just thought i would chart my progress as I prepare for raw nationals. I am 60 at 230 lbs and 6 months ago my max sq was 424 bp under 300 (really sucks) and d/l 419. On my last 6 week cycle I nhit a 485 sq, 300 bp and 475 dead. I have 4 weeks to play with before my last cycle prior to nats. Hopefully I will be in the 500 range for squat and dl. Bp. . . well we will see. Need some help if anyone has some good advice. The week after maxing I started a different scheme. 4th wk=3x5, 3rd 3x4, 2nd 3x3 and last week 3x2 for squats ans deads only. My squats which should have been light and easy were difficult and my recovery after 2 days is not complete. WHY!!!!! Too much too soon? Please help.