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  1. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Run that bitch 7 days straight.

    U fasting daily?

    I don't follow IF but I do not eat from 10pm until usually around 1PM the next day after my workout. However I do drink BCAA mixed with Jack3d Micro during my workouts.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone

    I don't follow IF but I do not eat from 10pm until usually around 1PM the next day after my workout. However I do drink BCAA mixed with Jack3d Micro during my workouts.
    Kinda like fasting.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Kinda like fasting.

    Yeah pretty much.

  4. 229.2 body weight today. So down a bit and still getting stronger on some exercises and maintaining on others. Good stuff!

  5. Didn't get skip Tuesday because for some reason the oral surgery place needs the money to extract my tooth upfront. I guess healthcare providers are becoming more like drug dealers and prostitutes.

  6. Things are going great still. Taking some time off wyked and using some dmaa free pre-workout sample packs along with still using Jack3d Micro intra workout. Today was a cardio day and I had a ton on endurance, especially on my walk home after my 1 hour cardio session at the gym. I just kept going like I was on a mission. It was as if my legs had a mind of their own.

    I'm also noticing the energy is increased from the food that I eat. That is something I always noticed with anabeta. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anabeta makes food "work better". When I take anabeta before a meal I can "feel" the energy from the food that I eat. Normally I don't get much energy from eating at all, but if when I take my anabeta its like my food has been supercharged. If I take it too late it keeps me awake. It isn't a jittery energy either. It is just all natural energy from anabeta doing its job and making the food more useful to your body.

    Another thing I've noticed in the past week or so is Libido keeps creeping up. My libido is normally low so this is really noticeable. Never noticed libido from anabeta before but I have noticed slight increases with my former uses of Usp Labs Test Powder. I believe the Test Powder/Prime combination is what is doing it for me.

    Strength also continues to stay level on some exercises and increase on others. Haven't peaked again since my last super amazing workout I posted about before. Endurance is also slowly climbing. I can easily jump from exercise to exercise with little to no rest barring certain exercises. I take extra time resting after squats and dead-lifts.

    I feel "in shape". I love that feeling of more endurance and the feeling of being more relaxed because of a lower RHR and blood pressure. I'll probally stay with this type of exercise for the foreseeable future. It is what has always worked best for me. Sure I've lifted for size before and lifted heavy but when I do that I just don't feel as good as when I lift like this. It's easy for me to gain weight and strength but a bit of fat always seemed to come with it.

    Not much else to report.

  7. Hate I have missed this up till now.
    Here is my log

  8. Don't have much food today. Have to wait till tomorrow to get more. Right now just chicken boobies and tuna. Tuna is getting sickening. Best thing to do is just live with it though. First rule of nutrition, eat for function not for taste. That's the first thing I learning when first dieting and discovering weight training. I think it was in a weider book back in the 80's.

  9. December 12th will make 12 weeks on Prime if I decide to go 12 weeks. I started it on September 19th. I may run it that long, we'll see. Others I'm stopping after 8 weeks.

  10. Nice work. I also enjoy feeling in shape, as you mentioned. Powerful and in shape - excellent! You made me smile with "chicken boobies".

  11. Today was tough. Lost some strength. Took BPI "1MR" sample for pre-workout. I would have been better off with just a cup of coffee. Stuff was basically inert. Didn't get much sleep last night, fell asleep around 1AM and was awakened by the smell of cigarettes from my downstairs neighbor at around 6:30AM. Fell back asleep at around 8AM and have to get out of bed at 9:15 to get to the gym. Oh well, good days and bad days I say. Plus I'm stressing over having to go have oral surgery and get a tooth pulled. Also gonna have in laws visiting soon and that week I won't be able to keep up with my log. Trust me, there is no where to hide in a 1 bedroom apartment. Stress and sleep are major factors that contribute to how well anyone does in the gym. Gonna have to take the day off of my surgery so that may help a bit with recovery since I haven't had an unscheduled day off in months.

    One bad day doesn't ruin them all though. Just makes me work harder the next time. Rest more, tighten up diet and push harder at the gym. On a good note, I know fit into a Usp Labs T-shirt that previously was tight on me. Body-weight was down slightly last week and strength up. I'm sure my strength is still there, its just hidden underneath weariness and stress. I'll uncover it again soon.

  12. Waited too long to eat again after taking my Anabeta with post workout protein drink. Felt dizzy again and was shaky. Gotta make sure I eat a good solid meal after taking Anabeta.

  13. Think I may know why I had such a poor workout today. Feeling run down, think I may be coming down with something. Maybe I can ward it off with increased dosage of Gut Health.

  14. Experiencing terrible stomach pain right now. Hopefully this passes.

  15. Head feels super hot too. Stupid jack asses at the gym not washing hands after using the bathroom and then sweating all over the bars and equipment. If more people just followed simple personal hygiene less people would get sick.

  16. Had to have protein drink for last "meal" of the day today. Couldn't eat anything solid, stomach bothering me. Hopefully a good nights sleep and I'll feel better tomorrow.

  17. Ok I'm now adding in Natural-Efx to my log in place of the alphamine as a fat burner. The fine folks at Fahrenheit Nutrition have sent me a bottle to log. I'll be taking 2 caps three times a day as directed on the bottle. I will be taking two days off a week from using it on my carb up days, Mon-Tuesday. I just don't think it would make much sense to use it on the days I'm loading up with calories and carbs. Plus it will last me a little bit longer this way too. If I was to take it everyday, then it would only last 18 days. However, if a FN rep wants me to take it everyday instead I'll gladly do it that way since they are paying for it. Not much else to say about this product yet, just took my first dose 5 minutes ago.

  18. Today at the gym was a night and day difference from yesterday. Last night I got much better sleep and feel great today. Today was a cardio day and I killed it. I had energy to burn. I took a sample packet of Hyper Fx from BSN pre-workout. Also I put 2.5 scoops of Jack3d Micro in with my pond water today. I burned 1016 calories during my 60 minutes of cardio. Usually I burn around 930 calories so that's a pretty big difference. Can't think of much to else to post today yet. Mind is scattered today...

  19. I don't know whats going on today but I've got a ton of energy. The only thing different is the Natural-Efx, the Hyperfx by Bsn and the fact I took 2.5 scoops of Jack3d Micro. The Hyperfx was taken at 9:45 Am and I drank the Jack3d Micro during my workout which ended at 11:30AM. It's now 3PM and I'm fully of energy. Took the Natural Efx at around 1:33Pm with a pack of almonds. Did all the dishes today too and usually I'm just too lazy to do them. Wow, what a difference a day makes. Really. Also I always get a bit nervous when taking something new so that could be it too. Maybe I won't need to take 2 caps three times a day for the Natural Efx, maybe I'll just start with 2 caps twice a day. Like I said though I always get a bit nervous when I take something new so...

  20. havent felt any stim boost personal from the Natural EFX and i even took 2 last night right before bed. i guess it can be a combo of things?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    havent felt any stim boost personal from the Natural EFX and i even took 2 last night right before bed. i guess it can be a combo of things?

    Probably. Energy spat is finally dissipating after a good solid meal. Angus Rib eye, yum. I think it was just the fact that I took something new and I always get a bit nervous anytime I take anything new.

  22. Now that I think about it, It was probably the increased dosage of Jack3d Micro. Anyway I crashed pretty hard about an hour ago.

  23. Took second dose of 2 caps of Natural Efx. Caps taste somewhat pepper like.

  24. Well I'm feeling stimed again. Not as much as before but I definitely feel a stimulant effect. Not gonna take another dose tonight because I don't want to be kept awake at night. Maybe its the 5HTP?.

  25. Noticed a red blotch on the side of my face and in that area it felt all hot. Also noticed that on my right hand. Its gone now but face still feels a bit hot.

  26. How come the bottle Says "Proprietary blend 1303.10mg" but website list amounts?

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  27. Bottle does list vitamin b6 amount but it differs from the website. Bottle says 2mg, website says 4mg.

  28. 2469 calories today and 49 carbs. A bit over but I'm sure it will be fine.


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