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  1. Oh yea! Note to self, never do a double scoop of the Ultimate flurry protein shake!! Holy crap! I thought I was gonna explode! My stomach was so bloated that I couldnt hardly bend over. It was crazy! Learned my leasson on that one! And was very gassy

  2. Thanks for the heads yo I bought Flurry for after my show. Haha. I use an app called MyFitnessPal but there's others out there.

    Macros=macronutrients. Protein, carbs, fats. Roughly 1oz chicken is 7g protein for example. A can of tuna is 26g. 1tbsp olive oil is 14g fats... That sort of stuff.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  3. OrganicShadow - I gotcha now. I knew that but just didnt know that was what it was called. Yea I use that app as well.

    Well today was weigh-in day again and I was disappointed again! I gained another 2 lbs. What am I doing wrong? I am trying to keep my calories around 2000 but a couple days I was around 2500. Maybe since all that Halloween candy is gone I will start to drop some pounds! Sweets are my weakness. If I dont see them, I am good.
    Anyways, my workout was good this morning. It was same as last monday except I went up on weights and down to 10 on reps. I didnt sleep as good the past 2 nites. Can someone look at my routine and see if I am doing anything wrong there? It was a couple of posts back.
    I do feel different, my recovery is still better and I am able to get through with my workout quicker. Is that bad?
    Well, thanks for all the help!
    Everyone have a good day and lift hard!

  4. That candy will kill progress no doubt.

    Hey if you can bang out a workout in less time I'm all about that. I'd rather keep intensity high and time duration low. I'm a busy man, can;t be hangin around a gym for hours unless I'm getting paid to do so.

    When's your last meal before bed?
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  5. OrganicShadow - I appreciate your input! Yea, I was joking bout the candy. I did have a small piece here and there but not much. It was hard to resist. My last meal of the day is usually no later than 7:30. I usually would have a casein shake before bed but this hgh up said on bottle to take on an empty stomach so I stopped the casein shake. What do you think I am doing wrong?

    Yesterday, I had a good workout. It changed some but it was basically like last week just still lower reps and more weight. This morning I had to take a day off due to technical difficulties and being upset about where our country is headed to now. I will be back at it tomorrow morning or may get an evening workout in.

    I have seen a difference now in other areas. I am getting more zits on my body and I am getting more excited, if you know what I mean. The wife is liking that side!

  6. No shakes pre-bed. The protein could be ruining your sleep. GH and IGF release during sleep is blunted when insulin is present in the bloodstream so you're effectively negating benefits of HGHUp and your own natural GH release. I would try to not have anything 1-2hrs prior to sleep depending on how big your last meal was.

    Acne breakouts from Free Test are common 5-7 days in but subside rather quickly. It's not sever at all just a couple spots and it goes away. That libido boost is always a plus.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  7. Yea, I had stopped the casein shakes about 5 weeks ago. And YES the extra libido is nice especially when you are 40.

    The workout at Big Perm's Gym was great this morning except I have some left elbow pain coming back slowly. I have been battling tennis elbow for a while now. Calories yesterday was at 2345. Still feeling alot of energy and sleeping very well at nite.
    This was this mornings workout:
    15 mins on treadmill
    Dumbbell shoulder press 4 X 9-11
    Upright row 3 X 9-11
    One-arm cable lateral raise 3 X 9-11
    Bent-over lateral raise 3 X 9-11
    Barbell shrug 4 X 9-11
    Seated calf raise 4 X 15-20
    Leg press calf raise 4 X 15-20

    I still stay hungry all the time. I feel as if I am bulking up though.
    I've got a new saying now that I read in my muscle n fitness magazine: Doesnt matter what kind of car you drive, what matters the most is the size of the arms hanging out of the window!
    Do you have any other sayings or quotes that I can post in my gym? Please share!!
    I hope everyone has a great workout today!

  8. Post Your Quotes Here!

    That thread has a few good ones.
    My personal favorite:
    Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  9. OrganicShadow - that is some good ones posted there. I like the one you posted as well!

    Well to day was leg day. Friends dont let friends skip leg day! Lol
    I always have problems with leg day and today it seemed worse. Recovery time was longer. Now my legs will be sore for 3 days. It will be hard for me to step up in the truck. Squats always kill my thighs for some reason!
    Anyways, everything else is still on track.
    workout for today:
    15 mins on treadmill
    squat 4 X 10
    front squat 3 X 10
    leg extension 3 X 10
    romanian deadlift 4 X 10
    leg curl 3 X 10
    hanging leg raise 3 X 15
    weighted crunch 3 X 15
    side plank 3 X 75 sec

    Well Monday starts my 5th week. so I am halfway there. I will probably get a workout in over the weekend but it will prob be something out of the blue. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
    Love, peace, and chicken grease

  10. Good morning AM! Today was weigh in day. I did good... didnt gain nor did I loose though so I guess that's good? I changed my routine this morning after reading an article here on AM. I usually just drink 2 glasses of water with my 4 pills of free test right before my workout. This morning I drank a protein shake with my 4 pills and then a glass of water. It seemed to help. I did notice one difference this morning. About half way through my workout I felt more pumped up or a boost of energy and when I was through with my workout routine, I still wanted to lift or do some other exercises. Wonder what was up with that? Nobody commented or gave me any suggestions on my routine so I dont know if that is good or bad? Am I an outcast now?
    Anyways, I had a great workout this morning. Once again dropped reps and raised weight. I like low reps better! This was workout this morning:
    10 mins on treadmill
    bench press 4 X 7
    incline dumbbell press 3 X 7
    dumbbell flye 3 X 7
    incline cable flye 3 X 7
    triceps pressdown 3 X 7
    dumbbell overhead triceps extension 3 X 7
    lying triceps extension 3 X 7
    standing calf raise 4 X 15
    seated calf raise 4 X 15

    I hope everyone has a great monday!

  11. FreeTest hits better when taken with a meal. On top of that, make it a pre-workout meal and it's gonna be great. As for weight, I couldn't tell you. It's more about body composition than what the scale says - I rarely weigh myself.

    I'm assuming 3x7 means 3 sets of 7? Do you have the weight increments for each? That 6-8 range is what really builds strength and size!

    -OS-Team AppNut
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  12. Thanks OrganicShadow for letting me know that about freetest! I did not know that. On the pre-workout meal, what would be an ideal meal? I dont have alot of time to prepare a meal and I am the only person up at that time so I also have to be quiet not to disturb others.
    Yea, I personally like the 6-8 rep range myself.
    This morning I had a great workout. I am still around 2000 calories a day. I am still noticing that I am increasing on my lifting weights. For example, I was curling 50lbs on curlbar and this morning I was at 65lbs plus bar for 4 sets of 8 reps.
    Libido is still in high gear!
    This morning's workout:
    10 mins on treadmill
    bumbbell bent-over row 4 X 7
    behind-neck pulldown 3 X 7
    seated cable row 3 X 7
    reverse-grip pulldown 3 X 7
    barbell curl 4 X 8
    preacher curl 3 X 7
    behind-back cable curl 3 X 7
    weighted hip thrust 3 X 15
    cable crunch 3 X 15
    cable oblique crunch 3 X 15

    I hope everyone has a great day!!

  13. A light protein or carb/protein meal is best for battling fatigue and powering up performance. Fats slow the system before a workout unless youre in a low carb phase which then I have some tricks. Why stop at 7? Of you can do more, do more reps. If you get 8-10, increase weight. Less than 6, drop the weight.

    -OS-Team AppNut
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  14. I gotcha on the meal. I guess I will just stick with protein shake for now or maybe add a raw egg or two & some fruit.
    Well on the reps sometimes I dont stop at 7, thats just the routine that I am currently on. Each week the reps drop and the weight increases. So if I can do more than 7, I increse the weight to stay in that range for the max. I got through early this morning and was going back to some other exercises from erlier this week to see what my max was. My curl max is up to 80lbs. I curled it 2 times. I also did some negative bench presses. Just messing around for awhile. Anyways, everything else seems to motoring along. My calories are still around 2000. And I drink 12 -14 glasses of water a day. Bladder is overworked! My energy level is still high until around 9pm, then cant hardly hold my eyes open. So much for late night partying! lol
    Workout for the morning:
    dumbbell shoulder press 4 X 7
    upright row 3 X 7
    one-arm cable lateral raise 3 X 7
    bent-over lateral raise 3 X 7
    barbell shrug 4 X 7
    seated calf raise 4 X 15
    leg press calf raise 4 X 15

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hoot72 View Post
    I gotcha on the meal. I guess I will just stick with protein shake for now or maybe add a raw egg or two & some fruit.
    No need for the raw egg. Just eat a normal meal. If you want something quick and light some Greek yogurt and fruit would suffice.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  16. Ok. Thanks for the info Judojosh!
    Then how about some other recipes for a quick easy pre-workout meal or shake for someone that exercises as soon as they rise out of bed in the morning. Anymore suggestions?

  17. Bananas are good for about 30g carbs mix of both sugar and fiber, good source of potassium and give me pumps. Or berries (blue, black, straw). Greek yogurt can thicken it a bit and add some extra protein if your only want to do 1 scoop of whey. I prefer mine with water, I don't like milk.

    Raw eggs only have about half the bioavailability of nutrients than when cooked. The breaking of the disulfide bonds in egg albumin make for better digestion and absorption.

    -OS-Team AppNut
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  18. Ok Cool! That makes sense. Thanks for the info OrganicShadow! I am learning alot here and my lifting is showing it. My max bench press has gone up again. I did some extra lifting this morning just to see where I was. Made me feel good and pumped up!
    Everything else is the same! Still having some pain in the left elbow but working through it. I added some natural peanut butter to my protein shake this morning. I gotta go to the store today and get some fruit. Anymore suggestions since I am going to the store?
    Squats were tough this morning!
    Workout for today:
    10 mins treadmill
    squats 4 X 7
    front squats 3 X 7
    leg extension 3 X 7
    deadlifts 4 X 7
    leg curls 3 X 7
    benchpress 3 X 3

    Yea it was kinda a short morning. I split todays workout with tomorrow. Will do abs tomorrow and probably some cardio.

  19. Let me know how you feel about your lifts with adding peanut butter before. I don't like fats prior to a workout unless its something like coconut oil.

    Sleeping better?
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  20. I really didn't feel much different using pb but did have indigestion so I don't guess that's good combo. Guess I will stick with fruit. Sleep is still real good!
    I did 15 mins on treadmill yesterday and then worked on some negative benchpresses. Trying to increase bench. Did 4 X 6. Then worked on abs the rest of time.
    Weighted crunch 4 X 15
    Woodchop 4 X 20
    Plank 4 X 90 secs
    Cable crunch 3 X 15

    Prob gonna get some more in today. Depends on what happens. Easier for me to exercise during the week. I try to spend time with family on weekend. Have a good one!

  21. Gotta get those rest days in, they're underrated. Do you record your weight for each exercise?

    -OS-Team AppNut
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  22. What's up Hoot? Sorry I have been MIA for a while. I'm about to leave on a long vacation, so it isn't going to get much better. You are in good hands with OrganicShadow. Out of all of our reps, I think he offers the best blend of exercise, nutrition and product knowledge.

    I'm glad that you are improving on your lifts. As far as easy preworkout meals go, OS has offered some solid choices. I like green apples pwo as an option too.

  23. Yea, gotta have rest days! OrganicShadow, I do record my weight but I was too embarassed to post them on here. I am increasing my weights but no where near what alot of people are lifting on here. Yea, I know Rome wasnt built overnight but I'm just not a heavy lifter YET. I am getting there eventually. It is harder for me to grow muscle... guess it's the age thing and low test. Anyways, good to hear from ya Dewey! I wish I could get a long vacation! I need one!
    Well I am running a little behind this week. It has been a busy week already. Still all the same. I do feel some growth in my arms and chest. I wish I had measured them. Its going to be hard to stay under 2000 calories toward the end of this week but I am going to try my best. Probably need to do more cardio. Yesterday and today's workout was awesome. Both days I had strawberries with my pre-workout protein shake. I did fell alot different... more energy to push through my workout. My workout is the same this week as last but weight increased again and reps are down to 3-5. I like this phase. Next week will be back to high reps of 15.
    Sleep is still real good.... too good! Wife is getting tired of the snoring.. Lol

  24. Just had an awesome workout this morning! Stayed in the gym for 3 hrs. Did my highest squats! 205 lbs. 4 sets of 5. Had a great workout yesterday too but today's was off the chain & I'm still pumped up. I did my regular workout plus a lot more like negative benchpress. Everything is the same. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving & enjoys time with the family!

  25. Well sorry that it has been a while since I have posted. It has been hectic lately at work and with the family but I've been staying with a clean diet (except for thursday) and my regular workout routine plus some. Monday was weigh in day again and I gained another lb. I still think it is muscle because waist is not getting larger. Everything else is still staying the same with sleep and libido (been in overdrive lately). I had a great workout yesterday morning, evening and this morning. My reps have increased and some of the exercises have changed so it is taking longer to get workout done and recovery time is a little longer so I had to finish after work yesterday and I will have to finsih after work today.
    This was workout for yesterday:
    bench press 4 X 15
    reverse-grip incline dumbbell press 3 X 15
    incline dumbbell flye 3 X 15
    cable crossover 3 X 15
    triceps pressdown 3 X 15

    one-arm overhead cable triceps extension 3 X 15
    close-grip bench press 3 X 15
    standing calf raise 4 X 30
    seated calf raise 4 X 30

    This morning:
    dumbbell bent-over row 4 X 15
    wide-grip pulldown 3 X 15
    straight-arm pulldown 3 X 15
    seated cable row 3 X 15
    barbell curl 4 X 15
    incline cable curl 3 X 15
    dumbbell concentration curl 3 X 15

    This afternoon:
    hip thrust 3 X 30
    crunch 3 X 30
    oblique crunch 3 X 30

    This is the beginning of my 7th week so I have 2 more weeks on this stack then goin back to see the Doc and get bloodtest ran again. I will post results after that.
    How do you all think I am doing? Any input?

  26. Well... Sorry guys, I didnt have much time last week but I am still on track. I finished up last week with a rough week with the high reps. This week the reps have dropped to 10 and increased the weight.
    This is my last week on this stack and matter fact tomorrow will be my last dose of free test. I am goin to finish out the week and maybe next week with just the HGH UP. It has been an interesting ride but I feel that I have failed. Sorry David! Anyways, I do feel that it has helped me increase muscle. My weight this morning was the same so didnt gain or loose anything last week. I will probably go to the Dr this wednesday to have blood drawn to see where I am at on test now and check other normal stuff. Overall, I feel great! Recovery has been up and down but overall has been better. I think next week after I come of the stack and weeks after that I will probably notice the difference more.
    This was this mornings workout:
    bench press 4 X 10
    reverse grip incline dumbbel press 3 X 10
    incline dumbbell flye 3 X 10
    cable crossover 3 X 10
    triceps pressdown 3 X 10
    one arm overhead cable triceps extension 3 X 10
    close grip bench press 3 X 10
    standing calf raise 4 X 20
    seated calf raise 4 X 20


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