lecheek samples review

  1. lecheek samples review

    First I want to thank you and your rep(MARMS) for sending out my samples. I was just able to take them early this week. I must say that your prework out was the bomb!! I used it on chest day and I felt like I destroy the weights and my chest. Just from one samples package I was able to add 30lbs of weight on my bench. I felt the blood rushing, veins poping out. What a feeling!! The only think that sucked was I only had one samples pack. Also you send me the post workout. The taste was great I would have to say one of the top 3 for taste. With the post I was able to feed my muscles and fill me up for a while till dinner was ready!! Great stuff I hope you can more out with more great product!! I hope you guy have a contest soon, so I can win and do a log for you. Again, I want to thank you and your rep(MARMS) for my samples.

    Mark the PolishCyborg!!

  2. Glad to hear you liked the products and thanks for the review.
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  3. no problem

  4. What did he send you for post workout? I've tried all but like 2 products that Lecheek has and I don't recall that.

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