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  1. Ok guys, so for about the next 6 weeks I will be running LG sciences PH17 & PH19 stacked, with the intention of sharing my experiences in a detailed log. I will include my current stats so as to compare with results at the end. This will be my first log/review on this forum so will try to make it as informative as possible yet painless at the same time.
    Background info, Im 38yrs old, been lifting on and off since i was 16, live in Australia and spent last 14yrs in the Defence Force.
    Injuries are damage to L4/L5 disc and vertebrae problems and S1 joint (from service), torn trap from right shoulder along with dislocation- cartlidge cut from both knees, still give me some problems.


  2. Your the man bro! Appreciate the log! What other supps will you be using? Protein, creatine, pwo, etc?
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  3. Current stats and supps

    Ok so here's my current stats-
    R bicep- 15 5/8 inch
    L bicep- 15 1/4 inch
    R thigh- 22 1/2 inch
    L thigh- 22 1/2 inch
    R calf- 15 inch
    L calf- 15 inch
    waist - 34 inch
    delt width- 19 inch
    forearms- 12 1/2 inch
    Weight - 176 lbs
    bodyfat- 8.5% acording to sequoia defender bf calipers

    LG Science PH17 & PH19
    Scivaton Xtend
    DS Craze
    Muscle pharm creatine
    Whey protein- curently Protowhey from BNRG
    milk thistle
    keeping these to the basics to assess the PH17 & 19

  4. Day 1
    0830- gsp rushfit circuit

    1630 - Delts
    seated laterals
    1 x 12, 12kg (26.4lbs)
    5 x 12, 14kg (30.8lbs)

    seated bbell press
    1 x 10, 50kg (110lbs)
    1 x 10, 55kg (121lbs)
    1 x 10, 60kg (132lbs)
    1 x 10, 65kg (143lbs)

    rear delt flye
    3 x 10, 12kg (26.4lbs)

    0720- PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml each, 1 serv protowhey
    1000- protein bar
    1145 - PH17 & 19 @2.5ml ea, 1 1/2 serv protowhey, 1 banana
    1300- protein bar
    1500- PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    1550- craze, 5g MP creatine
    1730- post w/o 2 servs protowhey
    1800- PH17 & 19 @2ml ea
    1820- Chicken breast burger-homemade
    2130- 2 servs protowhey

    spent the day away from home so meals werent the best
    havent done delts in a while so was really just a breakin session
    All workouts will be done at home in garage with set of Dbs and Bbell as well

  5. Day 2
    Meal/supp log-
    PH17 & 19 @2.5ml ea
    1 serv xtend
    2 servs protowhey

    6 eggs with 3 yolks
    1 med tomato
    cup coffee

    PH17 & 19 @ 2.6ml ea.

    200g tuna with spinach salad

    granola bar
    1 1/2 serv protowhey

    PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea.
    craze + xtend

    workout 530pm - 630pm

    1 serv protowhey
    chicken ceaser salad

    PH17 & 19
    4 egg whites + 1 serv protowhey

    Workouts- 545pm - 630pm
    Flat BB Bench
    1 x 6, 198lbs
    1 x 6, 209lbs
    1 x 6, 215lbs
    1 x 5, 220lbs
    dropset to
    1 x 20, 110lbs

    Incline DB press
    1 x 6, 77lb dbs
    2 x 8, 72lb dbs
    1 x 8, 72lb dbs
    1 x 8, 50lb dbs

    Incline Flye
    2 x 8, 50lb dbs

    DB Pullover
    3 x 12, 50lb db

    Workout wasnt to bad and right shoulder was feeling ok, better than usual-no clicking or crunching

  6. Have a couple more days to log yet so any input where my logs could be improved upon don't hesitate to let me know


  7. look pretty detailed to me.. dont do anymore than you feel nessessary!
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  8. Looks good so far. Maybe a before pic? And whats your goal? Diet seems like your trying to drop weight or recomp?
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  9. Goal is to add muscle but shed a little bf, found in the past that I respond better to high protein with moderate fat and carb, this is the first week been able to do some decent workouts due to work shifts constantly changing which screws the diet and sleep around, but on vacation in 2 days for next 5 weeks which will help, once new phone arrives I will post some pics, also at beginning I was 81.5kg, now down to 80.3 kg

  10. Sounds good. I like doing a recomp after my bulk once a year. Get everything tight again. High protien high fat works best for me low carb. This contest prep im going to go keto. That 5 weeks vacation will help you really able to focus in the gym.
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  11. 5 weeks off sure will BigMike, sick of living on 4-5 hrs sleep a night, kills everything
    Anyway on Days 3 and 4 didn't do any workouts, woke up early moning on day 3 and could feel weakness in the lower back with pins and needles down leg, only option I had was to rest it up, cause was disc and vertebrae putting pressure on sciatic nerve.

    Still took the PH17 & 19 4 times a day @ 2.5ml ea.
    Meals were clean with chicken, brown rice, oats,blue berries, veg and few eggs
  12. Day 5- 11 Dec 12

    PH17 & PH19 @ 2.5ml ea
    40g Oats + 1 serv protowhey
    2 boiled eggs

    1 serv xtend

    PH17 & PH19 @ 2.5ml ea
    5 boiled eggs-3 yolks
    1/2 chicken breast
    1/2 grape fruit

    200g tuna+2eggs in spinach salad

    1hr Gaelic football

    1 serv xtend+serv protowhey
    PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea

    4pm- pre-w/o
    craze+5g MP creatine

    200g chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower and 150g sweet potato

    serv protowhey+4 boiled eggs, 1 yolk
    PH17 & 19 @ 2.5 ml ea

    440am-ab circuit

    DB pullover
    1 x 10, 71.5lbs
    1 x 8, 93.5lbs
    1 x 8, 99lbs
    DB Row
    1 x 10, 99lbs
    1 x 8, 104.5lbs
    1 x 6, 110lbs
    1 x 6, 115.5lbs
    Barbell row
    1 x 6, 220lbs
    1 x 6, 231lbs
    1 x 5, 236.5lbs
    1 x 10, 198lbs
    1 x 10, 154lbs
    1 x 20, 110lbs

    Felt the PH17 really kick in today, could feel my body core temp rise in the morning to almost a sweat
    Workout was pretty good, felt strong and focused. havent felt any soreness as of yet, pleased about that
  13. Day 6- 12 Dec 12

    Meals and supps for today were same as yesterday except for lunch which was 250g ground beef with spinach salad and half grapefruit

    Workout- Delts
    Seated DB press
    1 x 8, 71.5lbs
    1 x 8, 77lbs
    1 x 6, 82.5lbs

    Press behind neck
    2 x 10, 132lbs

    Seated DB laterals
    1 x 10, 26.5lbs
    1 x 10, 32lbs
    1 x 10, 37.5lbs
    1 x 6, 43lbs with dropset to 1 x 15, 26.5lbs

    Rear DB laterals-3 x 10, 30lb DBs
    DB Shrugs- 3 X 10, 100LB DBs
    45 degree bench BBell shrug- 3 x 10, 145lbs

    So far have been enjoyed using the PH17 & 19, recovery is great and have barely felt any soreness, really keen to see end results
  14. Day 6- Arms

    DAY 7- NOT DAY 6

    PH17 & [email protected] 2.5ml ea
    40g oats+40g whey
    PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    Banana+serv protowhey
    craze+5g creatine+xtend
    Protein bar-35g carbs,27g protein
    PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    6egg omellette with cheese
    1/2 cup beans
    PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    Musashi bulk protein bar
    serv dymatize ISO-100

    ez bar curl- 1 x 8, 110lbs 1 x 8, 121lbs 1 x 8, 132lbs 1 x 6, 143lbs 1 x 5, 148lbs
    ez bar lying tri-ext 1 x 8, 110lbs 1 x 8, 121lbs 1 x 8, 132lbs 1 x 6, 143lbs 1 x 4, 148lbs

    O/H DB extension 2 x 10, 95lbs
    Seated DB curl 2 x 10, 48lb dbs

    Hammer curl 2 x 10, 48lb dbs
    pushdowns 2 x 10, 35kg

    Very pleased with todays workout, ez curl and ext are up 16.5lbs from last workout and showing more veins than usual, can't wait to see results at next workout. Downside the wife said I was an idiot when she noticed I burst a blood vessel in left eye, I replied with ' you get that '

  15. Update on using the PH17 & 19 stack, checked weight this morning and down to 80kg _ 176lbs, as an interest checked arm measurement which was up 1/8 of an inch, this is over an 8 day period, faarrk yeah !

  16. Hells yes! That's awesome for only 8 days!
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  17. Yeah finding this stack great, recovery is damn good to
  18. Days 8 and 9

    Days 8 and 9 didnt get chance to workout in the afternoon due to doing extra shifts at work. Morning was 3 x 5mins rounds of whole body circuit with weights. Meals were the same as Day 7
  19. Day 10- 16 DEC 12

    Ok so until I get to another gym leg day will be pretty simple as I have to work around my lower back

    830am- PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea. Protein bar + Dymatize iso-100

    11am-PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea. Chicken breast with half avocado, 100g bacon

    130pm- Subway 6inch honey oat bread and double chicken fillet (fams day out)

    430pm- PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea. Oh Yeah bar

    5pm-Craze + creatine+xtend

    640pm-post w/o- Dymatize ISO-100. Chicken breast+carrot,broccoli,caulifl ower

    830pm-Dymatize ISO-100. PH 17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea

    Leg ext
    3 x 12, 135lbs
    Hack squat-bar held behind back
    1 x 10, 200lbs
    1 x 10, 220lbs
    1 x 10, 245lbs
    Leg curl
    2 x 15, 35lbs
    1 x 12, 45lbs
    1 x 10, 55lbs
    One-leg calf raise
    4 x 15, 30lbs
    Seated calf raise-barbell on knees
    1 x 50, 90lbs
  20. Day 11- 17 Dec 12

    Chest Day

    Flat Bench press
    1 x 6, 200lbs
    1 x 6, 210lbs
    1 x 6, 220lbs
    1 x 5, 225lbs
    1 x 4, 230lbs
    1 x 4, 230lbs

    Incline DB press
    1 x 8, 82lbs
    1 x 6, 88lbs
    1 x 6, 88lbs
    1 x 5, 88lbs dropset with incline BB press 1 x 10, 110lbs

    Incline Flye
    3 x 6, 52lbs DBs

    DB pullover
    2 x 15, 52lbs

    2nd chest workout flat bench press up by 11lbs on last 2 sets, Incline DB press up by 15lbs using same weight on all 4 sets.
    This is an awesome improvement from last workout, its a pity a damn shame that im working out in my garage by myself, good training partner always comes in handy.
    Over all I am liking this stack, time to start eating more now, look at purchasing more and bumping dose up to 3ml once current bottles are finished.
  21. Day 12- 18 Dec 12

    Todays workout should have been back but ended up as arms, gym I went to everything I wanted was being used
    Reference last arm workout poundages anotated should have been 10lbs less for ez bar exercises.
    So this workout was an increase of 10lbs over last

    Todays workout is as follows-
    ez bar curl- 1 x 8, 110lbs 1 x 8, 121lbs 1 x 8, 132lbs 1 x 6, 140lbs 1 x 4, 145lbs- dropset to 110lbs
    ez bar lying tri-ext 1 x 8, 110lbs 1 x 8, 121lbs 1 x 8, 132lbs 1 x 6, 140lbs 1 x 4, 145lbs- dropset to 110lbs

    one-arm DB overhead ext 3 x 8, 35lbs
    DB hammer curl 3 x 8, 50lbs

    Tricep pushup on barbell- 3 sets to failure
    Barbell concentration curl- 3 x 10, 50lbs

    workout was good and had an awesome pump going, throwing the tape measure away and going by appearance, midsection is getting more defined and veins are eye popping, just bought another 2 bottles so will be bumping up to 3ml each

  22. Those supersets? I'm a fan of alternating a bicep movement then to tricep movement as well. Feel the pump is much better. Not to mention in the past when I focused on one bodypart at a time my strength would be much less and the second muscle trained always suffered.
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  23. Love the supersets, find them the best for arm growth
  24. Day 13- 19 Dec 12

    Leg day today, didnt get as much done as I had planned as lower back was giving some issues again
    Meals were more planned out today

    630am-PH17 & 19 2 2.5ml ea
    7am- 4 whole eggs+ dymatize ISO-100
    9am- craze+creatine+xtend
    1030am-PO/W, 2 servs ISO-100+ large banana
    1230-PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml
    1pm- 200g chicken+cup brown rice
    330pm-protein bar(27g protein, 35g carbs)- had to go shopping so a quick meal
    530- PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    6pm- 200g chicken with spinach salad
    9pm- ph17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    930pm 2 servs ISO-100

    Leg ext
    1 x 10, 100lbs
    1 x 10, 110lbs
    1 x 10, 115lbs
    1 x 8, 120lbs
    Leg Press
    1 x 10, 440lbs
    1 x 10, 616lbs
    1 x 8, 792lbs
    1 x 8, 880lbs
    Leg Curl
    ascending set 15kg working up to 30kg then back down to 10kg
    Back started to cramp up on me
    First time ive really worked legs in a few months due to knee problem so not jumping straight into heavy lifting, dont plan on ending up on crutches again
    Heaviest leg press ive done is 1300lbs and 380lb squat
  25. Day 14- 20 Dec 12

    Finding strength increasing every workout and according to wife getting bigger (noticeable)
    Meals today
    730am-PH17 & 19 @ 3ml ea
    8am-8eggs with 3 yolks, teaspoon flaxoil+coffee
    1030am- chicken salad wrap
    1230pm- PH17 & 19 @ 2.5ml ea
    1pm- 200g tuna,half avocado+ serv ISO-100
    3pm- protein bar-45g protein,15g fat, 10g carbs
    4pm- PH17 & 19 @ 3ml ea.
    430pm- craze+MP creatine
    6pm- PO/W- serv ISO-100
    630pm- 200g ground beef, large potato, cup green beans
    9pm- PH17 & 19 @ 3ml ea
    930pm- 4 eggs, serv ISO-100

    DB pullover
    1 x 8, 70lbs
    1 x 8, 95lbs
    1 x 6, 105lbs
    DB Row
    1 x 8, 100lbs
    1 x 8, 105lbs
    1 x 6, 110lbs
    1 x 6, 115lbs
    1 x 6, 120lbs
    Quit workout there as I started to feel twinge in lower back again, disc and vertebrae again- real pain in the arse
    Didnt get to do barbell row, have to find a work around


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