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  1. Thanks mate, interested in the rest of the LG line up

  2. 1Androstenolone, M1DAndro is what I'm about to use. I'm bulking right now so I want to use these to continue the phase

  3. Waiting on the guy here see if he will get the M1D andro, at the moment he only has the old formula

  4. Yeah can't wait to try it as well! This is gonna be epic no pun intended. Lol

  5. Haven't been able to finish log and give final review due to working nightshift. Over the course of using PH17 $ 19 I had a constant increase in weights each workout, dropped 5 lbs over the first couple of weeks but by the end of week 6 ended up a couple lbs heavier than the start so was a net gain of around 10lbs of lean muscle and added about 3/4 inch on the arms which have leaned out incredibly, can actually see the triceps insertion into the elbow now. My rating of these products from LG is a 9/10. Epic is also an awesome product which I will continue to use



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