8 Weeks of hard training and 10 weeks til i compete in the Natural Nationals!! This morning i took my 3 T-Blast, 3 Swoll-n and 2 sccops of Supp-D!! Normally i take 6 T-Blast before i train but i hadnt put the new bottle in my gym bag yet so i was out !! My workout was still on point!!

Have to say for taking a yr off due to back injury( L4/5 , S1 Blown out) doctors saying ill never compete again, i feel great!! T-Blast and Recover-D help me repair so much faster and along with Supp-D and Swoll-N my workouts have been off the chart!! 2013 i know ill be back to a level i could be proud of again.

Today weighed in at 201lb and this was my bench workout!!

95 x 10
135 x 10
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 3
295 x 1
315 x 3
335 x 3
365 x 2 x 5 w/ mini red bands
225 x 10 pause

DB incline

95 x 2 x 8

DB ext

40 x 7 x 8 ( 30 sec rest)

Hammer curls

55 x 4 x 8

Jon M
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