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  1. Todays workout- Back, using a higher rep range now since only running with the PH17. Over the past 6 weeks found the PH19 a good product for increasing strength and mass along with the PH17. Experienced increase in strength every workout and dropped about 5lbs with no cardio.

    DB pullovers
    1 x 12, 70lbs
    1 x 10, 95lbs
    1 x 10, 95lbs followed by dropset 1 x 10, 70lbs 1 x 10, 50lbs

    DB row
    1 x 10, 100lbs
    1 x 10, 105lbs
    1 x 10, 110lbs
    1 x 8, 115lbs followed by dropset 1 x 10, 95lbs

    Barbell row 2 x 10, 190lbs
    Deadlift 2 x 10, 190lbs

    was pretty much stuffed after this, 110 degrees in the garage again just drained the energy, good note is that the EPIC did help with this

  2. Is ph 17 legal in Australia

  3. No it's not, bring it in yourself and if customs opens your package they will confiscate it, you won't find the actual prohormone in PH17 listed as a banned or controlled substance on the TGA website but they class it as in a family of controlled substances, saying that I had the original sizeon confiscated once as it contained lecithin of all things.

  4. Cheers for the heads up.
  5. 27 Jan 13

    Todays workout- CHEST
    Heat and humidity zapped the strength from me today so didnt end up going as heavy as last workout

    Barbell bench
    1 x 8, 190lbs
    1 x 8, 220lbs
    1 x 7, 242lbs followed by dropsets as follows
    1 x 7, 210lbs
    1 x 7, 190lbs
    1 x 8, 100lbs

    Incline DB press
    1 x 10, 85lb DBs
    1 x 8, 90lbs
    1 x 7, 90lbs followed by dropsets as follows
    1 x 7, 70lbs
    1 x 12, 50lbs

    Bi-set as follows
    Low Incline Flyes 1 x 10, 50lb DBs 1 x 8, 50lbs
    Flat bench 1 x 10, 100lbs 1 x 10, 100lbs
    Both done emphazing the negative phase

  6. Nice work, despite the weather... Gettin' it done is far better than doing nothing...

  7. That routine looks cool might give it a shot.
    LG Sciences Rep
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advise. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  8. Yeah the weather has really sucked here at the moment with massive flooding, been 110 degres then rains and heats up again, garage was like a sauna.
    The dropsets really helped with this due to effect on loss of strength so did the bi-set at the end. Only need to use a light weight for the bench as u are focusing mainly on the negative phase for a count of 5.
  9. 29 Jan 13

    No workout yesterday as I was on duty for the day, ironic thing is I was the supervisor for the base gym. Although I did take my daughter with me and put her through a cardio workout and shot a few hoops with her. So far she has lost 22lbs since living with me since xmas day. Proud of her.

    Todays workout was Delts, even though I have finished the PH19 I still experienced an increase in strength on seated barbell press of 10lbs over last delt workout.

    Seated Barbell press
    1 x 10, 121lbs
    1 x 10, 145lbs
    1 x 8, 155lbs
    1 x 8, 165lbs

    Dumbbell Side laterals- Performed these as a dropset to failure on each
    3 sets of 40lbs, 25lb and 10lbs

    Upright row
    3 x 6, 145lbs

  10. Name:  20130115_083436.jpg
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    top pic is at start of taking the PH17 & 19, bottom pic is after 5 weeks. I believe results could have been better if I had really stuck to diet plan. But overall I had a definate increase in strength and vascularity while dropping about 5lbs
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  11. Definitely some good results bro

  12. Yeah I'm pretty happy, I believe that I could have had better results if I had been more strict with diet, not missed meals and some workouts but couldnt be helpeddue to a few family issues.
  13. 30 Jan 13

    Ttodays workout was legs, kept it brief to to having to work around the lower back again

    Hack Squat- barbell held behind back
    1 x 10, 190lbs
    1 x 10, 210lbs
    1 x 10, 235lbs
    1 x 10, 255lbs
    1 x 10, 275lbs
    Dunmbbell lunges
    2 x 20, 45lbs
    Single calf raise with DB
    5 x 15, 45lbs
  14. 31 Jan 13

    Still have some PH17 left so will be continuing with that maybe for next 2 weeks. Aim is to see if how much Bf I can reduce in that time.
    Todays workout was arms carried out in superset fashion.

    Supersets are as follows

    Barbell curl 1 x 8, 121lbs 1 x 6, 132lbs 1 x 6, 145lbs 1 x 4, 155lbs followed by dropset to 100lbs for 12 reps
    Lying Tri ext 1 x 8, 121lbs 1 x 6, 132lbs 1 x 6, 145lbs 1 x 6, 150lbs followed by dropset to 100lbs for 12 reps

    Close-bench 1 x 10, 145lbs 1 x 10, 145lbs
    Incline curl 1 x 8, 50lbs 1 x 8, 50lbs

    Pushdowns 1 x 12, 66lbs 1 x 12, 90lbs
    Hammer curl 1 x 12, 50lbs 1 x 10, 50lbs

    Pullover press 1 x 8, 100lbs 1 x 8,100lbs
    Preacher 1 x 8, 100lbs 1 x 8,100lbs

    Was a good workout and also enjoying the preworkout EPIC from LG, arms have been cramping up whilst writting this post.
    Both the barbell curl and lying ext I have had a good strength increase, about 20lbs on both.
  15. 31 Jan 13

    Name:  20130131_161628.jpg
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Size:  105.2 KBName:  20130127_181959.jpg
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    Difference between both pics is about 2 weeks, Top one is from today bottom one is from about 2 weeks ago

  16. Holy Sh*t! Before and afters are great. Noticeable drop in BF, more vascularity, added muscle.. Great drop.. what was your change in weight or was there?
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  17. Wow what a difference for only 2 weeks
    I will work for supplements!

  18. Awesome work! In just two weeks wow! Keep killing them weights bro! Your hard work is def payin off! Congrats! and you bet Epic by LG Sciences IS AWESOME

  19. Weight change over the course was up and down. I would drop bodyfat but then add muscle and at the moment I am a lb lighter than when I started. Initially I did have a 5lb drop. Last couple of weeks on PH19 I had bit of a growth spurt so my body really responded at the end of the 4 week mark. I ended up using PH19 at max dose at end of the 2nd week and the PH17 at min dose due to insomnia.
    Finally had arm growth during weeks 5 and 6 (rest of body grew from the beginning). Put it down to using the HRT solo style training by using max weight first then dropping down to lighter to focus on the negative portion, this worked really well. Itrained solo over the hole period with majority being in the garage
    Also love the EPIC its great.

  20. Great info and you put a lot of work in and it shows #NeverSettle

  21. Thanks mate, interested in the rest of the LG line up

  22. 1Androstenolone, M1DAndro is what I'm about to use. I'm bulking right now so I want to use these to continue the phase

  23. Waiting on the guy here see if he will get the M1D andro, at the moment he only has the old formula

  24. Yeah can't wait to try it as well! This is gonna be epic no pun intended. Lol

  25. Haven't been able to finish log and give final review due to working nightshift. Over the course of using PH17 $ 19 I had a constant increase in weights each workout, dropped 5 lbs over the first couple of weeks but by the end of week 6 ended up a couple lbs heavier than the start so was a net gain of around 10lbs of lean muscle and added about 3/4 inch on the arms which have leaned out incredibly, can actually see the triceps insertion into the elbow now. My rating of these products from LG is a 9/10. Epic is also an awesome product which I will continue to use


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