Vipersg123 REDuction SHOTS AM/PM+RAZDIPONECTIN Controlled Labs Sponsored cutting Log

  1. Vipersg123 REDuction SHOTS AM/PM+RAZDIPONECTIN Controlled Labs Sponsored cutting Log

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 182

    Lifting/Training Experience:
    Been lifting since 2004. Began bodybuilding, eventually got more interested in powerlifting/strongman. In 2009 I won New Hampshire's strongest man (lightweight category) and went on to win a couple other contests and eventually competed in North America's Strongest Man (didn't place great but it was a tough contest)

    Lifting/Training Split:
    5/3/1 Boring but big

    Lean gains 16/8 cycle carbs based on workout days

    Goals for this log is to get a bit more cut before my vacation to Orlando Florida, also get a bit lighter to make it easier to make my weight class for strongman


    REDuction SHOTS AM
    2 scoops when I wake up

    REDuction SHOTS PM
    2.5 scoops 30 before bed

    RAZDIPONECTIN3 Caps spread throughout the day

    Other Supplements:
    PowerFULL pre bed 3 caps
    ZMA pre bed 2 capsMelatonin Pre bed 6mg5 HTP 400mg
    D3 5000iu/day
    Olive leaf extract 2.5g/day
    Creatine 5-10g/day
    Beta alanine 3g/day
    I will be posting before pictures shortly

    I will also update ~4 days a week (training days)

  2. Today's workout:

    Strict OH BB press 3 sets of 5 reps - 115, 130, 145

    DB Bench Press w/ Fat gripz 5 sets of 10 - 60,60,65,65,65
    Chinups 5 sets of 10 - Bodyweight

    3 sets of 10 each
    EZ bar curl(not going nuts on weight) 60
    Dips - bodyweight
    Facepull - 105

    Weight was down to 179 today, and I was looking pretty vascular. Today is my high calorie day though so I am expecting to be back at 181 tomorrow morning. Shots are easy to take and easy to mix, feel like I am running a little hot so something seems to be heating me up. All in all cannot complain about anything, sleep has also been great.

    Oh and I tried getting before pictures up but some reason I cannot add attachments, the screen to do that is bugged.

  3. nice....ive been using CL razz for about a week now
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  4. Today's Workout

    Conventional Deadlift
    330x3, 375x3, 420x3

    Back Squat
    5 sets 175x10 (i can do more but every week I am slowly bringing this weight up either 10 lbs or 5 lbs at a time, at the 4 week deload I decrease the weight and then begin to build back up past where I was last cycle)

    KB Swing 4 sets 80lbsx12
    Knees to bows 4 sets 10 reps
    Rest til ~120-130 BPM

    Forearm work:
    DB Wrist curls 3x35x10
    Weighted Pronation+supination w/ weighted stick 3 sets til muscular failure
    Ulnar Deviation 2 sets to failure
    Radial Deviation 2 sets to failure

    Felt a little tired this morning but I got my numbers (420 for 3 was pretty hard)

  5. Today's Workout

    Flat Bench
    195x3 225x3 245x3 (I hate bench so much)

    Seated DB Military Press 5 sets 50x10
    DB Row 5 sets 100x10

    Fat Gripz DB Curls 3 sets 25x10
    Pullover Skullcrusher 60x10, 70x10, 75x10
    DB Rev Flye 20x10 15x10 15x10

    Cardio Finisher
    KB Swing
    Goblet Squats

    Finished in ~2-3 minutes

    My weight was around 179 this morning. The previous morning 175, however I felt this was too much of a drop and ate a lot more than I usually have been this sunday night. I can lose wieght VERY fast, however it has never turned out good when I do it that way... I end up WEAK and skinny as hell. I am being very careful this time around.

  6. So I made a screw up this week. Instead of doing my Upper workout on friday, I accidentally did it on wednesday... lol. My previous cycle through this workout I had upper on wed and sun, now its mon and friday... WOOPS.

    Either way it was a good workout and I out lifted everything I did on the previous week and the previous cycle for my ME lift

    Yesterday's workout:
    Strict Military Press
    125x3 140x3 160x3

    Fat Gripz Flat DB Bench Press
    2 sets 65x10 3 sets 67.5x10
    5 sets bodyweightx10 (last week had to rest pause the last 2 sets of 10 this week only the last 2 reps of my final set)

    EZ bar curls
    2 sets BWx10 1 set BWx15
    105x10 105x10 110x10

    Today's Workout

    Front Squat
    185x3 220x3 240x3

    Conventional Deadlift
    5 sets 255x10

    Abwheel rollout 3x10
    Slamball 3x10

    SB Plank w/ pushout 2x12
    KB Swing 18kg 2x12

    Weight was 174.8 this morning. Definitely headed down! Today is a high calorie/carb day so I expect to be roughly 177 in the morning. The goal is to end the week at around 176-177 that will set me down a few pounds since last week. I am definitely seeing some fat loss in the mirror. The fact that my strength is getting better or partly staying level is a good sign. To make up for my early upper workout this week I am going to throw in a simple arm/shoulder workout tomorrow, ya know hittin the beach muscles . Not something I normally do but I figured it wouldn't hurt.

  7. Today's Workout

    Conventional Deadlift
    350x5 400x3 440x1

    Back Squat

    KB Swing 80lbx10 - Hanging Leg Raises (straight) x 10 - 4 sets rest til 130 BPM

    Forearm wrist curls 4x10
    Pronate/supinate with Thick grip 4 sets til failure
    Radial Deviation 3 sets to failure
    Ulnar Deviation 3 sets to failure
    (I like to go crazy on the forearms after my heavy deadlift days)

    Workout felt great, my recovery time on my swing and leg raise super sets was much faster this week. Rest was about 90 secs max, last week roughly 120-180 seconds to recover... damn nice

    Last night I binged on pork lo mein, general tso's shrimp, steamed pork dumplings... 3 slinsane before this just make me feel a little less ****ty about it... lol. I had fasted a little longer because I was on the road during the day and went light on the carbs in the beginning of the fast... kind of looked like this

    18.5 hour fast ended at ~3:30pm with chicken breast on a salad with some oil/vinegar dressing ~350kcal

    6:30pm supreme protein bar ~400kcal

    8:30pm the chinese food feast began

  8. Yesterday's workout

    Flat BB Bench
    195x5 225x3 250x1 (I hate bench! Always been one of my most frustrating exercises, I get strong with it then somewhere along the line I my weights drop back down and then eventually go back up)

    Seated DB Military Press
    50x10 50x10 55x10 55x10 55x10
    DB Row (last set Kroc Rows)
    4 sets 110x10, 110x17

    Fat Grip DB Curls 3 sets of 10
    Tricep Pushdown 3 sets of 10
    Reverse flyes 3 sets of 10


    Today I did some light cardio/recovery work... mobility drills, bodyweight exercises, different carrying variations, light jog etc...

    Body feels good, sleeping really well lately. Woke up at 177 today. Low calorie low carb day, probably wake up at around 175ish tomorrow. Tomorrow is ME front squats RE deadlifts, can't wait! Fat loss is moving along well, took a look at myself with a pump going on after monday's workout and I am getting closer and closer to where I wanna be.

  9. Today's Workout

    ME Front Squat
    195x5, 225x3, 250x1 (these were rough! I decided to only do ME front squats since it's easier on my lower back than back squats... the difference in weights I can use is quite humbling. However I know in strongman my weakest event is the atlas stones, and getting good at these is really going to help me there.)

    RE Deficit Conventional Deadlift
    5 sets 225x10 (decided to make these lighter than my normal RE weight but make them harder with more ROM. I stood on a bumper plate... next time I think I will use a regular 45lb plate because it was awkward finding the right foot position on a bumper plate with grooves on it.)

    SB Plank w/ pushout 3x8 + Circles 3x8 each side
    Jump Squat 3x10

    Light good mornings 2x65x15 (I want to start implementing these to help the bottom portion of my deadlift and stones and hopefully some carryover to my squats too. Started very light as I want to make sure I keep form PERFECT, not risking hurting the back.)

    Weight was 178 this morning... not something I was planning on. Not sure exactly why, maybe my caloric deficit wasn't low enough yesterday... No big deal. Today is carb up day so far my meals looked like this

    Broke the fast post workout 2pm with: 7oz grilled turkey breast, 3.7oz Mahi Mahi, 3/4 cup brown rice, 1 cup blueberries, 2 containers of vanilla chobani greek yogurt

    About to have next meal 9oz top sirloin, 2 big baked potatoes(nothing on them), 1 1/2 cups asparagus

  10. today's workout (sort of a deload week)

    Conventional Deadlifts
    Sadiv Set: 12 minutes as many fast and explosive reps as possible. Weight rests completely between reps no touch and go, and the bar needs to move FAST.
    300lbs for 44 reps in 12 minutes - ~2 every thirty seconds (rested a little more here and there) Total poundage: 13200 lbs

    Normally on a sadiv set the goal is to reach 20 reps. However, that is with 60% and I think I used a little bit more than 60% and I obviously got way more than 20... I am going to replace my RE deadlift days with this approach and add 5 lbs everyweek and see how that works.

    Back Squats
    3 sets of 20 reps w/ 135

    forearm work, lots of sets/volume

    I am definitely getting leaner as I can now begin to see veins bulging all over my mid section, down my lats, in my chest, on the arms... damn I think I am going to be veiny when I am my leanest... should be cool to see! Sleep has been decent, and I definitely feel like I am running hot lately. So far so good, this stack is mild but I am moving along well with the fat loss

  11. continuing deload week had a decent upper day on monday, adding some extra cardio. Today did lots of cleans, front squats, deadlifts, sprints. Definitely getting leaner!

  12. You have a nice workout spread here...great job, subbed

  13. Hm, I seem to have run out of my shots. Bottle says 30 days worth, I wonder if I was taking a little bit extra on accident each dose?

  14. Friday's workout

    Military press
    115x5 120x5 125x5

    Dips 50 bw
    chinups 50 bw
    pushups 50 bw
    trx rows 50 be

    Db curls 2x10
    reverse tri push down 2x12

    Another Deload day. Didn't sleep well last night, so had my first bad workout in a while. I mean everything felt fine, just felt exhausted.

    I will have today's workout up later. Also, I am out of the shots so the rest of the log is the raspberry ketones only. Weight is around 173 right now.

  15. So this week I have been doing 2 workouts a day to sort of over reach since next week I will have very limited gym access on vacation. I will finish my log tomorrow with a final review! More soon

  16. Okay so I am finally back from vacation and I can write my final review for the shots and the raspberry ketones.

    These are a nice addition to any fat loss stack. You will see slight improvements in fat loss and sleep quality. However, the effects are quite modest. Do not expect AMAZING results. Provided your diet, sleep and training are on point you will see slight improvements in fat loss. I do think it helped me drop a couple pounds of fat as when I began taking it losing fat became a bit easier it seemed. I am noticing I am more cold since stopping the stack, so body temp must have been up a bit during the stack.

    Overall I would rate this product 7/10. I gave it this score because, while this stack won't cause dramatic results, it still does a modest amount and its not overly expensive.


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