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    First off just want to say thank you to @BloodManor for selecting me to log this product. Super excited! Thank you to Chaos and Pain as well for the opportunity. I've heard all good things about their products and if they sponsored a lifter like robb phillipus then I am a fan.

    I have been lifting for over 11 years and currently weigh 270 lbs. Plan is to get nasty strong and huge as always.

    Product arrived a few days ago. I was with my wife in the hospital until yesterday for the birth of our first child! Going to need all the pick me up I can get I can tell already lol.

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    Took my first dose today. Carny Candy flavor. This stuff hits HARD. Like being stuck with a needle filled with adrenaline. As a stim junky and powerlifter this is definitely my kind of pre. Session went like so:

    Safety Squat Bar Skwaats
    -575 x 3 for 3 sets

    Front Squats
    -440 x 2 for 2 sets (planned on 3 sets but these killed my biceps today)

    (Just added these to see if I can work on some underdeveloped areas and strengthen weak points)

    -4 sets of 8

    -4 SETS OF 15

    Like I said above, this stuff is DOPE. Hits crazy hard and gets me in the right place of mind I need to be in to crush big lifts. LOVE this stuff already. After one dose I am already going to be a future customer for sure. For my style of lifting this is a match made in heaven.

    I have a mini session tomorrow which consists of just accessory work so I probably wont waste this magic juice on that but Saturday will be dose 2 for sure!

  2. Awesome start to the log and congratulations again on the new addition to your family.
    Those are some heavy ass weights you are moving.
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  3. 575 x 3! Dang. I'm inn on this log!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by BloodManor View Post
    Awesome start to the log and congratulations again on the new addition to your family.
    Those are some heavy ass weights you are moving.
    Quote Originally Posted by LeanEngineer View Post
    575 x 3! Dang. I'm inn on this log!
    Thanks guys. Been doing this for over 11 years, if you saw where I started you would laugh lol. I am definitely nothing special ive just put in a ton of consistent work! My barbell squat is higher than that but that safety squat bar is humbler for sure. Using it for a few training cycles to give my body a break from all the years of straight barbell work. Definitely paying dividends, cant wait to see what my squat is at. Also using the incline bench in place of bench and trap bar deadlift in place of barbell deads. Lots of progress being made!

    Been throwing in some mini sessions to spur more growth and bring up weaknesses. Did a crap load of dumbbell rows, more facepulls, bicep stuff and ab work today. Big session tomorrow so that post will be up tomorrow night. Cant wait.

  5. In for the lifts

  6. Had another scoop yesterday. Stuff is still legit. Still sleeping at night too which is great. Hits hard and fast and allows me to flip that switch easier and destroy in the gym. Loving it so far! Flavor is on point too. Perfect amount of sweet and super tasty.

    Hit some incline bench yesterday with loads of accessory stuff. Really been switching things up across the board these last few months. Hopefully all this weak point work will pay off with some big lifts. These sessions look a lot different than my normal training sessions do but I think that's a good thing. Gotta adapt and keep looking for ways to improve or you will just be small and weak forever!

    Incline Bench
    -370 for 3 sets of 3

    Super Close Grip Incline Bench
    -315 for 3 sets of 5

    Skull Crushers w/ EZ Bar
    4 sets of 12

    -2 sets of 15

    Basketball Pushups
    4 sets of 15

    -3 sets of 8

    -100 reps (20 right, 20 left, 20 right, etc nonstop until 100 each side)

    Obviously I am trying to strengthen my lockout / triceps. I feel like I can blast anything off the chest but locking it out is where I struggle. Really been hammering the triceps and hoping the different angle with incline will increase the lockout and shoulder strength. Upper back / rear delts have also been getting hammered to help. Will probably go back to normal benching here in the next few weeks and use incline as the secondary movement. Just felt I needed to switch it up a bit. I hate incline and have never done much of it previously due to not having an incline bench in the garage gym. Bought one because I thought it would help me in a few different areas. Not very good at it yet but I feel like it is helping me a ton.

    Food for the day: 2.5 lbs steak, 3 cups jasmine rice, 1 sautéed onion. Also had a pizza and various other snacks.

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  7. Sippin on some carny candy cannibal ferox as we speak and getting ready to go lift here soon. Cant stress enough how tasty this stuff is. Taste isn't something I look for in products but when it is super effective AND super tasty then what more can you ask for?

    Training yesterday was laid out as follows:

    -735 lbs x 3 for 2 sets

    BARBELL PAUSED DEADLIFTS (break the weight off the floor to mid shin, pause, then explode it up)
    -565 lbs x 2 for 3 sets

    -6 sets of 8 with 185

    -2 SETS OF 20

    -3 SETS OF 15

    Hoping all this trap bar work and pause deads help my lockout. I can blast anything off the floor but I always get stuck at the top. Might go back to pulling against bands for a while after I am done with these. Also been deadlifting with a belt this entire cycle which is something I have never done before. Never liked the use of a belt but I am coming around. Its been saving my lower back/erectors and helping me stay solid through the lift. I figure at this point I have put up good numbers without it, if I can use it to push those numbers even further then I'm going to. Trap bar sure is fun though, lets you move heavier weight and hits the lats/traps a little differently.

    About to get todays session in here pretty soon. Will update again later tonight or tomorrow.

  8. Ever do rack work for lockout? Dunno what you young'uns are doing these days, but that used to work for us....

  9. I need t0 start planning out my meals better
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BloodManor View Post
    I need t0 start planning out my meals better
    It can be challenging. I keep it as simple as possible. With work, family, lifting, home upkeep, etc I like to get something whipped up in 20 minutes and be done with it. Boil in bag rice has been a go to for me lately. No clean up. I also use the crock pot a lot for chicken. dump in like 6-8 breasts with salsa and cream cheese or hot sauce and a ranch packet and you have a bunch of meals that you didn't even have to sit and watch cook.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Tank999 View Post
    Ever do rack work for lockout? Dunno what you young'uns are doing these days, but that used to work for us....
    Ive never been a fan of those but I haven't tried them in years. Ive been thnking of building some blocks to pull off of and putting block pulls in the program to see how they carry over.

  12. Alright little catch up post here.

    Tuesday I ran through my BENCH/UPPER 2 session. Incline Bench, Dumbbell Bench, DB OH Press, Front Raises, Face Pulls. Lots of volume. Still trying to build a solid base before I go back to barbell bench and restart this next training cycle. Nothing super exciting.

    Wednesday I did 250 reps of side laterals. I am adding in extra sessions like these to help spur some new growth. I do not always do stuff like this but I am doing 4 big main sessions a week with 2-3 added mini sessions to add muscle and bring up weaknesses.

    Today I hit some squats and lower body stuff. I'll write this one out in detail:

    -595 x 2 for 2 sets
    -335 x 20 (yuck)

    4 sets of 15

    -3 SETS OF 15


    I skipped the front squats today. Last session I felt like I was about to tear both biceps. Figured I would give it a week off so I just went for a huge rep set of ssb squats and man, IT SUCKED. I was toast after that. Squat sessions are about to change in a major way soon, these have just been a change of pace for a while. Almost time to switch back to the barbell and some better assistance work.

    C&P Cannibal Ferox has been awesome so far. I'm not getting very good sleep with the newborn but this stuff gets me feeling right so that I can kill it and move on with my day. Great energy that lasts. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a swift kick in the nuts before hitting some heavy weight. Cant stress enough how good the carny candy tastes too. Stuff is literally like candy and super delicious!

    Will be doing some upper back/rear delt/bicep work tomorrow (another one of those mini sessions I have added in). Feel free to ask any questions, would love to answer and discuss whatever!

  13. Woke up sick. Got a gallon of water in me within the first 1.5 hours of being awake and felt a little better. Downed my cannibal ferox and went to war.

    Incline Bench
    -400 x 1 for 2 sets (liftoffs killed me. barely able to get the bar off the pins and into position to press)

    Flat DB Bench
    -4 sets of 8

    DB tricep extensions with band looped around back
    -5 sets of 10

    -4 sets of 15

    BENCH DIPS with a 45 lb plate
    -2 sets of 20

    -3 SETS OF 12

    -80 TOTAL REPS

    Crushed an incline PR. Super stoked. Most guys would have phoned it in and got some "rest". Nah. Pass homie. Got the mind right with cannibal ferox and took what was mine. Makes the PR that much sweeter.

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  14. Great attitude=great lifts!

  15. In this!
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  16. Downed my delicious carny candy cannibal ferox and put in some work....

    TRAP BAR DEADLIFT (elevated handles, similar to pulling off of blocks. working that lockout)
    -760 x 2 for 2 sets

    -585 x 2 for 4 sets

    -5 SETS OF 6

    -3 SETS OF 15

    Crazy session. Feeling kind of bleh outside of the gym with this cold but my goodness when I step in and its time to put in work I feel strong as an ox. Listened to some good good to get me fired up...

  17. I used the hotel gym today. 50lb dumbells fml lol love your numbers
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  18. Quote Originally Posted by BloodManor View Post
    I used the hotel gym today. 50lb dumbells fml lol love your numbers
    Lol, 50 lb dumbbells have their place. Thanks homie!

  19. Hit Incline Bench/Skull Crushers/DB tricep extensions/Front Raises/Face Pulls on Tuesday.

    Did 250 reps of side laterals yesterday with some upright rows after. Trying to add in these extra sessions just to get a pump and hopefully add some more muscle. Increasing frequency/work load.

    Did some safety squat bar squats today. Worked up to a PR double but the second rep was super sketchy. The bar threw me forward and I had to grind out the second rep. My left glute was tighter than a nun with a kegel addiction so I ended the session after my top set. Sucks. Zero focus today and everything just felt off. Live to fight another day. Havent had a bad session in a while so it isn't a big deal, itll fester tonight and I will respond with vengeance.

  20. Thank God for Cannibal Ferox. With this newborn it is being put to the test and passing with flying colors every single time! Great energy and focus, cant get enough of this stuff. Working on writing out my next training cycle as this one comes to an end. Still a few sessions left with hopefully some PR's in store. Glad ive got this stuff on hand for some big weights!

  21. Still loving this stuff. Will be doing a product review along with this log and will also be doing product reviews on a few other sites as a thank you to chaos and pain for allowing me to log this product. It gets my stamp of approval so I will share that positive review in other places to show support for a great product.

    Volume upper session tomorrow and then a BIG deadlift session Monday. Will post details after!

  22. Training has been going really well even though I feel like my body is on the verge of falling apart lately lol. Smoked a 775lb trap bar deadlift this past Monday with a 585 lb paused barbell deadlift after. Cannibal Ferox was in my system for both so I only have good things to say still! Newborn has made life very busy but the training has still been getting done. Got this hurricane Irma coming straight for us here in Florida so we will see what the next few days has in store. I have been very impressed with this pre workout. For over a decade I have tried almost every preworkout there is. I am a huge stim junkie. No lie, this stuff ranks up there on my list. Great quality.

  23. Well, Hurricane Irma did what we didn't want for it to do. It is heading straight for us here in Tampa (I live in Lutz on the North border of Tampa). Don't know how long I will be without power but my main objective over these next few days will strictly be to protect my wife, baby and dog. I am in a good area that doesn't flood but this probably wont be easy for anyone. Hopefully we avoid property damage and everyone is safe.

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  24. Alright, little catch up post. Hurricane Irma came through this past Sunday/Monday. All is good with my family, thankfully. Our home made it with no issues, THANK GOD. Had a tree uproot and fall but it didn't hit anything. Chopped it up and hauled it off no issues. Neighbors fence that we share got blown down. Easy fix. All in all very blessed. Still been training hard. Side note: I haven't eaten mcdonalds in like 14 years but I recently rediscovered the mcgriddle lol. I've had like 3 a day the past few days and they are sooo good. Getting me nice and bloated for some big numbers.

  25. Hit some DEADS and BACK today, went down like so:

    -750 lbs x 3

    -585 lbs x 2 for 3 sets

    -275 lbs x 15 for 3 sets

    5 SETS OF 20

    Great session. One of the most important areas a lifter can target is their upper back/rear delts. Trust me. Want a big bench? Get a big upper back. Want more stability in the squat? Get a big and strong upper back. Want a bigger deadlift? UPPER BACK/REAR DELTS.

    Switching a lot of my accessory lifts up. Keeping my main 4 sessions and then adding an arm day and keeping my upper back/rear delt day. Trying to get as thick as possible. The two extra days (arm day and upper back day) are really low intensity and not very taxing but I can get a lot of blood in there and add a little muscle. Once it stops producing I will either take them out or switch up the target body parts.


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