Superdrol/Phera Plex

  1. Superdrol/Phera Plex

    I've read alot of posts on this board concerning these products. I'm 50 yrs old and don't want to risk the side effects from products like these. I would be interested in trying something out in a transdermal though. Anyone know how to acquire something like these in a powder form(legal only)?

  2. I'm 48, and not sure of the difference - I suggest you get a blood test 1st - if your test levels are high (600+) then intense short workouts, 6 meal a day clean food diet, and sleep is the answer. Otherwise, start slow. Sides often come with higher doses - but that is just my experience. Depends on your goals - I want to compete

  3. Im 41 yrs young, and I tried the superdrol with no responce at all. for me it was just a waste of money. I take a lot of natural whole food supplements and herbs along with protien powder. I have not been able to increase any size in a long time, but Im 215 lbs and max bench is 510lbs. I also eat well, and hit gym five days a week. I have a high test level, so Im sure that helps. I think I just reached a plateu. But, I figure Im doing fine when I see guys younger then me on juice and lifting a lot less weight then I lift. I hope this helps you. Let me know if I can help in any way. Good luck!

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