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    keep it up man, this log is absolutely stellar
    What he said - there's lots of other cool stuff coming in the near future, it just might pay off for you in other promos.

  2. Day 21- Thursday Feb. 28

    Supplement Usage: 4 capsules 35 minutes before workout.

    Day 1 of 2nd Phase (Upper chest conjugate/Biceps heavy)

    A. Incline bench press-4 x 8: 135 pounds

    B1. Low-incline dumbbell press (stop short of lockout)- 3*12: 40 pounds

    B2. Slide Flies- 3* Max reps

    C. Decline Pushups- 3*12 reps

    D. Bench press- 1 x 100 reps (take pauses if needed): 70

    E. Barbell curl: 5 x 5: 80
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    PM me with any questions!

  3. Day 22: Friday March 1

    Workout: Day 3 Phase 2 time 2. Biceps and Chest Heavy

    Supplement usage: 4 caps about 35 minutes before workout.

    A. Barbell curl 4 x 7: 80 pounds

    B1. Reverse preacher curl- EZ bar +25

    B2. Hammer curl- 3X11: 25 lbs.

    D. Preacher curl 1*100- EZ bar+5

    E. High incline dumbbell press-5*5: 40 pounds
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  4. Day 23: Saturday, March 2

    Off Day. 2 caps in the morning, two caps at night. About to go catch a workout for today as I just got back from out of town. Then I'll get the latest thoughts updated.
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  5. only 2 days left, in for final review!
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