I won a tub of Giant Sports "DELICIOUS" Protein on Facebook so I figured I would be kind enough to share the my experience.

I'll get right into it - not sponsored I'm just bored as hell right now.

Vanilla will be reviewed

Giant Sports Delicious Protein (2lb): Discount Delicious Protein Supplements

Taste ( 8 ) I like the taste very much. It's a very clean vanilla with no chemical aftertaste. Very similar to the old Myofusion just more mild.

Mixability (10) Mixed with just a few shakes in my shaker cup. No residue left over , no clumps , and no foam.

Smell (9) very nice smell. Something you would look foward to.

Versatility (10) I used this protein in several ways . Pancakes , mixed in oatmeal , used to make some home made bars and my favorite : 1 scoop protein , 1 cup coffee , a few ice cubes and a shot of sugar free chocolate syrup.

Value (10) 22.95 on nutraplanet for 25 servings giving you 27 grams of blended protein per 36 gram scoop.

Final thoughts : This is a excellent choice for those concerned with value and quality. I would purchase this again for sure.

I give this Protein a 9.5 . it lives up to it's name "Delicious"