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    Quote Originally Posted by Sourdough View Post
    Sorry guys, with the holidays I was incredibly busy and back n forth with my son and family get togethers. I may even be going off to Utah for the entirety of next week to visit with my folks before my son has to go back to school, but that's yet to be decided.

    As for the formasurge, it's still working well, although I've developed a rash and dry spots on each of my triceps and my stomach. I am going to move application sites to my legs n try lotioning up my arms... hopefully the same thing doesn't happen on my legs.

    Workouts have been sporadic with everything too, I didn't even keep logs cause I just wanted to get in and out with limited gym hours and my own restrictions.

    I'll be getting into the gym today tomorrow and sat though and update on each of those workouts will come immediately post workout.

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    Completely understandable with the holidays bud. Spend time with the son n fam and enjoy it!

    I would definitely rotate spots. This happens to me on my hands a lot with transdermals, i hate it lol.
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  2. Understandable with the holidays. I'm guilty of the same thing lately. Plus my gym is closed until January 2nd so I've been having to get by with in home weights.

  3. Sourdough, are you prone to rashes with topicals? Or is this a new experience?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    Sourdough, are you prone to rashes with topicals? Or is this a new experience?
    I've never had an issue with the original penetrate formula I used it the new blank carrier that primordial was offering. Never had aproblem with those 2.

    I used blank topical formulas from avant labs, similar formulations from smart powders and the original dermabolics E-Form... only the smart powders one gave me a lil issue with find redness n dryness, but still didn't break out into a full out bumpy rash like I have right now.

    I think its prob got more alcohol in it then most other carriers I've used previously, I can both tell this when it dries and evaporates and the fact that my skin is much more dry as well as rashy.

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  5. About a year and a half ago, I was on Forma Stanzol with no skin rash problem. Then I switched to Formaron for about 2 months – and I also had no problem. Then I discovered FormaSurge which, although I think is a more effective test-booster (in addition to being an effective AI), the skin-rashes are a big-time problem.

    Last summer, when the weather was humid, it was manageable and I just dealt with it. However, now, in the dryer, heated, indoor winter air I’m in, the rashes have gotten so out of control, I had to stop using it. I’m now back on Formeron with much less of a problem (but even this now is making me itch a little - just not nearly as much as the FormaSurge).

    About an hour ago, I applied some Cortizone-10 creme with Aloe, and I’m not feeling such an urge to scratch – in fact, I’m feeling down-right happy about it now. The problem seems to be the Isopropyl Alcohol, which dries out the skin. Isopropyl Alcohol is the first listed ingredient in FormaSurge, while it’s the second listed ingredient in Formeron. And looking at the Forma Stanzol label, Isopropyl Alcohol is not even listed at all – so that might tell you something. I don’t know if the Cortizone-10 is the best thing to use – or maybe just a moisterizer with Aloe – but I’m going to continue researching this and try a few different products before I reach a conclusion.

    I really like FormaSurge, but until I can solve this rash problem, I’m just going to have to leave it alone (and it’s a shame because I have a brand new, unopened bottle staring me in the face as I type).

  6. Well I am now getting severely itchy rashes on my lower calves and shins. Wearing sweats around the house barely touching it, is unbearable. I've tried mitigating the issues with constant lotion application but I'm still getting so itchy from these rashes that I've literally scratched myself raw/left scratch marks on myself.

    I've even lowered the amount used and frequency of application to see if I could get ahead of the problem... still having bad issues regardless of location, frequency or amount/dose

    This being the case I'm going to have to discontinue use of the formasurge altogether.

    I'm really sorry for this. I love the effects the product provides as far as drive and overall sense of well-being, as well as the slight drying effect from lowered estrogen.... more then anything the strength boost in the gym is my favorite effect of formasurge.... sadly though, this carrier really irritates my skin beyond tolerance and I just can't justify continuing the use when I'm literally scratching myself raw in spots where I have been applying.

    I do thank Metroba and BPS again for this opportunity to try out their promising product, but it seems that this one just didn't agree with my physiology as I had hoped it would.

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  7. That stinks, bro. However, it's understandable. If you're feeling like that, you're making the right decision in halting usage.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jwa254 View Post
    That stinks, bro. However, it's understandable. If you're feeling like that, you're making the right decision in halting usage.
    Def stinks, n believe me, I've been trying to move application sites, treat those sites with extra lotion and washing. Lowered the dose/applied in one dose instead of 2... I wanted to stay on for sure, I love the feeling of form... but this itching and stinging is driving me nuts.

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  9. Sorry to hear about the issues. It's crazy how products effect everyone differently. I, myself, have ALWAYS had issues with topicals using alcohol. I tried it all. I couldn't use it. FormaSurge on the other hand, caused zero issues for me, even in very high doses. I'm glad you got a chance to at least try it and it was working despite the side effects. We are honored you could give it a shot and log it for us. Hopefully you get a chance to log another one of our goodies
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