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  1. 6 Jan 13
    Bis today, been stuck on barbell curl with 145lbs. Progress slowed so decided to use the HRT technique with a small twist see how it goes

    straight bar curl 2 x 8, 130 lbs followed by EZ bar curl 2 x 6, 90lbs after each 8 rep set

    Single hammer curl
    2 x 8, 50lbs

    Preacher curl
    2 sets with 65lbs HRT style

    Really felt this workout especially on the preacher curl, bis were shot afterwards with huge pump and stupid vascularity

    Preworkout I used a cap of rezolution black ( with the 1,3 Dimeth ) and xtend, really sweated my butt off in the garage

  2. Nice lifts bro
    I will work for supplements!

  3. Hey Dragon thanks, really trying to focus on technique unlike the guy I saw in the gym the other day while doing legs, turned a barbell curl into a calf raise. Anyway 1230am here at the moment and woke with insane cramping in forearms and bis. Yesterdays workout has had a pronoun effect

  4. So no workout yesterday as wife was sick and was looking after her and the kids, there's always tomorrow at double session

  5. Todays workout was back, at a local gym, also started last bottle of PH19.
    Front pulldowns
    1 x 10, 12 plates
    1 x 10, 14 plates
    1 x 8, 16 plates
    1 x 6, 18 plates
    1 x 6, 19 plates
    No one can tell me how much each plate weighs
    Barbell row
    1 x 10, 130lbs
    1 x 8, 220lbs
    1 x 8, 240lbs
    1 x 6, 255lbs
    Ended workout after barbell row as I felt but of a twinge in lower back putting weights away, didn't want to risk my girlie spine doing more.

  6. Tomorrows workout is chest so hope the temp drops, it's 110 bloody degrees here so the old garage is gonna suck a but. Thinking of leaving last bottle of Ph17 and run with MMv3 once I have finished the last bottle of PH19, but so far this has been a pretty good stack with good gains, just really haven't been able to eat as much as I had hoped

  7. What are you body comp goals?? It's 30 degrees here in cali lol
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  8. only 12 here in Maine
    I will work for supplements!

  9. 30 degrees, trade you, end goal for Feb was to get back down to 6% bf, but hasn't gone to plan as majority of my attention has been focused on my daughter, picked her up for xmas with her weighing 253lbs and at 12yrs old, few words between myself and her mother has ended up with her staying with me for a yr, so far she's dropped 12lbs long way to go.

  10. Was posted to a base where it was 3. Guy from supp shop msgd earlier and can't get liquid MMv3 for another 4weeks so going to stick with current stack for an 8 week cycle. So will be going till end of Jan. Good thing I have a separate account from the wife

  11. Insomnia Insomnia Insomnia, just about to go for a 2am workout

  12. YEA Buddy thats some determination. Maybe your transformation can inspire your daughter? Your goal is 6% where do you think your current BF% is?
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  13. Was determined until the wife woke up asked what I was doing. Bf checked this morning using Sequoia defender calipers measured around 7%, hopefully my daughter keeps the motivation she has now

  14. Todays workout was chest, strength is still increasing along with vascularity, only issue that I have been having is a bit of insomnia
    Currently I'm weighing in at 177lbs

    Barbell bench press
    1 x 6, 220lbs
    1 x 6, 235lbs
    1 x 6, 248lbs
    1 x 5, 258lbs

    Incline Dumbell press
    1 x 6, 105lb Dbs
    1 x 6, 105lb Dbs
    1 x 4, 110lb Dbs

    Incline flyes
    3 x 8, 60lb Dbs followed by 1 set of 15 reps on flat bench focusing on negative phase and getting a good pump

  15. [ATTACH]72759

    Quick pick showing veins thru chest and delts
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  16. Quote Originally Posted by OzGuy View Post

    Quick pick showing veins thru chest and delts
    Nice bro. Kill it

  17. Finding this stack pretty good, better than the AMS kit I used about 6months ago which I thought was a waste ( my opinion )

  18. This mornings workout was bis, everything I wanted to do at the gym was being used
    Barbell curl
    3 sets of 6 reps using 138lbs followed by a depart on each with 95lbs for 6 negative focus reps.
    Hammer curl
    3 sets 8 reps with 60lb Dbs
    HRT Preacher curls with 95lbs.
    Hopefully couple of these workouts will get me past the stagnant point I am experiencing. Everything else still seems to be going strong

  19. Gotta love January!
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  20. Yeah January, all those new year resolutions and make up sessions for the xmas indulgence, gonna be the same for the gym back at base

  21. Bis workout this morning so followed up with a quick tricep workout in the afternoon

    Close-grip bench
    1 x 10, 143lbs
    1 x 10, 165lbs
    1 x 10, 187lbs
    1 x 8, 200lbs
    1 x 5, 210lbs with dropset to 120lbs for 12 reps focusing on negatives

    O/Head DB ext
    1 x 10, 95lbs
    1 x 10, 105lbs
    1 x 10, 110lbs

  22. Ok have some crazy stupid insomnia again, 130am went for an ab circuit hoping to set in some fatigue and induce some sleep but hell no, thinking will drop dosages to minimum hopefully that will change things

  23. Missed a couple of workouts this week due to other priorities but back lifting again, killed delts today and will post later tonight, so far during this course have dropped nearly 2kg with no cardio

  24. Subbed for the rest! Great comp, How much you got left noticed you picked up a couple more bottles?

  25. Bought 3 bottles each of the 17 & 19, just started the 3rd bottles 3 days ago so have about 2 weeks left. Throughout the course my diet hasn't been really to plan but have reduction in bf, increased vascularity and separation also good increase in strength especially training solo. Rate these products as very good and extremely happy with results so far. Will be posting before and after pics at end of log


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