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  1. Question POWERFUL-ly strange feeling

    Hi, I have been reading the board for sometime and wanted to share some info because I know how valuable this site has been for me. I am about 5'8" 200lbs with a very happy 12-14% body fat. I have been training for 20+ years. I have tried many anabolics with much success. I prefer lbm gains as opposed to a full monster bulk. I have never gained more than 10 lbs on any cycle.Now that I am 40 and no longer a competitive athlete. I am looking for a non-methylated,methoxylated, less liver stressing anabolic. So, I though I would try POWERFUL. I have used Muira Puama before and I noticed a slightly stimulating effect. I began with 6 caps a day for two weeks then 9 caps a day for two weeks. I felt an immediate lift and feeling of well-being. after two weeks I notice that I had a constant pump and was walking around with half a hard-on all day! I gained 3-4 pounds. I look cut, although somewhat distended in my abs, I have a little roid-gut. My strength stayed the same as per my training style. I have been sleeping well with very lucid dreams I wake up with no hang over effect. I have also noticed that even though I have a pump , I can't flex to the point where I can really feel the muscle stretch. I have actually "lost" some rigidity in my erections. When I ejaculate I don't feel the normal pleasure. It is like I am watching some one else. Kind of trippy. I have been feeling a little more emotional than normal, sort of like when I'm on Clomid. Interesting supplement, but I think I'll keep on searching..

  2. more POWERFULL thoughts

    I wanted to complete my previous review with some additional thoughts. I have been off POWERFULL for about a week. The negative sides are fading. My body comp is about the same, although the allday pump is about gone. I feel that I am thinking more clearly, like coming out of a fog. I think that POWERFULL must effect dopamine receptors. The phsyical results and fogginess remind me of bromocriptine. The libido effects are more like a SSRI. I never experienced anything quite like it. I was using POWERFUL at the end of a PCT. I thought it could be a good bridge between cycles. The first two weeks of use gave positive results both physically and with my well-being. I didn't notice the negative sides until the third week, which may have been dose dependent, as I had upped the dose. My overall opinion is that this supplement can be useful between cycles with proper dosing. It is not anything that could replace an androgen cycle or even a HPTA stimulator.

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