Holmes is Back at it With Farenheit Nutrition GF-AMA (Sponsored)

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  1. Day 36

    A sad day as I was finishing my last cap of AMA. Legs day today and I felt a bit dead without 2 caps preworkout. It wasn't a tired type lack of energy but my muscles felt like they were lacking endurance and pump. My cardio was tougher and my legs felt like they were dragging a bit. Final weight 191 lbs and my review/final pics will be coming in a few days.

  2. you da man!
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  3. Energy/Pump- 9/10-I noticed increased endurance and energy while at the gym with GF-AMA. It is not the sort product that will have you buzzing and jittery at all while you are in the gym, but you will notice an increase in endurance and pump. I really noticed it the most when I stopped using the product. For the next 3 days after use, my endurance, muscular energy and pump were way down.

    Fat Burning-8/10-The fat burning effects were more from being able to work out harder with less food in my stomach pre-workout. My workouts were just as intense while on GF-AMA fasted as my previous night workouts were with 30-40 gms of carbs in me.

    Value-8/10-I got more than 1 month out of my cycle and at a value of $39.99 on nutraplanet, this product is not expensive by any means. I would have liked to run another bottle and may in the winter after I finish my next cycle of shred matrix.

    Notes: I didn’t have any GI issues with this product and did notice a slight increase in sweating while taking this.

    Appetite-Suppression-A slight suppression of appetite was noticed on workout days after taking this product. This was good for me because I tend to pig out post-WO.

    Weight 191 lbs
    BF-9.3% from 10%

    Final weight=191 lbs from 192 lbs

    Hit some new endurance maxes while on this product while working non-fasted workouts. My endurance was down a few reps while fasted, but this really helped my fat loss target. I believe I could have done better in an ideal world with a perfectly clean diet, but with a few trips, off-days, etc. this product did a great job of reducing bodyfat and maintaining muscle. It seemed like a similar product to nutrient repartitioners as it can increase energy through hormone manipulation and can increase strength/endurance through the same means.

    Pics coming soon....

  4. boom! glad it worked out for you...
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    boom! glad it worked out for you...

    Thanks, it was a very good product and a great 1+ months.

  6. thanks for the great log!
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  7. No problem at all, thank you for letting me run a great product.

  8. Please feel free to post a review on nutraplanet and the review section of AM.......
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  9. Almost forgot to do that until you reminded me. Done and glad to give a good review.


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