Athletix new stim pre-workout review

  1. Athletix new stim pre-workout review

    Today I finally took the stim pre workout. I emptied the caps into about 8 oz of water and shook it up. Mixed very well, no particles. Taste was gross I have to say. All I tasted was artificial sweetener. Really couldn't tell the flavor at all. As for results I just didn't feel anything. It was as if I had not taken a pre-workout at all. With the stim free pre I felt intense focus but it made me a bit tired. With this one I didn't feel anything. Sorry Athletix, I do appreciate the free sample but I'm just being honest with my review. If I could have mixed the stim free one with a strong stimulant product it would be a great addition. Anyway, thanks again to Athletix for letting me try it out.

  2. Damn, I'm shocked you didn't feel it considering it's a pretty high stim feeling it should give, some guys have been saying the rush is very intense, maybe a second try in the future would work better for ya.

    Thanks for the review!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Maybe double or triple the dosage. I'm used to PES Enhanced. When I take enhanced I take 1.5 servings pre and sip on 1.5 servings intra, that is when I'm not stacking it with Lecheek OxyEca. When I stack it with that fat burner I take 1 and 1. So my tolerance for stims is built up a bit. Strange thing is, I can't handle PES Alphamine, even at .25 of the dosage. So I guess it depends on the type of stimulant.

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