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  1. Day 15 and 16

    Last two days before my trip to Seattle. Never been to Seattle, but I am a bit upset I won't be able to workout more than once or twice and it will be all bodyweight stuff. I am a bit split though on how to train after my short break though. Over the last 2 days I really had a great experience supersetting my main muscle groups for the day because the pump I was getting was insane, but I do feel like I lost some mass when I superset for long periods of time. I may end up hitting each muscle group a week heavy once and superset once. Almost halfway through my log and I am getting rock hard muscles similar to what others have experienced and I am loving it.

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  3. Just got back from Seattle and luckily I was able to work out at the hotel gym for 2 days during my vacation (Shame the Pats lost yesterday). It was just 1 machine with a pulldown bar and bench press bar, but I was able to at least maintain my BF levels and keep in shape while out of town. Both days I was mixed cardio and lifting in together and worked up an intense sweat. With the help of the GF-AMA, I was able to maintain even though I had to eat out everyday for close to a week. Either way, can't wait to get back to my normal routine in the gym but not work quite as much. Still having some issues with having top piss a lot when I take the GF-AMA, but it is doing a great job with recomp.

  4. Day 19

    First day back in the gym with mixed reactions due to a lack of sleep and just being out of my groove at the gym. I had an insane energy going into the gym as I went in on a semi-empty stomach, GF-AMA and a shot of mio energy 30 mins pre-WO.

    2270 cals
    100 gms fat
    120 gms carbs
    231 gms protein

    Highlights of my workout

    Weighted pull ups-a bit low on endurance and strength during this, which was my first exercise. On my 3rd set, I was only able to knock out 10 reps at BW+25 when usually I can knock out 12 easily. Part of this was due to lack of exercise and all around fatigue from flying/jet lag yesterday.

    I was able to keep my ab strength up and also did cobra pulldowns at 200 lbs 9 times on my 4th set, of what was my 3rd exercise. I had great endurance today overall and attribute that to the pre-WO of mio and GF-AMA. I will weigh in tomorrow and get a test on my chest endurance.

  5. Day 20

    Feelin fantastic!

    Beyond still waking up to piss every night around 3-4 AM, I am doing fantastic. Weighed in today at 192.6 lbs and had a great chest workout. GF-AMA had me working my ass off in the gym again without a ton of caffeine. My endurance is the biggest thing that I have noticed has increased dramatically. I am able to knock out my second and third exercise without much drop off in weight.

    My workout highlights for today

    BB bench press supersetted with incline DB Press

    135x10 and 90x10
    225x10 and 100x10
    225x10 and 120x8
    225x9 and 120x8
    225x8, finished last 2 reps after 15 sec break and 120x7
    205x8 and 120x7
    185x10 and 100x10

    my 2nd superset was decline DB press and cable shoulder extensions

    I was able to knock out my 5th set at 160x11 on the decline and the cables 12 reps at the 3rd plate. Before, I would have dropped off drastically in my 4th and 5th set.

    My tricep exercises are a bit down and i am thinking of adding in an arm specific day before my off day, so I can really focus on my arms.

    2250 cals
    79 gms fat
    125 gms carbs-mainly greens and whole grain
    250 gms protein

  6. Day 21

    Back at it like a crack addict

    First day back lifting legs and I can say it was a ****ty day, but good to get back at it. My strength and energy was down today, but that is expected towards the end of a long week and when I haven't lifted legs in almost 2 weeks.

    93 gms fat
    262 gms protein
    87 gms carbs
    2390 cals

    MY abs felt rock solid today and hopefully one or two more leg sessions and I will be back where I was. The biggest issue is always maintaining my back without pain and making sure my hamstrings don't tighten up.

  7. good deal. what are your top high protein foods
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    good deal. what are your top high protein foods
    My favorites are either grilled or rotisserie chicken, tuna, plain greek yogurt, and steak or pork. my all time favorite are slow cooked ribs, but i only am able to have them about once every week or two.

  9. Day 22

    2600 cals
    140 gms fat
    88 gms carbs
    239 gms protein

    Back and chest day

    Decided to hit back and chest all in one day as I have 2 days scheduled off after this due to time constraints. I did hit 225x11 on decline bench and I was doing shoulder supersets, which was a new personal best for me. my weight is still at 192.5 but my abs are feeling more solid than ever. I also have put some more mass on my legs since the beginning of the log.

    I will be hitting back, biceps, and abs during my next session and cannot wait to hit the gym again.

  10. Days 23 and 24 were off days. I am a day behind on this log, but I hit the shore for the final weekend of good weather and was unable to workout, but still took 1 cap of GF-AMA each day and kept the diet nice and clean. I did decide to join a new gym over the weekend and dump my old one due to membership issues, which has moved my workouts from late PM workouts to early AM workouts on an empty stomach.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by holmes215
    Days 23 and 24 were off days. I am a day behind on this log, but I hit the shore for the final weekend of good weather and was unable to workout, but still took 1 cap of GF-AMA each day and kept the diet nice and clean. I did decide to join a new gym over the weekend and dump my old one due to membership issues, which has moved my workouts from late PM workouts to early AM workouts on an empty stomach.
    i love early morn workouts
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech

    i love early morn workouts
    I do too. I always had to do them for baseball in college and they have given me some energy to get through the day. Tue new gym has thrown my rhythm off a bit, but I feel it will be a benefit once I get a rhythm down.

  13. Day 25

    Had an awesome first day at the new gym as I had tons of energy and was ready to take on the world. I did not do supersets or bi/tri-sets because I was not used to the location of all the machines and pull up bars in relation to each other, but I think I am gonna like the new gym and my AM workouts.

    2200 cals
    73 gms fat
    120 gms carbs
    255 gms protein

    Got a good back workout in with weighted pull ups etc. I do need to work on my forearm strength a little as my heave pull ups have suffered a bit over the past 6 months.

    The scale showed me at 192 flat today which was great, but I am showing some fat on my pecs still in the lower area. I have definitely gotten more defined muscles and gained a little mass during this 4 week period so far. About 6-7 days left of GF-AMA and I cannot wait for my final results.

  14. Today I had quite a revelation in the gym. I really wish I didn't drink so much damn beer in college and knew what good nutrition could do for me. I think back about killing a case of beer once or twice a week and eating crappy food everyday, I woulda been one shredded bastard if I didn't do that. Well I guess you live and you learn.

  15. Days 26 and 27

    Hit chest and back. Still getting used to the new layout at the gym but its much larger than my previous gym which is nice. Weight still at 192 lbs but I am loving my early morning empty stomach workouts.

  16. how much left do you have, do you feel any of the effects wearing off
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  17. 7 days left at least. Haven't had any effects wear off on me, but it certainly has helped me cut down on pre-WO caffeine and stims.

  18. That is always a good thing

  19. Day 28 heavy legs and day 29 back and abs

    Im gonna try to get back into higher weight lower rep leg workouts to build my strength back up since my back has been holding up well. I've always hated having small legs since I hurt my back and hopefully this will be the road back to tree trunk quads and rock hard glutes. My weight was 190.8 lbs on day 29, but my pecs are still holding some fat which always annoys me. My serratus muscles are becoming more visible however and the AMA is still working very well for me. I do wonder about the residual fat in my pecs if it is due to high estrogen levels possibly from a run of Dermacrine a year ago.

  20. Day 30

    My apogies for the brief log information I have added lately. The hurricane has knocked out power briefly and my internet has been dead for several days, so I am typing via my phone which is crap.

    Back/biceps day

    I realized today how tough heavy chin ups are on your forearns and grip strength. I will need to continue to do this to build my strength there and in my biceps.

    Day 31
    Chest and squats

    Got a quick heavy squat and shoulder/chest workout in on the weekend before the storm began to hit us. Maxed out with 4 deep squats at 265. Not exactly heavy for most people but I was glad my back held up.

  21. good deal
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  22. After 3 forced days off due to the hurricane, I am back for day 33.

    Chest and back

    Weight 191 lbs

    It was tough getting back into it due to the hurricane and my sleep schedule that was all throw off, but I straggled into the gym at 6 AM to get going. The big issue I has from doing abs and my two upper body groups all in 1 days was high BP headaches and time contraints. I actually love doing all of my upper body in 1 day because you have to work like an animal to do 2 compound exercises back to back, but it gave me a mean headache. I also went back to doing DB bench press, but I did pyramid sets, and I realized how much stregth-wise I have lost on DB's from doing the BB. In the future I would like to mix in both on different days, but I feel that I lose out on strength in both if I mix each type in with each other. Either way, you live and you learn, but I am coming down to my final 4 days of GF-AMA and I hope to kill it before then.

  23. Day 32

    Legs day

    Still 191 lbs. I really am liking the energy I get during morning workouts with gf-ama. It does make me piss alot for a few hours after taking it, but since I am at work after the gym that is fine. My leg strength was down today and I was struggling with 8 deep reps at 225 for squats, but my endurance was great. I was able to knock out leg press, deadlifts, squats and leg extensions all in one day without an issue. I probably will just workout my legs for high reps now since I have no reason to hurt my back for nothing.

  24. high reps are a staple in my leg routine, i also incorporate constant tension reps
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    high reps are a staple in my leg routine, i also incorporate constant tension reps
    I had been doing high reps a month ago but decided to go heavier. I will be switching back and working the leg press machine is more with slow reps.

  26. Day 33

    Back, biceps and abs

    Another nice and early workout for me, which I continue to love. I may start to dislike them in the middle of the winter, but luckily the weather hasn't been too bad as of yet.

    Weight 191 lbs

    Hit the gym and knocked out a mile on the treadmill to warm up at a 7:30 second pace, which was much tougher than I expected. I need to get back to doing more cardio, so I may just get to the gym a few minutes earlier.

    Started out with high rep pull ups to really workout my biceps and get a full range of motion. hit 20 reps pretty easily on my first set and went to 15 for the next 2 sets then 13 and 13 for the last two. In between sets i knocked out some crunches on the weighted crunch machine. Either way another really tough workout with a great pump in my back and biceps on an empty stomach. 3 more days of GF-AMA left and I really am gonna hate to be off of it when I complete this log.

  27. in better late than never!

  28. Quote Originally Posted by Brucega View Post
    in better late than never!
    now its a party!
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  29. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech

    now its a party!
    Good time to get in. I will be posting my last few days of the run and the review by the end of the week.

  30. Day 34

    Chest, shoulders and lower abs

    Didn't get my weight today and I couldn't work out as hard as I would have liked because the gym was packed, but it was my triceps workout at the end was great. Couldn't get mad at the other people though, they were putting in work too. The one thong that pisses me off are people benching like 95 lbs and taking up a bench for half an hour or power lifters sitting in the squat rack for 1 set longer than my whole workout. Had to hit the Smith machine to start my bench supersets for the day and I was a bit down on strength but should get back to normal my next workout.

    Day 35

    Back and biceps

    Did double cardio today. 7:30 sec warm up mile and a 7 min mile after my workout. I got away from cardio a bit at my new gym because my workout time is shorter and I noticed it when I was gassed during both sessions. The back workout went well though and I was able to hit neutral grip pull ups at 20 reps, 15 reps for 2 sets and 12 for the last 3 with 90 sec rest (weighted twists) between sets. 1 more day of AMA left and I will wait 3-4 days after to give a review to see if any physical effects are reversed.


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