but could also be due to getting leaner, but i think this product is helping.

    Once again i am not training for strength anymore its all blod volume this week. but i did feel very powerful for example, i was doing leg presses super-set with front squats. i did a drop set my last set of leg-presses i started stripping weight i dropped 4 a side plates and there was still 4 plates a side when i was done stripping. doing 6 reps then stripping a plate so i did 24 reps there and then i was only going to do 5 reps for fronts but my training partner pushed me to do 10. that is what i meant by feeling powerful animal like haha i love it.

    good day i was very happy with my LEG day! recovery my tri's still sore so i am not recovering like i would like to but shoulders are ok.

    OFF day tom. just cardio.
  6. Day 31

    Day 31:

    Today was a much needed off day. so just cardio is what was in store for me. the recover from legs is not going so well pretty sore hams, quads so that was a bummer oh well what can you do but i live with it. pain is what this sport is all about. pain makes you bigger and also rips you up. well thats it for now.

    Tom chest!!
  7. Day 31

    Day 31:

    Today was a much needed off day. just did my cardio, which by the way was a very intense session. anyways as far a recovery not so good. i am pretty sore quads, hams yeah the whole deal. what can you do though pain is what this sport is all about. pain makes you bigger pain also rips you up. that it for now

    Tom Chest!!
  8. hey laz

    hey man just checking if you are going to be at the arnold? 14 DAYS!!!!!

  9. Hey buff just curious but can you post some of your stats or maybe even some pics?? Id like to see where ur at in ur pre-contest prep.

  10. yeah i will try and get some

  11. Keep it up!
  12. Day 32

    Day 32:

    Today is a sad day, but also a happy one. a few reasons, its sad because its my last day one Creatine E2 Matrix it was a good ride i will be talking about that later but lets get to the workout.
    I did chest today and i was freaking jacked out of my freaking mind!!! i was in philosophy class from 3:00-4:30 trying to listen to what my proff was talking about but all that was going though my mind was CHEST CHEST CHEST CHEST!!! thinking about what workout i was going to do how much i wanted a pump in my chest. I can not tell you how intense of an urge to grip my hands around that barbell and just start pushing!!!
    so i went down to tan (because i am 10 weeks out) haha anyways i could not sit still all i wanted to do is rip apart some weights.
    so now you know what kind of mind set i was in, so my workout could only be amazing.

    The Pump:
    Pump pretty awesome. i was walking around the gym and had people loking at me like i was freak.the best part about it is that i was soooo dry i looked the best yet in my show prep!!!after my workout i go in to another room that has a few mirrors and i pose down a little bit. my one training partner was like "Oh my Gooooossshhh you chest is huge." amd just to let you all know that my chest is prob my weakest part. so yeah i would have to say it was pumped to it max.

    Once again today was a blod volume day. but with that mind set i was in there was no way i was going to keep it light i didnt use stupid weight either. it was just a good amount of weight that i could still do my blod volume training with. but you would not believe how strong i felt. i felt like a true freak.

    Overall Thoughts One the Stack:
    Everything that i i got out of this cycle was awesome! i tried to take an unbaised veiw at the 2 products. but after the first couple workouts it was hard to be fair because of how these to products were working for me. so at some points in this review you might think to yourself this kid is just saying what we want to hear. no sir this has been all based on my results.
    i fell that these 2 products stacked together were amazing. when i went to the gym i knew i would get an extreme pump. and the pump just got better as i went. strength tok a while to ick in a little longer than i expected but i was glad for the delay because strength gains were awesome.
    overall this is a very good satck. like most of you know i am 10 weeks out of a show so i would like to keep as much muscle as i can while losing the rest of my body fat. i feel these products helped me to stay full pretty much all day, and give me that edge in the gym to get that extra reps or that 5 pound increase.
    So all in all i will def be buying these products again. and i wanted to thank steve again for the chance to do this for him!! keep up the good work guys at sns. and bring use some crazy new supps in the future!
  13. pics

    hey methyl-d i should be able to get those pics on sat my brotha from anotha motha is coming home to train with me and so is freakboy.
    so all beware the freaks will be out on saturday. best stay inside and lock your doors.
    anyways D i can get you a few pics and i will stick them up in here!

  14. Great log bro! I know im gonna miss the "on" feeling when im done with my cycle. Alot of it is the pump that im gonna miss as well. After PCT, I will try this stack. I have to after hearing your results! Good luck in your pre contest prep bro! Keep us posted. Looking forward to seeing some pics!

  15. Any updates?? How have you been doing since stopping the creatine E2 matrix?? Im just curious. Gotta go destroy my shoulders and tris now. lata playa

  16. still pretty good methyl-d i really didnt lose much strength!! its just so hard to tell size wise because i am getting leaner and looking bigger u know!
    u better kill those shouldas

  17. right on...cool man keep it up! when we gonna get to c them pics?


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