SARMS all day everyday

  1. Well i started this actually yestarday. So its day two not one, complaining? Suck it.

    Weight-149lb (come at me bros)

    Ostarine- 25mg
    S4- 25mg pre workout
    6 bromo- 1 cap ed (just bc i have it)
    Slintensity- 1 cap before breakfast, 1 cap postworkout with glycomyx
    Glycomyx- 1 scoop (workout days only)
    Creatine mono- 5g daily
    Protein- 2 scoops daily

    Daily supps
    Fish oil
    Vit c

    Kcaloric intake goal- 2900-3000

    Training- heavy, light, heavy, heavy, light (works for me) heavy day rep range is between 3-6, light rep range is between 10-15. Rest is no more than a minute, and i periodically do drop sets and or rest pauses.

    Sample day of food

    60g steel cut oats
    2 tbsp pb
    140g turkey sausage
    8oz 1% milk

    Snack-cheese stick

    6oz steak
    1/2 c stuffing

    Snack- two cheese sticks

    Post workout-
    12oz 1% milk
    1 scoop protein
    1 scoop glycomyx

    Burger with all the dressings (lettuce tomato onion mustard mayo cheese)

    Snack- cheese stick

    Pre bed
    8oz milk
    1 scoop protein

    I alternate between (6oz) chicken pasta, steak and burgers. Fattier meats since im somewhat lean bulking.

    So come ride this bish out with me!!!!!
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

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    Psalms 62:1-62:2

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