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  1. Epi/Trena/TD - PCT: USP/PES/iForce

    Absent from the logging scene for a while, thought I'd toss this up mid stream as I'm about to enter into PCT...I have ~1.5 weeks left on Epi/Trenaz/TD. This log will be more of a weekly review of effects, whatnot, than a training log.

    Trenazone 1/1/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5
    Havoc 0/30/40/40/40/40/40
    Transaderm 0/0/1/1/1/1/1

    Erase pro 1 cap EOD
    DAA 6/6/3/3/3/3/3

    Start of week 4-add in Shift- 3caps/day (for 4 weeks)
    Start of week 6-add in C20 (for 8 weeks)
    Start of week 7ish-add in Anabeta (for 6-8 weeks)

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Intimidate (NMDA) (for 8 weeks)
    Erase Pro (ED)

    Other supps:
    Fish oil
    BCAA’s: ModernBCAA/RecoverPRO/Purple PsyKO
    Various preWO’s: Max-Intense/Jack3d/Anabolic Ignite/Hemavol/FocusXT + AdrenaG
    ALCAR- 2g/ED
    LCLT- 2g/day

    T- Legs
    W- Chest
    Th- off
    Sat- Cardio/Abs
    S- Off

    *basic outline, I will usually toss in upper traps & side delts in to some degree on M/W/F as they are a weak point. mostly employ volume training and pay attention to TUT more than weight used but also toss in some lower rep work followed by rest/pause & drop sets. Frequently I have to improvise exercise and/or exercise sequence at the gym due to lack of equipment availability and # of people (24 hr fitness), sucks but I deal.

    Goal: Recomp/Lean bulk/Keep momentum of gains rolling into PCT/quickly recover from cycle/Run Mechabol in a few months.
    Diet: has varied, mostly in a cal surplus, somewhat carb cycling on off days. Diet had gotten slightly off track for a couple weeks when certain mini choc bars and candy hearts were callin my name at night time...but the past week has been better.

    Starting weight: 190lbs
    Current weight: 196lbs
    Pics? Nope
    Measurments? ha, nope!
    Will have to do a better job in that dept next go round.

    -Nearing PCT (w/serm/C20/Anabeta/EP & Intimidate)

  2. -Worth noting, I had intended to run trenaz 1 week solo and only 6 weeks total...same with Havoc...but realized I must have been underdosing trena somewhere in weeks 1-3 as I bumped the dose up from 1ml to 1.5 ml start of week 3...but didn't have to crack open the 2nd bottle until week 5...I have the dropper bottles, so guessing not all was getting out at the tip of it.

    -start of week 3 remembered I had 1/2 bottle of Transaderm left, so for 'kicks' and test base, I added that in as well...5 pumps, 1 serving.

    -the 2nd week after tossing the Shift in, noticed def increase in body temp....further noticed it this past week after having added in the C20...and by day 4 of using C20, I have been dripping wet by the time I end a work out.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    Did you merely sub b/c of my statement of me being dripping wet at the end of workout? You.Perv!

    Oh haaaai, Blake-age...

  5. -As of Sat. dropped Shift down to 2 caps/day....the rise in body temp somewhat getting to me, have been waking up in the middle of the night sweating.
    -Set back on the 'no sweets', as I had sweets on Fri night (ice cream)...Sat night (olive garden carbs/ice cream), whooops...but even so, the increase in carbs goes well with all that's in play ATM (still little over a week left on Epi/Tren/TD)...love that pumped feeling, lasting pretty much all day.
    -Planning on adding in Anabeta (OG) into the stack this coming Sat 4-7, as pct draws ever so closer.
    -Finished out a tub of Redefine's G8, have been using 1/2-3/4 scoop for what, 5, 6 weeks now, that is some GREAT nighttime sleep aid, review found here:

    schizm reviews: FormulaX, G8, CryoshockV2

    But def, would recommend this...I have some AI samples of 3z, I'll probably be trying out to fill the void...

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    Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    Did you merely sub b/c of my statement of me being dripping wet at the end of workout? You.Perv!

    Oh haaaai, Blake-age...
    I'm gonna rep you so hard...
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    I'm gonna rep you so hard...
    Such a tease.

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    in on this!
    Well, hey there Vaughn Que Pasa?

  9. chillin man! workin away, how about you?

    Sick stack is sick
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  11. - Back pumps. Seems to be happening more frequent the past week...but not usually until 20mins or so after taking the final Epi dose of the day (10mg x 4x's/day, spread thru out). The pump is usually just mild/slight discomfort. I know Taurine is usually the recommended thing to take to offset that, but at what dose? Hmmm? anyone, feel free to chime in....

  12. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    chillin man! workin away, how about you?

    Sick stack is sick
    Pretty much the same here...I should prolly do some actual work though...all this forum chillin I do is so much more fun though...

    ...sick ph stack indeed, I've so spoiled myself now...

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    Hey there Kev-dawg!
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    IIRC, 5g Taurine was pretty standard, though that may even be low.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    IIRC, 5g Taurine was pretty standard, though that may even be low.
    5g,eh? huh, good to know...will keep that in mind the next go round, will just push thru this final week I think...last thing I need to do is add yet another supp into the mix

  15. - Sampled AI's 3z last night...took about 60 mins or so of going to bed, it recommended 45 mins...but I'm a rebel...also took it (not by choice) with some protein & fish oil...don't recall reading if that was a no-no on the directions, but again, I'm a rebel. I did wake up probably 2-3 times last night, again, found myself sweaty...I imagine what with the 2 caps of Shift and the C20 going on, that they are working off of each other to ramp body temp up as such...even though my last dosing is 2:30 (c20) and shift (4pm)...regardless, was able to get back to sleep without much issue...and woke up in pretty much NO 'fog' which I found I had when using G8. Can't say I was any more rested than usual just from the one usage, esp b/c I feel like I've been dragging all day, possibly getting a little run down from hitting training so hard over the last 6 weeks...but will use another sample tonight to see how that goes.

    • Used another sample pack of 3Z last night, also pushing the ‘sweat envelope’ I popped 1 cap of Shift (making 3 caps total for the day) prebed as well, woke up prolly 2-3 times, but no night sweats to speak of and fell back asleep easily. Actually got up at 4:30, 20 mins prior to the alarm going off cuz I was that awake, still piddled around some gathering my gym bag items, clothes for work, etc, wasn’t all that amped to go work out, honestly (today or yesterday) but know once I get in there training mode would take over. Going to dig around to see if have another sample pack around, I think I do somewhere.
    • Speaking of training mode, noticing much more fullness/vascularity over the last few days while working out…esp today since for preWO I used 1 (slightly) heaping scoop of Maximize Intense, 6g Cit mal, 1.5g COP, 2g ALCAR & 1 cap (down from 2) C20 (to experiment, then dosed 2nd cap with postWO) (along with 1 cap Epi)…and ran 1 serving modernBCAA & 1 scoop purple psyKO (which has more norvaline and 1.5g Cit mal in it) for intra…and worked Chest w/some bi’s today… and Holy crap! Pump city, veins popping out on shoulders/arms, continued to hit PR’s (as I pretty much have been frequently over the last 4 weeks) and was trying to push shortened rest time b/t sets to a minimum. Solid!

  16. -As of Fri 4-6, Transaderm, out.
    -As of Sat 4-7 Trenazone, out.
    -Epi/Havoc last day dosing on Wed 4-11 (hey, my B-day!)
    - Added in Anabeta (6caps) & Intimidate (1 cap prebed) on Sat 4-7

    -Notes on Intimidate, too early to tell, the days prior to adding it in, sleep hasn't been the best, waking up 2-3 times during the night, usually with cold sweats...1st night using it, didn't wake up as sweaty, woke up 2-3 times, but fell back asleep without much problems...woke up prior to alarm going off, feeling rested...2nd night, last night, again woke up, 2-3 times, was sweatier (probably from all the Easter candy/junk I ate the past couple of days) slight trouble getting back to sleep.

    - Have noticed bump in libdo over the last 5-7 days, and really outside of adding in the C20 2 weeks ago the only other change was switching from bulk/regular DAA found in FormulaX, to sodium DAA (sns) about 2 weeks ago...random wood past several days...

    -Haven't stepped onto a scale for little over a week, despite overeating/binging throughout this run, have noticed some slight leaning out...and some definite size added to shoulders, arms, traps, mid back, upper chest...which have really been targeting those areas...sad to see this run come to an end this week, will miss the day long fullness/hardness...but looking forward to what I have lined up for PCT which I now have basically started, minus the Nolva (starts Thurs)....

    -Trained Back/Tri's today, 7g Cit mal, 1.5 COP with 1 heaping scoop Max-Intense, 2g ALCAR, 2 caps Anabeta...intra-set recovery awesome, pump, very awesome...PR's continued to be set...

  17. Ahhh, Day 1 of PCT Although what I'm now fully running in PCT (C20/Anabeta/Erase PRO (MWF dosing set up atm)Intimidate/COP/Cit Mal, etc) is pretty solid and will no doubt continue to gain And hopefully lean out some on my lower body...as I've noticed this week that some of my khaki's are feeling a lil tighter around the waist...hate that...really need to reel in the sweets consumption...I tend to be a 'stress eater'...having a 2 month old is sometimes, ummm...stressful for me...

    Killer swollen workout yesterday, Chest/Bi's....today was off...tomorrow Back/Tri's...working in more of an FST format...of 3-4 heavy (6-9) rep sets...then finishing off with lighter weight/fast paced, 'pump sets'....

    Morning weight: 198lbs

  18. And it begins!
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    And it begins...Pls enjoy a complimentary tub of Protean on me!
    Sweet guy you are Vaughn

    6 days on Intimidate now...taking prebed (along with some protein & fish oil)....hard to say just yet how I like it...it's not keeping me awake at all...I 'may' be getting some deeper sleep the past couple of days...and still waking up prior to my alarm going off...still getting a feel for it...we'lll see though....

  20. Alright, some updates…Now into week 3 of C20…and Week 2 of Anabeta & Intimidate….last dose of Epi was last Wed night (so 5 days ago)

    - have to say, I have noticed only a slight decrease of the day long pumped feeling so far, and if I am feeling ‘flat’, if I just do some dynamic stretch and holds, the tightness/pump comes back in no time…and workout pumps still as strong as well as strength. The only thing so far I’m missing is the feeling of every single muscle fiber firing that I had while on Epi/tren.

    -I believe I’m getting or fighting off some allergies, have had slight nasal drainage and woke up this morning with a bit of a headache and didn’t want to get up, but I did and managed a decent Back/tri workout.

    -Sleep has been fluctuating, have had some deeper sleep the past couple nights along with some crazy dreams..but still waking up 2-3x’s night, sometimes lightly sweating, sometimes not. I did finish up the bottle of Shift this morning, so we’ll see how the next few nights go re: night sweats.

    -Diet: Between Easter candy & Birthday treats/dinners…have been trying to reel that in better…so difficult, but need to this & next week, as we’re going camping end of the month, which usually diet is all thrown out the window at some point what with s’mores and tasty treats galore calling my name…but not going to worry too much about it at this point, since I’m not cutting & not appearing to be adding any fat….yet.

    • Have noticed the PH pump is completely gone now, faded over the last couple of days…left with the ‘natty pump’, obviously not as engorging, but good regardless.
    • Strength has remained constant and actually increased on today’s Chest/Bi workout.
    • Todays PreWO ‘brew’ was 1 scoop Maximize Intense, 25mg 1,3 dim, 8g Cit mal, 1.5g COP, 2g ALCAR, 2 Anabeta, 2 C20, 1 scoop modern…Intra: 1 scoop purple Psyko, 1 scoop modern….intra set recovery great (minimal rest b/t sets), agression great, endurance great, didn’t want to leave the gym….and veins on shoulders/arms still popping out from just doing some planks, always a bonus.
    • Sleep, waking up w/o the sweating, which is nice. Good sleep overall, waking up before the alarm goes off, wouldn’t say feeling ‘thoroughly refreshed’, think I could sleep more if I could, but not drained by any means. And hey, our 2 month old is now just waking up 1x/night…score.
    • Diet, has been ok. Obviously in PCT, I’m not resticting cals & trying to keep the lbm that I did gain the past 7 weeks…candy consumption down <thumbs up>…although broke down and had a few Nilla wafers with frosting last night <thumbs down>….ha, don’t judge me
    • Running Erase pro, MWF….think I will be switching this to EOD starting this weekend…

  21. Start of week 4 C20/Intimidate....Week 3 Anabeta:

    -Switching Erase Pro back to EOD dosing this week…had been just MWF dosing…
    - Over the past 4-5 days, Have noticed consistent blemishes (acne like) on my forehead…I’ve gotten some of these with past DAA usage, but not anything that’s lasted this long or consistent. Combo of the ErasePro/NMDA/DAA/serm? Will be phasing out the NA-DAA this week (I wanted to reach full saturation, then at least 2 weeks off) while continuing on with only the NMDA/Intimidate and see if the blemishes hang around.
    - Recovery (from workout) has still been great, only noticing slight soreness, but doesn’t linger.
    -C20, I’m curious as to what 6caps/day would do, I might experiment this week by taking 2 extra caps near bedtime.
    -Diet, had been good this past week…I’ve been shuffling my carb intake around some…and eat some carbs throughout the day, but saving most of them around dinner time…with some saved for dessert…and the best dessert is the one I can eat w/o feeling guilty immediately following…and so far, working great.
    - Weighed myself Sat morning…down to 193lbs…hmmmmm.
    - Training, shifting into a Gironda 8x8 set up....great back WO today...and soooo pumped.

  22. everything is looking good in here! keep it up man
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  23. Week 5 C20/Intimidate, Week 4 Anabeta

    -Still plugging along, went camping
    with the family (and ~18 other families) this past weekend (doses of C20/AnaB
    & Intimidate went with me)…ate, ate & ate some more…didn’t quite get the
    bloated/overly full feeling I would normally get when eating burgers, dogs,
    s’mores & tons of other snacks and desserts…but still overall feeling flabby
    to a certain degree (esp on stomach/lower back areas), could just be holding
    water, will see how I’m feeling that in the next couple of days, will have to
    remember to weigh myself around Wed.

    -Today was supposed to be
    Back/tri’s, but combo of rough night sleeping and getting up with my 3 month old
    at 6am, took the day off…to get me going, had some FocusXT, scoop modernBCAA,
    C20/Anabeta…within 20 mins, felt fuller/tighter as I got ready for

    - To help get back on track, diet wise, I opened a bottle of SlimFX
    I had sitting in my stash…couple times last week I used a couple of OEP samples
    I had on hand, I’ve gone thru bottles of it in the past but hadn’t used it or
    anything with alpha Y/Rauws in it for quite a while, just 1 pill is all it takes
    to get the lower body sweats going….After that I tried 1 cap of SlimFX, thurs I
    believe, didn’t get much from it. Popped 2 caps this morning around 9am…and yep,
    lower body is ‘damp’ from just sitting here.

    -Sleep has been ok the past
    week, nothing spectacular.

    -Recovery from exercise good. Noticed some
    tendonitis setting in mid last week in my left elbow, so watched how much
    weight/volume I used...feels all better now, of course taking 3 days off and
    overeating I’m sure is contributing some to that feeling better, but we’ll see
    what tomorrow’s workout brings.


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