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  1. I will say that my legs are a little dire but nothing unbearable. I am having some painful lower back... High glute issue, don't even want to move much. Taking it easy no gym today. I gotta work all night so that's gonna suck already.

  2. So tired these night jobs killing me.

  3. Going to sleep for a hour or two then back to work at 1130pm til 7am.
    Training has been hard to get. My tail bone soreness is not getting any better with me having to work. Hurts to bend over.... Basically deadlifts and Romanian deads would be out I questing hell anything to do with upper glute. I wonder if I pulled something doing leg press or Vsquats.... I was going heavier than normal, strength is hard to hold back. I can push some serious weight with out much recourse(well except this issue) significant gains wish I could push harder but work had me in lock down.

  4. Still at it.... Should be going home soon, probably only get a couple hours sleep then I gots to pick up kids, make dinner then bathe kids. Gym is so far away.... Missed morning dose will e taking soon as I get home. Really straining the body I am sure, however I am keeping the aminos and protein going strong. Been carb heavy to keep the energy going.. Diet has sucked nutragrain bars an crisp snacks. Did have salmon and broccoli last night , so something good has been happening.

  5. Warm ups
    RC strengthening/rehab

    Incline press DB
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    Superset Tri kick back + skull crusher [email protected][email protected]
    [email protected][email protected] [email protected][email protected]

    Isolateral bench press [email protected]'s [email protected]'s [email protected]'s [email protected]

    Decline crunch 25lb + Russian twist 25lb 15+20/20 15+20/20 11+20/20

    Pec fly machine [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

  6. Strength has definitely increased, pissed I could make more outta this log. Work killed it... I could have made some better gains for sure.

    I am very happy with product so far.

  7. Subbed. Thinking about running 1-andro and 11-Sterone. Interested to know about your Torem PCT.

  8. Probably gonna get yelled at but gonna pick up kids then take them to gym. I know the wife will be pissed.... Ehhh win some ya lose some and I need to lose a few pounds.

    On another note I must be doing something right at work... They just bought me a new ford e250 van, 87 miles on this biatch. Sucks that I am going from a Chevy toa ford but hell I work out of it not live. I got a dodge and chev at home they get to park in the driveway and garage. Just leave the ford on the side of road.... Hahahaha

  9. sucks you're not getting much support in here

    try and get 8-10 hrs sleep when training hard

  10. Ehhh whatever, others not supporting ain't gonna keep me from meeting my goals.

  11. 30min with trainer and I am done. Never thought I could get that much weight in on a 30 min session.

    Leg extensions
    Free motion squats
    Leg press this one got me 100reps25-30sec intervals 5 plates
    Weighted lunges

    Will update... Damn I forgot to get BF calculated got 4 days left of 1-Andro RX them serm/PCT gets going.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Budman7811 View Post
    Ehhh whatever, others not supporting ain't gonna keep me from meeting my goals.
    I like this independent attitude, you dont need others support to get your goals, its good to have it and its not needeed! keep up the good work

  13. Good chest day, pretty happy with today's weight. Flat bench 75lb DBS, 65lb incline Db. Pretty stellar. Tomorrow night all done then PCT.

  14. Got a few diuretic pills... Want to use over the weekend to purge water before Monday morning. Would that and ABE and EP be a little much?

  15. Budman' PCT get going

    PCT Starting up soon

  16. Well we finished up, thanks again for the month run

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    Will post thoughts later


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