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  1. This is a crazy stack!

    get r done T-bone
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    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  2. haha, sounds like this run is pretty bi-polar
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by kevinhy View Post
    haha, sounds like this run is pretty bi-polar

    Pretty much took a second dose yesterday of 4 grams and sipped on it for a while. Got that nervous feeling again halfway through a 16 oz cup of it mixed with water. Gave the rest of it to the wife. Crashed hard at 11:30 PM but had an excellent night sleep. The thing is my first dose is usually on an empty stomach. Second dose always with food. Yesterday second dose was taken with a Porterhouse steak. I think that is the common theme. Most times so far the second dose has made me feel nervous/anxious and I always eat with it. So maybe the food actually makes alphamine work stronger?. Or maybe its just me?. I don't know.

    Today's workout was a lot better without alphamine. These two carb up days, Mon-Tues I'm taking off from alphamine. I took Prodigy pre-workout and had a great workout today. Much more relaxed, concentrated and focused than days I took alphamine. Wednesday I think I'll start with a 3 gram dose and see what happens pre-workout. Later on maybe just 1.5 grams. Seriously though it seems the fuller my stomach, the stronger the alphamine is.

  4. Interesting stack. Following

  5. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Seriously though it seems the fuller my stomach, the stronger the alphamine is.
    Interesting, curious to see how the rest of this unfolds.
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  6. I didn't use alphamine today. I don't think its for me based on the experiences I've had so far with it. Can not tell if its gonna make me feel nervous, give me nothing at all, or give me a crash. I really don't use fat burners much. For fat burning from PES I do like AT2 though, went through 2 bottles of that and had a great experience. Expect to see my bottles posted up on the auction section soon. The difference I feel when not taking alphamine and the improvement in performance is notable.

    Gonna start using Anabeta everyday instead of just carb ups starting today.

  7. I appreciate your honesty.

  8. Sorry it's not working out for you

  9. Ok well since not using the Alphamine the extreme hunger is gone. Today I tried Jack3d Micro for the first time. Used one scoop pre-workout and didn't take my Peak Beta Plus so I could make a fair assessment of the micro. Also didn't want too many NO2 increasing supps at one time. Peak beta plus contains 75 mg L-Norvaline per serving and I usually take two servings. That combined with Jack3d Micro could be a potential problem. Really don't feel like passing out from too low blood pressure. Nitrate containing products usually make me tired and I've had dizzy spells before from one I've tried but can't remember at the moment the name of it. Jack3d Micro did make me tired but no dizzy spells at one scoop dosage. I couldn't stop yawning on the way to the gym.

    Once I got going at the gym doing cardio it seemed to help with a little more endurance than normal. About halfway in I did notice that I was able to push harder and move faster while at the same time my heart rate was lower than normal. As far as taste goes I think it was pretty good. It also seems to mix a lot better than most pre-workouts and there was little to no particles/sand left at the bottom of my cup. Stimulant wise I didn't feel a thing. This product may be better suited towards cardio and regular Jack3d for weight training. Yesterday for weight training I used Taurus Nutrition Wyked. Good strong energy from that product but doesn't mix so well. Only used 2 scoops to start. Not much as far as focus though compared to regular Jack3d which is what I had been using before I ran out a little while ago.

    Some other things I've noticed that past 3 days or so libido is definitely up. Also noticing so muscle growth on my forearms which is great because I've always had stick like forearms with not much muscle at all. The wife is even noticing saying I look stronger/bigger. The thing is I'm eating to lose fat. 1600-1800 calories a day on my low carb phase. I try not to go over 1800. Strength is noticeably up since cutting out the alphamine too.

    So things are going pretty good so far.

  10. These are tasty,

    Attachment 67140

  11. Tried my Usp Labs Test Powder today straight from the tub instead of mixing it. Very tasty this way!. Just chased it with some diet soda. Good stuff!. Looks like I'm gonna go over on calories again today. Had some chicken thighs in place of boobs today which added a ton of calories. Just needed to change things up a bit. Chicken breast I get sick of really quick.

  12. Great workout today!. Made some good gains. Pre-workout I had 2 heaping scoops of Wyked. I mixed up four scoops of bulk Mbcaa and added 1 level scoop of Jack3d Micro to that to drink during my workout. Plus I had 2 servings of Peak Beta + like always. Gonna list my gains made below.

    Squats + 2 reps

    Lat PD + 10 reps

    Preacher curls + 3 reps

    Bicep machine + 7 reps

    Flat dumbbell bench + 2 reps

    Deadlift + 2 reps

    Seated pulley rows + 2 reps

    Standing calf raise + 8 reps

    Triceps pressdown + 2 reps

    Makes sense to me to only list my increases and since I'm going for reps and not weight this is what I list. Typing out my workout in a log day after day to me is pointless. Sure I do that on paper for myself but putting it on here would just be a waste of time. I post the actual increases which is what is important to me in a log.

    So I had a ton of energy throughout my workout and strength was increased. My heart rate was a little high though at certain points. Also something is going on with the sides of my torso. I'm sore when I turn either to the left or the right on either side of my torso. Felt it first after lying leg curls. So I have no idea what that is.

    Today everything went right. Best workout in months.

  13. Can I be your Battlecat?

  14. Pain in sides is really something. Hmmm. I do have some OxyCodone/Acetaminophen left over from my surgery.

  15. Its raining out.

  16. Took my test powder straight again. This is the way I'm gonna continue to take it. Still have a question for Usp Labs reps. Why the one day off per week for the test powder?.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    Took my test powder straight again. This is the way I'm gonna continue to take it. Still have a question for Usp Labs reps. Why the one day off per week for the test powder?.
    Good question, wondered that myself

  18. Another amazing workout today. It was cardio today. Felt like I could just keep going and I kept just pushing harder. Sweat like I took a shower in my clothes. 2 HEAPING scoops of Wyked pre-work out. One level scoop Jack3d Micro added to my pond water. Best combination since peanut butter and chocolate!.

  19. Still have the pain in my sides but it does seem to be getting better.

  20. Cookies

  21. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
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    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  22. Thanks for following Aaron!.

  23. Hunger way down today.

  24. Today was cardio, nothing special but a whole lot of sweat going on. I've been taking 2 heaping scoops of Wyked pre-workout and using 1 heaping scoop of Jack3d Micro mixed with 4 scoops pond water for my intra workout six days a week. Libido has gone up and then seemed to level off the past few days.

    Strength during weight training has been consistent the past couple days. I have added a few reps here and there but have not fully surpassed my amazing workout last week. Bodyweight is is up to 231.6 so I gained a little bit. Pants are feeling a little bit more loose. Calorie wise I've been between 1800-2000 lately. Most days I don't over 1800 though.

    I have to have dental surgery and have a tooth pulled next tuesday so I have to take that day off. It is a cardio day. They are gonna put me to sleep. I was thinking of even going right from the surgery to go work out. Probably not a good idea though.


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