Snag continues his off-season REDEFINing

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  1. Snag continues his off-season REDEFINing

    hey guys, back again.

    this time, fueled with some Finaflex product, and things are gonna get increasingly nasty over these next few weeks i fear...

    thread will be under construction with information going forward, but here's some previews in the meantime to keep you entertained.

    the first pic is couple shirts Al and the company sent out (btw Al - XL definitely brother. )
    my cat found them very satisfying anyway..
    and very generous care package as well received..big shout out and big thanks for that!

    much more to come..hang tight and get comfortable.
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  2. this is where snag is at right now.
    bw is at ~203 upon waking..i have no clue what bf% is.

    currently in off-season as i consider a prep for run at nationals/jr nationals next yr, i want some immediate increase in muscle without corresponding increase in fat. (hmmm, sounds novel right??)
    well, i know everybody wants to do it, and that's what my goal is here as well as strive to stay fairly lean this off-season.
    i am already right now higher bf% than i wanted to be this off-season, but i am pleased with my progress so far.

    taking diet back to gain mode, keeping things extremely clean tho just in caloric excess..
    i'm also going to be adding a hormonal product (or two) into the fray, more on that to come..
    weights are going to be majority heavy weight/lower reps for awhile, tho i will still have some high rep days in just for change.

    for now, supps are fairly basic.
    fish oil
    preWO (sometimes), varies as to what i use, mainly been super pump max but i'm not partial to it, just got it at stupid cheap price for the product it is, had to pull the trigger..soon will switch over to Ignite2. i loved that stuff when i used it during the summer..
    protein powders (of course) - mostly isolates but some blends as well. i also enjoy making my own blends/ratios.

  3. Def in for this snags

    sent from my electronic device!

  4. so Sunday i began my hormonal run, starting off with 4 caps 1-Alpha daily, split 2/2 @ 8-10hrs apart.
    i've got a basic idea of how i am structuring things for the winter at this point, and there will be surprises and goodies in store thruout..
    right now, 1-Alpha leads the way.

    last couple workouts have been ferociously good..chesticles on SAT were just demolished (had some DOMS yesterday), wheels on SUN were blasted day MON and shoulders (i mean boulders) on TUE..physically i feel better than i have in some time, and aches & pains are at a minimum right now.

    so -- feeling really good as we set off on the journey..mind is primed, body is ready and willing - let's do this.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bean5er View Post
    Def in for this snags
    welcome brother.

    blitzed the back this day..lats were so engorged it looked like i could fly away.............
    seriously, they felt large. ginormous. as big as this dudes hair >

  6. time for a small update..
    everything cracking along just fine, body/joints feeling great (even if i'm a lil bloated from dietary excursion).
    today marks day #9 on 1-alpha..feeling pretty, well, alpha these days.

    mauled chest SAT, legs yesterday (ATG squats the highlight), fixing to demolish delts and agonize some abs this morning..
    strength has been fine, nothing noticed stack-wise yet except that i'm feeling good going into the training sessions, and feel good all day long.
    (i am also getting a "feel-good" benefit from the Achilles i'm taking)

    the biggest thing (no pun intended muahuahua) i've noticed to this point is increased libido and sexual performance.
    it's early yet - looking for some addtl things to fall into place thruout this week.

  7. you go beast....follow your log

  8. welcome Holland!

    dine with me, as i eat ridiculously clean this day to help mitigate yesterday's foolishness..

    (3rd meal of day today already, smallest as well)
    5oz tuna
    3 whole eggs

    [img]****70 873[/img]

  9. Deff in snag!! What's your height brother bc I'm the same weight I'm curious...your a big mofo nice man
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  10. again I guess?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by howwedo107 View Post
    Deff in snag!! What's your height brother bc I'm the same weight I'm curious...your a big mofo nice man
    welcome man, thanks for the kind words.
    looks like we're about the same ht, i'm ~5'9..wt ~205 this morning.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    again I guess?
    it's like dejavu all over again.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by snagencyV2.0
    welcome man, thanks for the kind words.
    looks like we're about the same ht, i'm ~5'9..wt ~205 this morning.

    it's like dejavu all over again.
    Nice I'm 5'9 too at 200lbs awesome man kill it broski ill be here for the ride
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  13. so yesterday i saturated shoulders with load, had some good volume as well.
    4x8/8/6/6 seated military press
    3x12/10/10 front DB raise
    3x12 lateral raise
    3x12 bent-over raises
    2x12 front shrugs
    2x10 rear shrugs
    dint get abs in (was bushed), but i'm not upset if i don't get in direct ab work during off-season. i rarely focus on stomach unless i'm close to a show.

    anyway - point is, my shoulders are silky smooth feeling today. Achilles seeming to keep me lubed up well, 1-Alpha doing its thing in the early going..and i'm on track with my plan so far.

  14. In for the ride snag. Kill it

  15. welcome 808, glad to have ya.

    update: one of the things i was waiting for happened last night..
    night sweats. hooge, torrential rivers in my bed middle of the night.
    i don't enjoy this (obviously), but at the same time it is an indicator of hormonal activity (for me individually)..
    ie, a good sign.

    diet is in flux right now as i try to nail down perfection. lean gains are the goal, and i abhor fat.

  16. and speaking of hormonal activity....
    gif of the day.

  17. so today i blew up the pythons, bi/tri ss day, very basic and 12 sets total each muscle group.
    short rest periods made this a very quick workout.
    the pumps i've been getting have been incredibly solid, lasting all day.
    (i'm speaking of all-over-body muscle pumps, not lower back pumps/cramping)

  18. couple random pics to tide you guys over till my next update..

    snag still feelin good..lookin leaner yet still buff..

    that last meal, i'm on a roll with..
    jasmine rice over albacore tuna.
    freakin delish.

  19. Late as always, but i'm in. Tear it up bro!
    Primordial Performance
    ( at heart )

  20. Almost missed this one
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  21. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    Almost missed this one
    always good to have you, sir.
    pull up your (wheel)chair.

    decided to mow the yard today..
    wanted to see what lies below.

  22. Wish my yard looked like that! Lmao

    And it's a walker smart ass!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  23. my chest is swole today guys..ginormous.
    i feel large and in charge.
    that is all.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by snagencyV2.0 View Post
    my chest is swole today guys..ginormous.
    i feel large and in charge.
    that is all.
    big bad mf.....your chest is huge

  25. Quote Originally Posted by edje007 View Post
    big bad mf.....your chest is huge
    lol gracias my friend, and welcome.

    another week rolling..awoke this morning looking, well, pretty good.
    couple dietary maneuvers to tighten things down last couple days has resulted nicely, look harder than i should, development coming along fine.
    for my diet intake, i will run in a lean gain caloric mode for a certain time, then ebb things back down to maintenance or just below for a shorter timeframe, before i flow back into excess. i notice this does the best job of keeping my bf stabilized and at a level where i am comfortable with.

    still feeling very alpha, product is doing its thing..strength and training are great, dietary #s have been nailed, we are off to a very nice 2-week start.

    (i'd post a pic but you guys are gonna get tired of looking at me anyway..and, i want to surprise some folks)


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