Lean Bulking With ABE, EP, Alphamine

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by EatMoar View Post
    I made those protein pancakes and demolished 4 of them this morning. Thanks for the recipe brotha
    No problem my dude. Glad they worked out for ya. Every once in a while, ill throw in some 70% cocoa chocolate chips... the shiznit
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by kbayne

    No problem my dude. Glad they worked out for ya. Every once in a while, ill throw in some 70% cocoa chocolate chips... the shiznit
    Or.... some M and M s :O

  3. Never thought about M & M's. Might give it a shot.
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  4. Update from Shoulders workout from Wednesday and Chest and Triceps Thursday:

    - Using Alphamine as pre-workout still. Dosing about 15-20 pre-workout. Can feel it kickin in instantly and once I get the blood flowing, the sweat starts coming. The thermogenic effect from Alphamine is intense. As I stated previously, I don't usually sweat near as much as I am now with Alphamine while lifting weights.

    - I am more sore then ever!!! I mean I get sore most of the time when I hit the weights, but I haven't been this sore all over my body, with every muscle in a while. I don't know if that is from the whole combo of EP, ABE, and Alphamine, but I know I haven't changed up the workout routine that I do lately, but I do know that the strength is increasing and the weights are moving up. So I would contribute the soreness to EP, ABE, and Alphamine for getting me stronger by lifting more weights which is causing the soreness.... which is awesome

    - Weight is still slightly moving up. Weight yesterday was about 207. That roughly 4 pounds give or take increase since starting the stack. Also increased calories by a good amount.

    - Libido is still sky high. Boners are definitely harder.

    - Vascularity is still there. Once the blood starts pumping in the muscle groups that I am working that day, the muscle starts to "pop" out. I believe I have a few veins popping out on the bottom side of the triceps, which I usually do not have, well isn't visible at least. Muscle hardness is becoming visible.

    - Pump in the gym is getting out of control . Seriously though, after a workout, I can barely move my arms or anything like that.

    Today is Back/Biceps, which back is my favorite body part, along with shoulders to workout. I love the feeling of when the blood starts pumping in the back and the back starts to expand/get full.

    Over and Out.

  5. Nice log so far! Subbed for the rest!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SLW2 View Post
    Nice log so far! Subbed for the rest!
    Thanks!!! Glad to have ya along for the ride
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  7. Logs looking good man, keep it up!

  8. Just got done at gym. Walking to my whip (its freezing balls out). Will update later on tonight.

    Over and Out.
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  9. November 30

    Leg Day-

    Got a good leg wokout in. Started with pre-exhausting legs with leg curls and leg extensions, then moved into squats. Legs were feeling good and pumped after pre-exhaust.

    -Strength on squat and leg press continue to increase. I usually switch the order of squat and leg press every other workout.

    - Legs have never been very vacular, but they was some vacularity shleing, especially calf's.

    December 3


    Hit the gym today after my third meal on the day.

    - Thermo effect from alphamine still is getting stronger. Keeping me very focused and body temp is high. Lot of sweating going on.

    - Strength is rising still. Got up to 95's on fourth set of DB Shoulder Press for 8.5 reps. Felt good doing these also. Nice and slow reps.

    - Vacularity still is there and becoming more visable. Had some veins creepin out on shoulders which usually aren't there.

    - Other notes -

    Libido is still up and rising. Getting hard just by touching the girlfriends legs haha.

    Pump is is lasting longer then usually after workout. During workout the pump is right where it should be.

    Staying nice and full also. Looking thicker then ever and staying dry and lean. Putting on weight like I wanted, and not looking wet or sloppy. Weight was at about 207.5 today after workout. So around ~4.5 lb increase.

    Over and Out.
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  10. Shoulder workout

    Warm up with 15 lb DB. 2 sets of 15 lateral raise and front raise.

    DB Shoulder Press
    4x12, 12, 10, 8.5 @ 85, 85, 90, 95

    DB Lateral Raise
    4x15 @ 40, 40, 45, 50

    DB Front Raise
    4x15 @ 50, 55, 60, 60

    Smith Machine Shoulder Press
    3x12, 12, 10 @ 205, 215, 225

    DB Upright Row (single arm)
    3x15 @ 75

    Rope Face Pull
    3x20 @ 80

    Machine Shrugs (behind the back)
    3x20 @ 270
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  11. Just got home and made my post workout shake. Will update last two workouts tonight, but wanted to post this...

    Post Shake:

    Vanilla Greek yogurt
    One banana
    Ice cubes
    Vanilla protein

    Holy cannoli it is amazing.
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  12. Update from last two days/workouts:

    - Still noticing strength gains going up. All of my compound movements have definitely increased, along with my isolation movements.

    - As my strength is going up, so is my weight. I am at about ~ 208 now which is almost a 5 pound increase. Granted I have increased calories, but I haven't put on much fat at all, and I look harder/fuller/dryer. I just woke up this morning and I feel fuller/harder.

    - Like I said my weight is going up but the vascularity is still there. Once the blood gets to flowing to the muscle, the veins come on popping out. Really loving hitting the gym at being able to see what this stack has done for my physique so far. I'm not one of those guys who checks themselves out in the mirror the whole time, but I do lift in front of a mirror when I can to make sure my form and everything is correct. And I gotta say I do have some veins I have never seen before.

    - Libido is still up sky high. So that is always a plus.

    - Alphamine is still strong as ever and keeping my body temperature high. Really I don't think people who haven't taken it understand how intense it is (which I love about it). If I could, I would sip on it throughout the whole day .

    - ABE is amazing. Taking pre-post workouts. I don't feel bloated or anything like that with my post workout meal which is a huge meal. The added forskolin is sweet and was a huge plus for Anabeta I believe.

    - EP is doing its job that's for sure. Keeping me hard/dry/lean. Not killing my libido, as you would now from above.

    Overall this stack is killer. I've read a lot of logs about prohormones/steriods and I feel like this stack that I am currently on is better then most logs I've read (h-drol, stano, ect). That my be just me, but from the gains I have seen in not even 4 weeks yet, and I still have 4 more weeks to go; this stack is a must-go-to/must-try stack in my opinion. But we will see how the remainder of this ride goes and see what else happens for me.

    Over and Out.

  13. Lol you have the best recipies ... gonna try out that protein shake too .

  14. Quote Originally Posted by EatMoar View Post
    Lol you have the best recipies ... gonna try out that protein shake too .
    Thanks bro. Ya the protein recipe is unbelievably good
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  15. Good Monday Morning Fellas,

    Just gonna give a quick update. Didn't get to lift Friday due to studying for Finals this week!!!

    - Weight has gone up a bit since last weigh-in. Nothing too dramatic though.

    - Definitely can tell I am bulking up. Gaining mass in every area. Losing some definition which is to be known, but still looking very dry and hard.

    - Alphamine is still intense as ever. Took my dose this morning and felt it instantly and I think I accidently took 2 scoops, so I am wired right now. It's a little cray haha.

    - Taking ABE 1/1/1/1 on off days before carb meals. Not getting any bloat at all. I take the last cap pre-bed and wake up looking solid.

    So today I am starting a new workout... P/RR/S and I am pretty pumped about it. Got the whole workout planned out and will be logging it in the workout log sections. Doing this because I want to keep track of what gains I make and the differences I see in my physique and just everything else that effects me from this new workout. So when I put the link up, I will put it up in here for those who want to follow. Today is Back Day. So gonna kill it.

    Over and Out.

  16. Good luck with finals brotha I'm in the same boat, study hard. Numbers are looking good too.

  17. Back

    Warm-up-- 3 sets of wide grip pull ups X bodyweight

    Rack Deadlift -- 2 warm up sets with 145, 225.
    4 sets @ 315 (6), 405 (6), 435 (6), 435 (6)

    Bent over BB row-- 1 warm up with 145
    4 sets @ 225 (6), 275 (6), 295 (6), 315(5)

    WG Lat Pulldown -- 1 warm up with 150
    4 sets @ 225 (6), 237.5 (6), 237.5 (6), 250 (6)

    WG Seated Cable Row -- 1 warm up with 100
    4 sets @ 180 (6), 200 (6), 200 (6), 200 (6)

    WG Pull Up --
    3 sets @ BW+45 (6), BW+45 (6), BW+45 (6)

    Here is the link to the workout Log:

    Kbayne doing it P/RR/S Style

  18. Updating from Yesterday and Today:

    Did my back workout yesterday and arms today. Both workouts were amazing and felt amazing.

    Started a new workout just on Monday, which I posted above.

    No new effects from what I have reported before. One thing I will say is that Alphamine @ 1.5 scoops is too much for me lol. 1 scoop is my sweet spot 3 times per day. When I do 1.5 scoops it is just too much and too intense for me to handle without freaking out haha. Stuff is legit obviously.

    EP is still keeping me very dry and hard. Joints still haven't had any issues with tightness or dryness which is always good.

    ABE, well ABE is doing more then I could have imagined. This stuff is awesome with carbs. Have definitely gained mass so far and weight.

    One thing I gotta say is that I know at the beginning of the log I said this would be for 8 weeks, well I lied . With the holidays coming up, money is tight right now and and I won't have enough to get another 4 weeks of ABE, EP, and Alphamine. I have two days left on this stack. But I have OG AnaBeta stashed away for some days when I begin to feel it is getting lonely haha. I would love to have done an 8 week stack on this because I feel the gains and benefits are still to come. So I will get the next two days down and see what happens.

    Also, if anyone feels up to it... shout out for my next stack? I have few ideas which I won't say yet, but would be cool to see some ideas from others.

    Over and Out.

  19. Arm Workout Today:


    BB Curl -- 2 sets warmup with 35 and 55
    4 sets @ 85 (6), 105 (6), 125 (5), 125 (5)

    Preacher Curl -- 2 sets warm up with 55
    4 sets @ 85 (6), 105 (6), 125 (5), 125 (5)

    DB Hammer Curl -- 1 set warm up with 40
    4 sets @ 60 (6), 70 (6), 75 (6), 75 (6)


    CG Bench Press -- 2 sets warm up with 145 and 195
    4 sets @ 225 (6), 275 (6), 285 (6), 285 (5)

    Skull Crushers -- 1 set warm up with 65
    4 sets @ 85 (6), 105 (6), 125 (6), 125 (6)

    Single Arm Rope Extension ( arm at about 45 degrees and extent outward) -- 1 set warm up with 30
    4 sets @ 45 (6), 45 (6), 45 (6), 45(6)

  20. 2nd to last day fellas

    1 scoop in the morning. Seriously love waking up because of this reason. I need to try fruit punch now. Raspberry lemonade is amazing though.

    1 cap erase pro with first meal. I love the one cap per day because you get your first dose in the morning and don't have to worry about taking another cap.

    2 cap ABE pre/ 2 cap post. ABE might be my favorite......

    well I can't say that cause that would upset and make alphamine and EP jealous haha. I love them all, especially together.

    Pump in the gym today was ridiculous. Worked chest today and I felt awesome. Lifted heavy as ever. Felt very full and hard.

    Strength is 100% going up. I didn't expect to get this much strength gain at all. But I'm loving it

    Weight is still rising, slowly but surely. Can definitely tell I'm bigger in the mirror. Not gaining near as much fat as I would have without this stack. Really is a game changer, which is what I'm all about haha.

    Energy/focus is great. Alphamine 1 scoop pre with staples is am amazing pre. Take my scoop of alphamine then leave for gym instantly because it kicks in that fast. Sweating more then normal like I have noted before.

    I am very sore. Mainly because of strength gains and lifting heavier weights obviously.

    Last day of stack is tomorrow

    Over and Out.
    PEScience Representative

  21. Well yesterday was a very sad day because it was my last day of this stack . I really wish I could have went for 8 weeks. Anyways though, I will be giving a final review in the days to come. Lets see how my body reacts without EP, ABE, Alphamine.

    This stack was simply amazing though for the short 4 weeks I took it and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Final Review in a few days fellas.

    Over and Out.

  22. Too bad man, I love to run them for 8 weeks but seems like 4 did you just fine.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Too bad man, I love to run them for 8 weeks but seems like 4 did you just fine.
    Ya 4 weeks did more then I thought it would. I probably would have ran it for 8 weeks but waiting on New Years sale to see what goodies they will be.
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  24. Final Review:

    Well its been about 11 days since the end of this stack. So I am ready to give my review.

    Lets start off with Alphamine:

    - I dosed Alphamine 1-1.5 scoop in the morning upon rising and 1-1.5 scoop pre- workout. Most days I did 1.5 but on others I just dosed 1 scoop 3x per day, which seemed to be the best dosing schedule for me because of the effects.

    - Alphamine flavor was RL and it was amazing. From the very first taste to the last and also the smell of it was on a different level .

    - When dosing in the morning, it was harder to get down food because it killed my appetite more then I thought it would, but I was still able to get enough in for breakfast. The next 1 or 2 doses throughout the day didn't kill my appetite though. I was able to eat plenty and most of the time when I finished my meal I was still hungry. I know many people fell into IF while on Alphamine becasue of the appetite suppression people got from it. I thought about it, but I did IF once and it's just not for me.

    - Alphamine as a preworkout is my on top for me. Mixed with my basics (creatine, BA, agmatine, CM) the pump/focus from alphamine was awesome. It really kept my body temp high and I was sweating more then usual that is for sure.

    - Alphamine kept me lean and hard. During my bulk, which I am still doing, I ate fairly clean but had the occasional "cheat meal" if you will.

    - Over all I would give Alphamine a 10/10 for its effectiveness, flavor, mixability.

    Next up... Erase Pro:

    - EP is one of a kind supplement. I have ran OG Erase before and loved the results, but I feel EP gave me more. I dosed my EP in the morning with fish oil about 10-15 min before breakfast. I started to see the effects from EP about a week into dosing.

    - EP didn't dry my joints out like many other users reported. I didn't use cissus either. I just upped the dose of fish oil a bit and dosed the EP with fish oil.

    - EP did dry me out very nicely though, and kept me hard and lean . I would also contribute a lot of the vascularity I noticed from EP also. Usually when I am bulking, I do not have any vascularity anywhere. As I kept dosing EP, I became very vascular and started to get new viens i have never seen before which was awesome.

    - EP did help with strenght also I would have to say. Strength gains kept coming week by week. I can't give all the credit to EP, but credit deserves where it is due.

    - EP did NOT kill my libido. During my run on OG Erase my libido went down a bit. I will say that I do belive the ABE and Alphamine helped raise my libido also, but I think EP also helped with it as well. This was something I was scared of at first, but as the stack kept going, I kept getting hornier.

    - Overall I would give EP a 10/10 for strength increase, drying me out (in a good way), keeping me lean, and helping with muscle hardness.

    Finally... ABE:

    - ABE would have to be my favorite out of the 3. Its hard to say that because I love EP and Alphamine. ABE just does so much its hard to beat a supplement like this.

    - I dosed ABE 2 pre 2 post on workout days and 1/1/1/1 on non workout days.

    - ABE definitely increased my hunger and thirst. I believe that Alphamine suppressed my appetite but at the same time ABE increased it, and I feel like once I dosed ABE pre and post, I was able to eat much more food.

    - The added forskolin in ABE was a winning combo with anacyclus. The added forskolin had many different benefits from helping raise test levels to body composition.

    - The size I put on from this stack is mainly from ABE I would say. I gained a lot of size and fullness from ABE. I didn't just put on a bunch of fat or water weight, but actually put on some lean mass. The 24/7 pump from ABE was also nice to have . I really do believe ABE is one of a kind supplement. I also believe strength was another effect I gained from ABE. By upping my calories and being able to eat more food, this allowed me to push more weight.

    - ABE gets a 10/10 also.

    Overall with this stack I went from:

    200 to roughly 205 pounds.

    Every lift raised in weight.

    Body composition most definitely was noticeable everywhere on my body.

    Muscle were harder, fuller, and I stayed very lean while on this stack.

    SO like I stated, I wanted to wait to put the review up to see what happens after the stack. So currently I am still bulking, and strength is still rising, but not near as fast. I have most definitely put on more fat then I ever did while on this stack. This is the most noticeable for sure. The vascularity isn't all there like it was with ABE, EP, and Alphamine. Even though I have put on some fat, I still can notice the body composition from this stack when the blood gets flowing. I'm not noticing a 24/7 pump and I am really missing ABE with my carb meals .

    So would I recommend this stack to anyone...... You bet your A$$ I would 100%.

    For a 4 week stack I saw better gains then on any other stack I have taken. Really is unbelievable what I got from this stack and how it benefited me so well. I would recommend an 8 week run on this stack though because I know there was still more to come from the stack.

    I would just like to say thanks to PES once again for allowing me to run this stack and become a HUGE FAN of ABE, EP, and Alphamine. All three are top supps on my list. Gonna be very hard to beat this stack.

  25. Great review.

    I'm now on day 4 of Alphamine non yohimbine version and still increasing dose each day (today I go up to 2 scoops) and already lost 1kg despite Christmas excessive eating and no real exercise in 3 months.

    This stack is one I'm thinking to maybe try as well in near future especially cause of Anabeta Elite that I hear so much great feedback.

  26. Quote Originally Posted by ahh123 View Post
    Great review.

    I'm now on day 4 of Alphamine non yohimbine version and still increasing dose each day (today I go up to 2 scoops) and already lost 1kg despite Christmas excessive eating and no real exercise in 3 months.

    This stack is one I'm thinking to maybe try as well in near future especially cause of Anabeta Elite that I hear so much great feedback.
    Thats awesome. I did 2 scoops twice and couldn't handle it lol.

    Ya ABE is a forum favorite and for good reasons.

    I would recommend this stack to anyone who is looking to cut or bulk.
    PEScience Representative

  27. Nice review! Stock up and get enough for an 8 weeker next time...

  28. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Nice review! Stock up and get enough for an 8 weeker next time...
    Oh believe me.. next time its going down lol!!
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