Kicking Mass with Lecheek's MASS HGH (Sponsored)

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  1. Kicking Mass with Lecheek's MASS HGH (Sponsored)

    Big thanks to Marms and the guys at Lecheek for allowing me to log this product. Looking to make some good gains on this. Will be keeping an eye on how this affects my strength gains, endurance, rest, recovery and any negative sides that might occur. Should be a fun ride. Dosing will be as directed, 3 caps, 30 mins before i rack out.

    Ill get this thing going once my bottle arrives...stay tunned.

    Age: 29
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: Currently 245
    Years Training: 16

    Goals: get jacked and hopefully lean out a little in the process

    Diet: 4-6 meals a day… typically lean protein (we cycle between sirloin, tilapa, salmon and ground turkey), whole grain/complex carbs consumed typically pre/post workout, and veggie-lots of broccoli and fresh spinach. Usually take 2-3 shakes a day..50g whey
    Training: Will be heavy as possible for as many reps as possible.
    Typical week looks something like this:
    Tues- Back/bi’s/Calves
    Thur- Chest/tri’s
    Sat- Off-
    Sun-restart week

    Life and work happens so I have the occasional unplanned off day in between my split.. When this occurs, it’s back to the grind the following day.
    Other supp’s: Omeaga-3,6,9 combo, multi v, and a pre-workout ( currently finishing up a bottle of Muscle Ammo reload…interested in switching it up again)

  2. Quick update. My package arrived in the mail on Satafternoon. Planning on taking my first dose tonight before bed. Will be back inthe gym tomorrow and hitting back and calves followed up with 30mins of cardio.Will update tomorrow on any noticed affects.

  3. Subbed for results!
    mack @
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  4. Glad to have ya along for the ride. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  5. Prepare yourself for some nice deep sleep! And then other bonuses that start showing up soon after that

  6. Day 1 update.. Sleep was def solid last night. Felt quiterefreshed when i woke up. Not groggy like I was anticipating. Unfortunately ihad to take today off from the gym as my wife had a seizure last night ( shesepileptic) and I had to take her around to a few doctors’ offices toady. Willbe back to work and the gym tomorrow.

  7. subbed

  8. Day 2 update:

    Hit back and cardio today. Woke up feeling great. Well rested with a slight muscle fullness. Killed a ton of carbs yesterday as my folks were in town for the holidays. In anycase, today was my first workout on mass hgh. Felt strong and intensity was def there. Tried a new pwo today so I attribute some of the intensity to that. No crazy PR's yet but it's coming. First time deadlifting in about 4 weeks ( gave my lower back a break as recovery time was getting progressively worse). Hit few warm up sets than finished with 405x8 and 455x4. Looking to get 405x10 and 455 for 6 next week. Rest of the workout consisted of wide grip lat pull downs, v-bar pull downs, hammer strength low rows and high pulley cable pull downs. Finished it all up with 30 mins of tread mill on an incline. Not much else to report this early. Got a feeling big things are going to come with this run.

  9. Nice updates,hope the wifey is ok.

  10. Thanks marms. Nothing a little rest and meds cant handle. Shes a tough chick tho. Was back on her 1/2 marathon training schedule today like nothing happened.

  11. Day 3- update. Hit arms last night. Had a great workout. Plenty of engery and had a solid pump. All with no pwo. Have been well rested and feel great when i get up in the morning. Hoping this trend continues. Will be hitting Shoulders and Traps tonight.

  12. Ya it should continue well for you if your feeling it and getting great sleep already. Enjoy the ride

  13. Day 5 Update:
    Yesterday was a rest day. Today I will be hitting legs andcalves. So far sleep as continued to be solid…feeling great when I wake up. Noticingslight muscle fullness and recovery seems to be slowly improving as well.

    Not much else to report at this point. Workoutshave been solid and feeling overall well rested

  14. Day 7 Update:
    Had a great Leg work out on Sat. No new PR's however I was able to crank threw a few reps than usual. Workout went like this:
    Squats- 2 warm up sets, followed with working sets at 315x15, 405 x8, drop to 315 to fail, drop to 225 to failure.
    Leg Press- 3 sets- 5pps x 20, 8pps x 15, 12pps x 12
    Leg Exts- 4 sets, rack for last two for 12 reps
    Leg curls- 4 sets
    Seated and Donkey Calf raises- 6 sets total

    Finished it off with 20 mins on the stepper
    So far im noticing the following changes:
    Deeper sleep which has improved the quality of my next day
    Recovery time is improving- legs are sore as hell but nearly as bad as they usually are
    Overall muscle fullness
    Sunday was an off/rest day with the wife.

  15. Sound good for a week in.

  16. Day 9

    Had a great chest triceps workout on Monday. Finished it up with 30 mins cardio. Not really much else to report other than restful deep sleep and slight muscle fullness in the morning. Today was an unplanned off day as I got stuck at work later than normal. Will be hitting back and bi's tomorrow.

  17. Day 11 update

    Yesterday i had a soild back workout, followed up with 20 mins on the treadmill. Intensity and strength was def up yesterday. Noticing my endurance has improved as well. Wife says im looking a little leaner then a week ago. Def noticing a nice muscle hardness throughout the day. Deep restfull sleep seems to be the strongest componet thus far. Looking forward to the rest of this run. Had another late night at work so ill be taking an off day. Time to take care of some personal finances. Ill be back in tomorrow with Shoulders and traps and then legs and calves on sat. Sunday will of course be a rest day.

  18. Things seem to be going in the right direction

  19. Another great shoulder and traps workout tonight. Can't say enough about the improved sleep which is def allowing for that added energy in the evenings. Strength, endurance and intensity seem to be kicking on high cylinders right now. Shoulders are starting to round out nicely as well. Def good things happening on this run. So far this is seems like a great product..

    Marms- what's your thoughts on this during a pct? Seems like the sleep and recovery would be very beneficial during a crucial time like pct.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by IRON4LIFE View Post
    Another great shoulder and traps workout tonight. Can't say enough about the improved sleep which is def allowing for that added energy in the evenings. Strength, endurance and intensity seem to be kicking on high cylinders right now. Shoulders are starting to round out nicely as well. Def good things happening on this run. So far this is seems like a great product..

    Marms- what's your thoughts on this during a pct? Seems like the sleep and recovery would be very beneficial during a crucial time like pct.

    A bunch of people have run this PCT with great results. I like it any time but I do like running more than one bottle consecutively

  21. Log Update-
    Had a solid leg work out on Saturday- strength and endurance def are coming along nicely
    Workout looked like this:
    Squats- 135x20, 225x20, 315x15, 405x8, 455x3, drop set to 225x12
    Leg Press- 5plates per side x 20, 8pps x 15, 11 pps x 12, 14 pps x 8
    Stiff Leg DL- 135x 15, 185 x 12, 225 x 8
    Leg Ext and Leg Curl super sets- 3 x 15, 12, 8
    Standing Leg Curls- 3x20
    Donkey Calf raises- 3x20
    20 mins stair stepper

    Overall was a great workout. This product continues to shine in the recover/rest department. Mood has also been much better throughout the day. This could just be a function of more restful sleep.
    Supposed to hit Chest tonight. Might be out of the gym next 3 days as I will be traveling for my best friend’s dads visitation and funeral.

  22. Oh man sorry to hear about your loss.

  23. Finally back home after a rough few days. Sleep/recovery has continued to be soild. Havent been in the gym since my chest/tris workout on Monday. Hoping to get somethings squared away at home this evening and then get my back workout in.

  24. Had a good back workout on Thursday night. Hit a new pr with 520x3 on deads. Was limited on time so my workout consisted of 6 sets of deads, and a few sets of pull downs and seated rows. Finished it off with some cardio. Friday was an off day. Date night with the wife. Ill be hitting shoulders and traps this evening. Still sleeping solid. Product really shines in the rest/recovery department. Il update this evening on how my workout went.

  25. Another logger with a PR while on LN........... Gotta love it.

  26. Sat 2/9/13

    Hit Shoulders and traps.. had another great workout. Muscle fullness, pump and endurance were high. Sleep was great again last night. Recovery is awesome. Im smoked when i leave the gym, however my doms appear to be lessened while on this run. Will be hitting legs and calves this evening.

  27. Had a solid leg workout yesterday…. Hit squats, hack squats, stiff leg dl, leg exts, leg curls and calf raises. Intensity was pretty high…had an excellent day squatting as I hit a new PR at 455lbs for 5 reps. Was pretty pumped about that one.
    Not really any other changes at this point. Sleep and recovery continues to be amazing.

  28. And yet another PR

  29. Yea buddy. I'm pretty happy with my numbers the last week or so.

  30. This product continues to impress me. The recovery is just awesome. Im def starting to lean up a little and notice a new pop to my shoulders. Had a great chest/tri's workout on Tues and another solid back workout tonight. I believe i have about 3-4 days left on the bottle. Looking forward to giving a final review. Def will be using this again real soon.


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