NLA Uplift , NLA HER Aminos and Shred Her

  1. NLA Uplift , NLA HER Aminos and Shred Her

    My name is Tina Pontoo and Im in week 13 for a figure comp at muscle beach. I am on week one trying the New NLA products for women. I am loving the thermogenic, it keeps me warm and heats me up in a major way when I start my workout rountines. I havent ever used a pre workout before and I've noticed I need to eat a little before taking the Uplift and or it really causes me to feel burning in my stomach. I am hoping this week it will get better the more used to the product I get. As for the Her aminos, I love them. I take them as soon as I wake up . Amazing product, it helps to wake me up and feel alert.
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  2. First! Kill it

  3. Thats the only way :-)

  4. I'm going to start by saying I'm loving the Shred Her, it keeps me on fire and sweating my whole workout, My trainer noticed i was leaner in my arms. I'm hooked. I zoomed through my leg workout and hope to kill Barbell Club tonight ( Olympic lifting). I need to definitely rate the taste of the Uplift as a 9.5 Wouuld be a 10 but I'm not a big fan of sweet tasting drinks, but this seems to come with any pre workout product. But it tastes so good I cant believe its good for me :-) I've noticed quicker recovery and less Doms. The Amonios continue to stay in my morning rountine, its my new starbucks Replacement !!!!

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Size:  72.0 KBI am starting on week 2 of all 3 OF THE NLA products, Uplift, Aminos for Her and Shred Her And I'm loving them so far.

    Week one the Uplidft upset and made my tummy burn so I ate a quick snack with it and week 2 has been awesome, no more burning , just think my body had to adjust, I dont normally take a pre workout. The Shred is my Favorite, it keeps me so warm I cant stop drinking water, and it warms you up even more when you start to excercise. I drink the aminos in the morning with breakfast and they help so much to get but body motivated and awake. Recovery and motivation is up this week. The uplift keeps me pushing throught my workout ready for more. I did up the dose to 1.5 scoops though. The taste of the product is amazing. I've blended ice with the uplift to make a slushy and yummy wow. This cools my

  6. Yum yum preworkout slushie

  7. Yes its now my treat for the day :-)

  8. I needa try it myself

  9. I'm getting low on my aminos, will be ordering more today, I take them twice a day, one normal, one as a slushie mixed with the Aminos for her and the uplift, wow this is an awesome workout drink. The Shred is the first burner that hasnt stopped working after 2 weeks. This is big for me especially getting ready for a figure comp in 10 weeks. NLA You guys are so on point with this your womens products.
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  10. I even drink the aminos now myself

    Thanks for the kind words we are glad you like it!


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