Supp d
Taste 6/10- its extremely tart, and tastes like poop. We all know that, that doesnt always correlate with effectiveness though. Hell, some of the most effective ones ive used have tasted horrible lol

Once i got past my first exercise it was full on and in effect! Very nice, not to stimmed out/tunnel vision but very alert and acute.

Mixability 10/10
Mixed very easily in a shaker cup, not to gritty either.

Swoll n
Pumps 10/10
Had very good pumps! Vascularity was high as well. Had a decent pump from the first set but kicked right in after the first exercise. Stayed throughout the entire workout and still holding one now.

Mixability- 10/10
Mixed extremely well, even with a full scoop dymatize flud in it! No chunks, no pastiness.

Taste- 10/10
It was chocolate somethin lol but it was good! Enjoyed it, tasted like some kinda dessert.. think i got chocolate eclair maybe idk. Its one of the better tasting proteins ive had though! Top 5 for sure! The profile is a winner, price heavy but a very solid protein.

NLA thank you greatly for the samples, and so far.. solid supp line! Keep it up!

Supp d is a pre workout ill probably pick up in the future, along with swoll n. i just need to try T Blast.

Shout out to rider for the samples as well. Picked up a great rep