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  1. Cool Sponsored Log using PES Erase Pro and Neogenix Supremacy!

    Starting off im weighing in at 188 which is a little low but hopefully on this stack it will go up a few pounds. i started the stack a couple of days ago and was able to finally lift yesterday.

    DB rows
    115 x 12 both sides
    115 x 10 both sides

    Wide grip pull ups
    bodyweight x 12
    bodyweight x 10

    close grip neutral pull ups
    bodyweight x 12
    bodyweight x 10

    Bent over Rows underhand grip
    warm up with 135 x 15
    225 x 12
    225 x 10

    bent over rows overhand
    225 x 10
    225 x 8
    135 x 10

    I felt pretty good for this workout, and have been wanting to try both of these products, so i got lucky and im hoping they can give me some good results!

    Will be doing some legs tonite, cant wait

  2. I didnt get a chance to do quads last night so i did them this morning. As of right now i have not felt any different yet but it has only been a few days so i dont expect to just yet.

    Leg extension

    all 1 giant set
    50lbs x 30
    60lbs x 20
    70lbs x 15
    80lbs x 10
    90lbs x 7

    Leg press

    610 through out

    feet closer and higher
    14 reps 15 sec break
    8 reps 15 sec break
    6 reps 15 sec break

    feet closer and lower
    12 reps 20 sec break
    8 reps 30 sec break
    7 reps 2 minute break

    feet wide and in middle of platform
    8 reps 20 sec break
    8 reps 30 sec break
    5 reps

    with 60lb dumbells
    25 yards then drop the dumbells and continute with body weight for 25 yards X 2 sets

    Legs felt pretty dead after these, not enough time do do any squats since i had to leave for work at 6AM. Hoping to start seeing something from this stack though in the coming days/ weeks!

  3. I'm in wow I missed this one. Good luck buddy

  4. I'm in good luck

  5. Thank you!

  6. Today i ended up doing chest and biceps which is an odd combo for me but it felt pretty damn good.

    Incline db press
    85 x 15
    95 x 12
    105 x 10
    105 x 6 slow

    Incline flys
    40 x 12
    40 x 10
    40 x 8
    40 x 7

    Machine chest press hammer strength
    135 each side x 10
    135 x 7
    135 x 5
    90 x 7
    45 x 15

    Bodyweight dips


    Hammer curls
    35 lb db
    10 reps

    45s x 8 per arm
    55s x 8
    65s x 6

    Standing alternating curls
    40 x 10
    50 x 8
    55 x 6
    30 x 15

    Concentration curl
    30 bd x 10
    30 x 8

    Wide grip with 50
    Close grip with 50

    This workout was pretty good, ive gone heavier for chest but shoulders a little messed up so that's what i can do right now. I did have a great pump today, motivation was there for sure. No joint pain or any discomfort at all. Libido i would say is better already. So lets see how the rest of the week goes!

  7. Nice incline DB numbers.

  8. Thank you much. Will try and go up next time!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Brucedog View Post
    Thank you much. Will try and go up next time!
    You always come through on the logs buddy just keep up the work.

  10. I will try next couple days ill be in there since wont have to work!

  11. In!
    PEScience Representative

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    There's Ben the Otter.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by PrepNwa23 View Post
    There's Ben the Otter.

    Neogenix have one of my favourite reps of all time.
    PEScience Representative

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc


    Neogenix have one of my favourite reps of all time.
    I won't deny any claims of me giving "gifts" in exchange for such praise.

  15. Hey got a chance to workout now that the gym is opened back up. Today i did some light shoulders and some triceps.

    Starting off it seems like ny joints are a little stiff at the moment but did some warm ups and all good for now.

    Shoulder press warm ups
    20lb on machine per arm for 4 sets of 10

    Lateral raises
    30 lb db x 20
    30 x 20
    30 x 20

    Front raises
    30 x 15
    30 x 15
    30 x 15

    I didnt do anything for rear delt because im thinking that's what makes my shoulder get the pinch that it still has.

    Then i did a couple rotator cuff exercises with the band


    Rope push downs
    Light warm up 40 x 15
    50 x 8
    60 x 8
    60 x 8

    Overhead rope extensions
    40 x 10
    40 x 10
    Couldn't do too much on this since i didnt take too long if a break and triceps were pumped up pretty good and burning right away

    Incline db extension
    30 x 6
    30 x 8
    30 x 8

    Dips body weight

    100 reps for calves no break

    I felt pretty good about this besides my shoulder weight sucks for now but hope it will go back to normal after shoulder is better. Seems like i maybe get a small pump when im just walking around at home for no reason. My body weight has went up 1 pound so im at 190 now. Also felt like i wanted to stay at the gym today a little longer an the only thing i ate before i went was egg whites and 2 whole eggs.

    Im thinking Legs tomorrow!

  16. Nice work as always buddy. In for the leg workout.

  17. Thank you and looking forward for some legs!

  18. Going to have to eat up today!

  19. Mmm I had the wife's homemade chili. Was a good night.

  20. homemade chili sounds damn good

  21. Well i was able to do back last night so here it is!

    Started off with a warm up set of lat pull downs

    Lat pull downs
    120 lbs x 15 nice and slow
    160 x 12
    180 x 10
    200 x 8

    DB rows
    120 x 12
    120 x 10
    120 x 10

    bent over barbell rows underhand
    135 x 15
    225 x 12
    225 x 12

    straight arm pull downs with rope
    50 x 14
    50 x 14

    close grip pull ups
    bodyweight x 10
    BW x 10
    BW x 6

    reverse flys
    30 x 20
    30 x 20
    30 x 20

    had a nice pump like usual for back.

  22. Today i ended up doing quads this morning before work at 5AM.

    Did a warm up set of leg extensions with 50lbs for a nonstop of 50 reps. Seems like it worked pretty well since it had my qauds a little pump to begin with. Knees were a little tight again this morning but they did loosen up and i aslo tried to drink a little more water.

    Leg Press with 45 second break in between sets
    7 plates each side
    8 reps shoulder width apart
    8 reps close
    8 reps wide
    8 reps shoulder width apart
    6 reps close
    10 reps wide

    3 plates each side
    20 slower reps which felt good and at the same time bad, from blood flow

    60 lb DBs for 50 yards
    no dumbells for 50 yards
    60lb db for 30 yards
    no dumbelss for 50 yards

    started to get some cold sweats and it was time to head to work so i figured id better get going.

    I think everything is working steadily, although i havent eaten as much as i need to, or drank as much either, but im hoping i can pick that up somehow. The temperature here is supposed to get up to 97 i guess so i should be drinking more, but my working area is anywhere from 90 degrees to 125- 130 degrees. So i will be sweating everything out. But will get back on here soon!

  23. DO get yourself hydrated buddy, nice set of lunges.

  24. yea im trying to stay hydrated just kinda hard when you are out in the hot area for 10 minutes and clothes are drenched but hopefully i can go swimming when i get home.!

  25. Haha yah for sure. Just making sure stay hydrated don't want anything bad for you. Keep up the good work.


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