Holmes is Back at it With Farenheit Nutrition GF-AMA (Sponsored)

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  1. Day 36

    A sad day as I was finishing my last cap of AMA. Legs day today and I felt a bit dead without 2 caps preworkout. It wasn't a tired type lack of energy but my muscles felt like they were lacking endurance and pump. My cardio was tougher and my legs felt like they were dragging a bit. Final weight 191 lbs and my review/final pics will be coming in a few days.

  2. you da man!

  3. Energy/Pump- 9/10-I noticed increased endurance and energy while at the gym with GF-AMA. It is not the sort product that will have you buzzing and jittery at all while you are in the gym, but you will notice an increase in endurance and pump. I really noticed it the most when I stopped using the product. For the next 3 days after use, my endurance, muscular energy and pump were way down.

    Fat Burning-8/10-The fat burning effects were more from being able to work out harder with less food in my stomach pre-workout. My workouts were just as intense while on GF-AMA fasted as my previous night workouts were with 30-40 gms of carbs in me.

    Value-8/10-I got more than 1 month out of my cycle and at a value of $39.99 on nutraplanet, this product is not expensive by any means. I would have liked to run another bottle and may in the winter after I finish my next cycle of shred matrix.

    Notes: I didn’t have any GI issues with this product and did notice a slight increase in sweating while taking this.

    Appetite-Suppression-A slight suppression of appetite was noticed on workout days after taking this product. This was good for me because I tend to pig out post-WO.

    Weight 191 lbs
    BF-9.3% from 10%

    Final weight=191 lbs from 192 lbs

    Hit some new endurance maxes while on this product while working non-fasted workouts. My endurance was down a few reps while fasted, but this really helped my fat loss target. I believe I could have done better in an ideal world with a perfectly clean diet, but with a few trips, off-days, etc. this product did a great job of reducing bodyfat and maintaining muscle. It seemed like a similar product to nutrient repartitioners as it can increase energy through hormone manipulation and can increase strength/endurance through the same means.

    Pics coming soon....

  4. boom! glad it worked out for you...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    boom! glad it worked out for you...

    Thanks, it was a very good product and a great 1+ months.

  6. thanks for the great log!

  7. No problem at all, thank you for letting me run a great product.

  8. Please feel free to post a review on nutraplanet and the review section of AM.......

  9. Almost forgot to do that until you reminded me. Done and glad to give a good review.


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