a 15-day controlled beta test trial of newly designed betaine nitrate, packaged as MAX PUMP

Redefine Nutrition (FinaFlex) Max Pump (120 Capsules): Discount Max Pump Supplements

MAX PUMP final review

1) Vascularity/Pump (1-5) was more impressed by pump effects, than by vascularity..seeing Al get roadmapped out in our promo thread really made me dream of having the same happen..alas, i'm not really a vascular dude, and always have to be pretty lean before ropes start appearing
that said - vascularity was increased certainly - just not as pronounced or noticeable as the pump aspect
solid 4.5 rating

2) Muscle Endurance/Stamina (1-5) this category simply was ungawdly..endurance went up markedly, and i noticed some sessions i just could not get tired..strength was typically almost as good by end of training, as it was when i started (as silly as that may sound)
total 5 rating

3) Muscle Strength (1-5) during this period i am not really training for strength per se, but rather more of a bodybuilding approach (higher reps/lighter yet still substantial weight etc)..that is not to say i didn't have mometns where i busted out some weights -- couple squat days i pushed the envelope, and was blown away by where my strength levels were at..also, i tie in overall strength (ie - strength at completion of training vs. strength at beginning) in this category, so it kind of mirrors the category above in that aspect, for me
5 rating

4) Overall Physical Performance (1-5) honestly - had mostly ups, no complaints..only one bad day that i can think of off top of my head
strong 4.5 rating

5) Overall Opinion of Product (1-5)... How much do you like this product???
in a nutshell - i am in love
would be purrfekt, were it not for a few isolated instances of upset stomach (they were brief, passed quickly) and one isolated day where i itched like crazy and had blotches of red all over (face was so red, looked like i was gonna have a heart attack LOL)
since we've run betas, some testers have added their own findings of betaine nitrate, and all the thorough and extensive testing it has undergone in different capacities..that in mind, let me say that i notice some of these effects, being:
*nitrogen retention, seeming to make my high-protein diet all the better
*improved anaerobic/aerobic performance capabilities/bloodflow improvement, which translated into unending stamina + increased power output
and yes (cover your eyes, o sensitive ppl) - i did notice improved bloodflow to certain, ahh, bodyparts that are not exactly targeted in the weight room
so again: all things considered, phenomenal product indeed..were it not for the minor and brief issues, this would score perfectly

Finaflex, you guys have done it again