Holmes is Back at it With Farenheit Nutrition GF-AMA (Sponsored)

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  1. Holmes is Back at it With Farenheit Nutrition GF-AMA (Sponsored)

    First of all thank you to Farenhein Nutrition and Hvactech for hooking me up with this product.
    This will be my 4th sponsored log and I have previously run
    LG Science’s Lipoburn
    **** Transaderm
    Purus Labs Fat Smack XR

    I have been lifting for about 7 years now since I was in high school but have been seriously training for about 2 ˝ years now. I train more to stay lean and build muscle and am not as worried about strength anymore. For a little background, I am an ex-collegiate baseball player and I graduated about a year and a few months ago, but no longer play baseball. I try to maintain my fitness along with building muscle by doing high intensity cardio several times a week.
    My stats
    6’0” 192 lbs
    9.5-10% BF
    I don’t max out anymore as I don’t train for strength but I can hit 225 lbs on the bench 15 times and do 30 pull ups. I will use this as a bench mark along with my bodyfat % to see how well this product works for me. I plan to maintain around 2800-3000 calories, which is my usual recomp diet.

    I am very interested in seeing what GF-AMA will do as I am very unfamiliar with the ingredients listed. I do workout at night however and the recovery factor will very important to me.
    Farenheit’s website lists that it will:

    Burn Fat, Gain Lean Defined Muscles while improving Digestion, Controlling appetite and Minimizing Recovery Time.Name:  GF_AMA_large.png
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Size:  60.4 KB
    GF-AMA was designed to suit the needs of both Male and Female athletes and individuals looking for lean muscle gains, fat metabolism, and increased exercise requirements. GF-AMA is formulated to accelerate nutrition delivery to the group of muscles trained or in stress due to weight lifting or high intensity workouts. This creates a natural anabolic environment which results in accelerated post training recovery and improved muscle regeneration. Athletes and individuals supplementing GF-AMA showed substantial increase in muscle gain in one month while burning additional body fat daily. The workouts were longer at increased energy levels and recovery was faster.
    GF-AMA contains high extracted level of ingredients like Solanum Xanthocarpum, Eclipta Alba, Myristica Malabarcia, and Swertia Chirayita which increase cholesterol, polypeptides, fatty acid degeneration in liver and metabolism resulting in a controlled and continuous supply of energy throughout the workout. While ingredients like Cuminum Cyminum, Aygyreia Speciosa, Terminalia Chebula, Emblica Officinalis, Myristica Fragrans, Myristica Malabarica, Boerhaavia Diffusa, Andrographis Paniculata, Asphaltum, and Terminalia Arjuna provide performance and immunity enhancing natural Flavonoids, Glycosides, Isoflavonoids, Isoglycosides, Ionic Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Alpha and beta Sitosterols, Ursolic Acid, Alkylamides, and spilanthol. To maximize the effect of the product, there were multiple plant extracts added to enhance appetite patterns, digestion and sleep.
    All ingredients were added in their highest available extract form to ensure the delivery of all these vital components in a small capsule factor.

    I have run several insulin mimetics and nutrient partitioners before, but this seems to be very different. I plan to start at 2 caps a day and may increase as needed or as I become familiar.

    Training will start tomorrow and consist of chest and arms.


  2. Thanks for subbing in. Day 1 review coming tonight after the gym. Waiting to dose the AMA till 7 PM ET about 30 mins pre-WO.

  3. awsome! recovery is insane on this
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  4. Day 1 so far

    Only got about 7 hours of sleep because some jackass when ripping down my street on a bike at 6 in the morning and I could not get back to sleep for my remaining hour, so I knocked out about 3 cups of coffee to wake me up this morning. I work in an office all day, so not much movement, but I do get to eat whenever I want, which is sweet and lets me hit my goals of about 2800-3000 calories in 6 or 7 meals.

    Got home around 6 pm and ate dinner, but did not get to the gym until about 7:45 at night tonight. Tonight was chest night and I took 2 caps of the GF-AMA 30 mins before my workout.

    2600 cals
    95 gms fat
    140 gms carbs
    270 gms protein

    Went a little high on carbs and low on calories today because I didn't have any leftovers for lunch from the weekend, but tomorrow will be better. Still kept the diet clean for the day though.

    My workout

    1 mile on the treadmill in 6:45 secs to warm up

    Dynamic Stretching


    BB Bench press coupled with hanging leg raises
    135x12 to warm up with 15 sec leg raise warm up
    225x15 with 35 sec hanging leg raise
    225x12 with 30 sec ""
    225x9 with 30 sec ""
    225x10 slow concentrics with spotter with 25 sec ""

    I was stoked to easily hit 225x15 on my first set, but the pump for the rest of the workout was wicked. Part of this may have been due to an increase in carbs before my workout but also may be due to the GF-AMA, only time will tell.

    I was absolutely pissed as my Adidas sports headphones kicked out in one ear though. I tend to go through headphones like water and it absolutely sucks.

    DB incline press coupled with back extensions
    60'sx12 with 10 reps at BW
    65'sx12 with 10 reps
    70'sx12 with 10 reps
    75'sx10 with 10 reps

    DB decline press with 6 inches
    60'sx15 with 1 min hold
    65'sx12 wiith 1 min hold
    70'sx12 with 50 sec hold
    70'sx12 with 50 sec hold

    Close grip BB Bench with dynamic stretches

    Triceps bar pushdown
    4x10 with last set of negatives only

    End with 5 mins of HIIT cardio on elliptical

    I will need to see how recovery is tomorrow but my first workout went very well. Sleep will be crucial and I am hoping to get about 7:45 mins tonight.

    Update coming tomorrow morning....

  5. Got a great night of sleep and woke up a bit tender in my triceps and shoulders, but not really sore. Had a cup of coffee and tea in the AM and am hoping to maintain my energy level throughout tue day.

  6. in on this!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    in on this!
    Great, the more the merrier.

    Day 2 Legs Day

    I dragged myself through the afternoon today at work and had a solid dinner which got me ready for my workout. Still angry that my headphones only have one functioning ear and another that cuts in and out. It was really making me go nuts at the gym, every squat I would hear music blast into my second ear then out.

    2 caps 30 mins before workout with 1 cap green tea, 2.5 gms creatine and bcaa's.

    2540 cals
    121 gms fat
    110 gms carbs
    286 gms protein.

    Legs day

    1 mile cardio to warm up
    Dynamic stretches

    BB deep squats 60 sec rest between sets
    235x8 downset with 215x5 185x10 and 155x10

    L4 in my lumbar section of my back is permanently fractured, so I try to do legs really for cardio purposes and to keep my legs somewhat strong, but I don't killt hem with heavy weights anymore

    BB Deadlift 60 sec rest

    Quad extensions coupled with DB deadlifts
    110x12 with 180x10 reps
    155x12 with 180x10
    155x12 with 180x10

    BB shrugs with dynamic stretch 1 min between sets
    275x9 downset with 225x8 and 135x10 slow concentric

    seated DB bicep curls 60 sec rest
    50'sx6 with 2 cheat reps to get to 8 and slow concentric on last rep

    forearm curls 60 sec rest
    90 for 20 second hold in tense muscle position

    My workout was a little slower today because my back required alot of stretching and my knee was a bit sore, but I felt I really hit my glutes and hammy's and should be sore as heck tomorrow. Let's see how I sleep again...

  8. In as well bro!!

  9. I wish i could do low carb like that. I love carbs !
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  10. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    I wish i could do low carb like that. I love carbs !
    Its tough for me, I love soft pretzels and pasta but I try to refrain as much as possible.

  11. Day 3

    Had to go to the dentist and take an off day from the gym, which was miserable. I feel like Kramer, I haven't been able to eat solids for about 5 hours and im slobbering all over the place. Either way took my 1 cap of GF-AMA for lunch today and can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow.

  12. Day 4

    Got some great sleep although I woke up and had to piss like a pregnant woman. Had a cup of coffee and a mio energy shot to get through the day but nothing pre-workout in the way of caffeine because I haven't needed it since starting the GF-AMA. I don't get a buzz or anything like that, just not tired when I hit the gym.

    2200 cals
    90 gms fat
    123 gms carbs
    240 gms protein

    My carbs were up a little because I didn't get to bring any leftovers from home, so I had to eat some old cous cous to stretch me through the day. Cooking up some nice chicken tonight though, so the diet should be just how I planned it tomorrow.


    Working the rep-hold method today

    Pull ups with sit ups with
    1st set got to 9th rep and did 35 sit ups
    2nd set up to 8th rep and 30 sit ups
    3rd set to 6 reps and 25 sit ups
    4th set to 7 reps and 25 sit ups
    5th set neutral grip got to 7 reps and 20 sit ups

    cable crunches and behind the neck pull downs
    10 reps with 10 reps at 130 lbs
    10 reps with 10 reps at 130 lbs
    10 reps with 9 reps at 130
    9 reps with 9 reps at 120 lbs
    10 reps with 10 reps at 110 lbs

    Cable rows with decline sit ups + 25 lbs
    Don't know the weight on the cables at my gym because they look like they are from the Charles Atlas days but I did

    10 reps with 10 sit ups
    10 reps with 10 sit ups
    9 reps with 9 sit ups
    8 reps with 10 sit ups

    seated hammer curls (non rep-hold) with calf raises
    30x10 with BW+ 80x10
    35x10 with BW+ 80x8
    40x8 with BW+ 60x10
    40x6 with BW+40x10

    Finished with a quick 8 min cardio session but my calves and hamstrings were dead so I didn't have a ton of giddy up left in my legs to run.

    On day 4, I am noticing a slight hardening effect and look a bit leaner already. Not sure if this is a diuretic effect or what, but I like the effects so far.

  13. Day 5

    Chest, delts and tri's day

    Long day of work and drug through most of the day but had a good meeting in the AM that got me juiced up for a few hours. That afternoon crash came as my coffee wore off and it there were all sorts of cookies and cakes in the office. I refrained and ate a can of tuna.

    2600 cals
    110 gms fat
    140 gms carbs
    288 gms protein

    Damn my pre and post workout whole wheat pasta. I was going along smoothly with the low carb then it was there when I got home, so I had to eat it. At least I dosed it around the workout.

    Back was in pain today so I didn't hit my usual lower and obliques very much with my chest

    Smith machine bench rep and hold method
    185x9 down set with 135 for 10, 11 and 12

    mixed oblique twists in with the bench
    25x10 each side
    35x10 each side
    35x10 each side
    25x12 each side
    25x10 each side

    DB military press
    10x110 down set with 5x90 and 6x70

    DB decline press with shoulder lateral raises
    120x15 and 35x10
    120x13 and 35x9
    120x12 and 25x10
    120x11 and 25x10

    Shoulder cable raises with triceps pressdowns (rep and hold method)
    4x12 and 4x10 reps

    Pretty solid workout, wanted to get cardio in but its Friday night and the gym closed early, FML.

  14. any hardness yet?
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    any hardness yet?
    I have noticed a thinning effect in my abdominal area where my abs are showing more.

  16. Day 6

    Legs Day

    5 minutes of cardio to warm up

    quad extensions 60 sec rest between sets

    195x9 downset with 150x5 and 110x6

    DB deadlifts with BB front squad
    140x12 with 135x10
    180x10 with 155x8
    180x12 with 155x8
    180x10 with 135x12
    180x12 with 135x10

    walking lunges with BB shrugs
    80x10 each leg for 4 sets with 135x12, 225x12,245x10 and 265x12

    wall sits
    3 sets by 45 secs

    Didn't get to keep track of calories as I had to do all sorts of things in the afternnon and could track them for one day.

  17. Day 7

    Off day

    One note from this, I am sore as hell from my leg workout as it was the first time I have done deadlifts heavy in probably a year. My hamstrings and glutes were nice and sore so I spent about 10 minutes stretching em out..

    Day 8

    2000 cals
    73 gms fat
    89 gms carbs
    226 gms protein

    Back day

    1 mile warm up in 7:45

    Wide grip pull ups 60 sec break between sets
    20 reps
    15 reps
    13 reps
    12 reps
    10 reps
    9 reps with 2 slow concentric reps after the 9th rep

    neutral grip wide grip pulldowns (60 secs between sets) with crunches
    150x15 and 25 reps at BW+25
    150x13 and 20 reps at BW+25
    160x10 and 20 reps at BW+25
    160x10 and 25 reps at BW

    nautilus rows

    wide grip pulldowns
    150x15 with downset of 130x10 and 110x10

    DB curls with calf raises (rep hold method)
    35'sx10 with 10 reps at BW+80
    40'sx10 with 10 reps at BW+80
    40'sx8 with 7 reps at BW+80
    40'sx8 with 7 reps at BW+80

    Ended with 1 mile on treadmill in 6:45

    Noticed a bit of a leaning effect the first few days but no difference since about day 3. I expect with another hard week of workouts for the leaning effect to increase. I have noticed a slight increase in energy as usually I would be dyng without my preworkout caffeine, but I have had a steady will to workout without my normal hit of caffeine pre-WO.

  18. Day 9

    No cardio for once as my back was a bit sore, plus I really wanted to get a good chest and tricep workout.

    2000 cals
    73 gms fat
    89 gms carbs
    226 gms protein

    I sure am sore from my back workout, but I am noticing my back is looking leaner and somehow bigger than ever. My lower back area where I usually hold more fat is melting away by the day and my upper back looks as wide as its ever been. My weight is actually up 1 lb so far to 193, but I attribute this to lifting legs again as my weight has increased 3 lbs over the past two months but my bodyfat has declined.


    BB Bench press
    225x14 with help on 15th
    225x12 with help on 13
    225x10 with help on 11
    225x7 with help on 8

    Decline DB Bench


    Incline DB bench

    Cable flys and cable shoulder extensions
    3x12 each

    I did some ab work like 6 inches and leg raises between each of the sets as usual to keep my heart rate up, but I didn't go at it with my usual intensity because my back was sore and I really was just tired out for some reason. I am a fiend for the caffeine still it seems.

  19. everything going okay in here....
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  20. Day 10

    Legs day

    Slept like crap and woke up for about the 5th night in a row to piss at about 4 AM. I have noted that I usually sleep much better after taking AMA but I piss a lot more at night. I would assume one of the herbs is some sort of diuretic. Still noticing the leaning effect, but I always seem to be hungry, so keeping my calories down is tough.


    BB squats
    135x20 for 5 sets

    leg extensions and DB deadlifts
    90x15 and 120x12
    115x12 and 120x12
    135x12 and 120x10
    160x12 and 120x10
    160x10 with last rep hold for 10 secs and 120x10

    BB shrugs with wallsits
    135x12 and 30 sec
    225x10 and 40 sec
    255x10 and 30 sec
    295x10 and 30 sec
    315x8 and 30 sec

    forearm curl

    2600 cals
    95 gms fat
    140 gms carbs
    270 gms protein

  21. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    everything going okay in here....
    Perfect timing. Everything going well with the body composition and my muscle look more full, but the whole issue of having to piss alot at night can be a bother.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by holmes215 View Post
    Perfect timing. Everything going well with the body composition and my muscle look more full, but the whole issue of having to piss alot at night can be a bother.
    hmmmm i didnt experience that with ama,
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  23. It could be unrelated, just seems more than a coincidence that it started on day 2 of taking it. I will give it a few more days to really pin down the reasoning.

  24. Day 11

    Back day

    Working the rep-hold method today

    Pull ups with weighted crunch machine
    1st set got to 9th rep and 130x12
    2nd set up to 8th rep and 160x10
    3rd set to 6 reps and 170x10
    4th set to 7 reps and 170x10
    5th set neutral grip got to 7 reps and 170x8 with downset at 150 and 130

    Lat Pulldowns
    4 sets of 15 at 180 lbs last set only got 13 reps and needed help for last 2

    cable rows with weighted planks and crunches
    5x15 with 5x1 minute and 5x30

    Mercifully I didn't have to piss at all and I slept like a baby. I do have occasiona deep dreams but nothing like some other sleep aids and hgh boosters.

    2600 cals
    95 gms fat
    140 gms carbs
    270 gms protein


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