The holy grail. PNI triple stack (wondered)

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  1. The holy grail. PNI triple stack (wondered)

    first off the dang auto correct put in wondered instead of sponsered. anyway i would like to thank ebroser, luke, and PNI for the chance to rock this sh*t. also a special shoutout to luke for taking out his time and putting together a great training program to get the best of of the stack. a little about myself
    age 24
    weight 247
    goals with this stack- as you can see i got more weight on me then i would like so im gonna hit this hard with weight training and cardio, and see how much weight i can knock off this body while maintaing and maybe hopefully gaining some strenght. i will take some of the diet plans and tips i got from luke and mix it in with mine. i will be running a carb cycling program and for 6 days keep carbs under 30g a day and on the seventh day up them to normal of about 120g-160g. i have had success with this in the past so im gonna see what it can do paired with this stack. i will attach starting pics and also the training program. and come monday it will be time to lock down and get to work.


  2. A couple of quick pics to show where IM at and all the work to come

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  3. subbed on ya bro!

  4. In for this. Following all in this contest. Good luck!
    I started a new log at:

  5. Heading home from a weekend at work looking forward to rocking the gym. Alrdy one therm and paragon down

  6. Subbed!
    mack @
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  7. First workout in the books. And wow prodigy is awesome crazy pumps and focus I love it. More update coming later

  8. day one is in the books. i have dosed all three of my paragon and one pill of thermadex. i didnt notice any of the heartburn feelings with the therm so i really like that. also i have to say it killed my hunger like crazy which will help me alot while trying to cut.
    so i felt like i killed it in the gym with the following
    pullups 3x6
    wg bb upright rows 3x6 (85 pounds,95,95)
    underhand pulldown 3x6 (125,138,162)
    single db rows 3x6 (60, 75,75)
    partial deadlifts 3x6 (135,155,175) (yes i know i need to work on my deads but i have a degenerative discs disease in my lower back at L3 and L4 but didnt mark it down as a limitation due to the fact i want to safely get better at them)
    seated db rear lat raises 3x6 (20#)
    standing rope rear delt row 3x6 (100,120,120 #)
    cable crunch 2x20
    hanging leg raises 2x 20
    Also did 30 min cardio on the treadmill speed 3.6 on incline

    macros for the day
    cal- 1078
    pro- 152
    i will keep working on getting more protein in the diet and cals, looking forward to gym tomorrow.

  9. Leg day today o yea will be heading to kill it in the hour.

  10. day two.
    had a great leg day in the gym thanks to some prodigy. dosed three pargon and one thermadex, i havent had any issues with it such as gi problems or heartburn or jitters so im going to give it one more day then try two doses.
    ok so it was legs in the gym
    leg press 3x9 (270not including the machine) the leg press at my gym is some strange nautalis one with a weird range of motion
    leg ext 2x12 (95, 120)
    hack squat 3x 14 (90, 115) not including the machine
    bb lunges 2x20 (95)
    stiff leg deads 3x7 (135, 145)
    lying leg curls 2x12 (80,1100
    seated leg curls 2x15 (120,140)
    hyper ext 2x16
    calf presses 1x9,1x12 (135)
    seated calf raises 1x15,1x20 (90)
    35 min cardio on treadmill

    cal 1748
    fat 76
    carbs 22
    pro 235

    also some measurement i meant to add yesterday
    chest- 48"
    arms- 17"
    waist ( at belly button)- 44"
    legs- 25.5"
    calves- 17"

    have just a cardio day tomorrow will add in about 15 Hitt to the 30 min

  11. day 3 27 Feb 2013
    today i had to back in to work for two days but will be getting off all weekend( i work a two on, two off, every other weekend rotation)
    today was super busy at work but also just a cardio day so i hit the treadmill for 30min liss, then added just about a 12 min jog.
    cal- 995
    fat- 46
    carbs- 24
    pro- 122
    dosed three paragon and one thermadex

  12. today is chest/delts, looking forward to it, also may try a second dose of thermadex today and see how it goes

  13. Quote Originally Posted by mattborn00 View Post
    today is chest/delts, looking forward to it, also may try a second dose of thermadex today and see how it goes
    Subbed good luck bro

  14. ok so yesterday day 4 28feb2013 i was not able to get in my gym time due to work and being underway for 12 hours. so today i will be doing the chest workout and tomorrow on what would have been a off day i will be doing the arms workout.
    diet for yesterday
    cal 1212
    fat 75
    carbs 20
    pro 101

    i dose three paragon and also went for it and dosed two thermadex, one in the morning and then one after lunch, did not have any jitters or anything side affects with it, so thats a win and i will keep dosing two a day for now.
    today is my carb up day of the week so that will be nice to enjoy. also get to go home for the weekend, and go to my gym not the "jail house" one at work

  15. keep it up man !!!
    Broser Built Athlete

  16. day 5 01march
    had to make for for a missed day so it was chest/delts/abs for the day
    ss db incline press(65#)/ flat db fly (30) 2x9/12
    ss flat bench(165)/ db pullover (40) 2x9/12
    ds dip 2x9/max
    ss db shoulder press (30)/ upright row ( 95) 2x9/12
    ds seated db side raises (15-10) 2x9/6
    ss lying leg raises/plated crunch 2x20/max
    i realized on the next chest day i need to really increase my weight on some of the lifts, such as the pullover, incline press, and upright row.
    as diet goes it was my free day so i enjoyed some carbs.
    cal- 2178
    pro- 112
    carbs- 216
    doses three paragon and two thermadex, also hit up 30 min cardio on the treadmill

  17. today day 6 march 2
    today should be a off day but i had to push everything back a day because of work so i will be hitting arms and calves today, back to my normal diet after yesterday being a carb up day, its back to low low carbs, o well looking forward to dosing some prodigy and killing arms

  18. day 6 02 march
    today was arms/calves
    bb curl 3x6 (70,80,80)
    upper cable curl 1x15(40), 1x 12(50), 1x9(60)
    db hammer curl/preacher curl 1x12(25)/1x9(65)
    cg bench 3x6 (135,155,155)
    pushdown 1x15(100), 1x12(130), 1x9(150)
    db ext/dips 1x12(65)/ max
    standing calf raises 1x12(135),1x9(185),1x6(205)
    seated calf raises 1x12(90)
    30 min cardio on treadmill, 5.5 incline, 3.6 speed
    cal- 1137
    carb- 20
    pro- 144
    fat- 53
    dosed three paragon, an two thermadex

  19. day 7 03 march
    today if off day but will be doing yard work so i will get some cardio in today

  20. day 7 march 03
    was a off day but did some yard work and mowed so grass, so i did get some cardio it.
    im back at wokr for the next two days, so i will be hitting back,delt,abs today after the work day ends. rdy to kill it

  21. day 8 monday march 08
    it was back delts, abs day
    underhand grip bb row 3x9(95,145,145)
    wg pulldowns 3x12(100,120)
    single arm db row 3x14(50,60,65)
    stiff arm pull downs 3x16-20(75)
    parital rack deads 4-6,7-9,10-12(185,180,175)
    db rear lat 7-9,10-12 (10)
    side lat 13-15,16-20 (15)
    seated bent knee raises 2xmax
    incline crunch 2x20

    diet for the day
    carbs- 8
    pro- 145

    dosed three paragon and two thermadex( havent had any issuses with it such as jitters or headaches)
    did 30min cardio.

  22. today day 9 mar 5
    today is suppose to be leg day but due to being at work and not having any stuff to do the workout, i will be making today the off day and leg day wednesday. but i will still be getting some cardio in at the end of the day.

  23. day 9 tuesday mar 5th
    cardio day, 40 mins on treadmill, burned 410 cal.

  24. day 10
    will hit legs hard today when i get home from work


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