MAN Sports REMming it up!

  1. MAN Sports REMming it up!

    I would like to start off thinking Mustang and MAN for the opportunity to give their sleep aid product REM a 10 day test run. MAN REM P.M. (60 capsules): Discount REM P.M. Supplements for all the product info. I am a bit behind on my log due to my wife recently having surgery and I have not really had time to sit down since lol. So with that I just currently woke up after my 4th night of using REM and it has consistently been great sleep each night. I take the REM 30 minutes before I lay down, and I have been out within another 30 minutes from the time I laid down, so it definately kicks in quick and hard! I have been using 2 caps each night, and have been sleeping straight through the night until my kids wake me up every morning, if it wasnt for them I know I would sleep a few more hours since I am definetly not wanting to get up when they are wanting me up hah. My dreams have seemed more intensified as well, which is good since they have all been some pretty badass dreams so far.

  2. Nice! Seems like we all are enjoying some great benefits from REMpm.
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  3. Been getting the same results every night with REM PM, for sure a great product. Only complaint I have is that my kid's never give me a chance to sleep in haha. Wish I could just sleep with no interruptions and really see how long I could stay knocked out for.

  4. Ear plugs + 2 REM PM = knocked out

  5. Bump for updates
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  6. Updates bud!


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