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  1. Nice updates
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  2. Sup guys, been a really interesting week, had a lot of family matters to attend to so I apologize for my lack of updates. Just because I haven't updated doesn't mean I haven't been killing it though.

    While Im not going to go through the past week and update everything, I'll say that my strength has stayed relatively the same, with the exception of CGBP which I PRd yesterday at 255x3 up from 245x3. Weight is steady at 189 since I dropped my cals a bit. Still rehabing my knee, doesn't look to be getting better anytime soon .

    I guess the plus that I can give for the AM so far is that I have had 0 sides. Now, you may want to take that with a grain of salt, since I also had 0 sides with halodrol and epistane in the past. This time around, however, I have drastically decreased my support supps down to fish oil, orange triad, and celery seed.

    I still have another week or so at 7 caps a day, so we'll see how this ends up.

  3. Wow, so I guess I kind of slipped up here :|

    Sorry my updates have been s**t and infrequent as of late, been a rough couple of weeks. I'm going to update my main lifts from the past week.

    Seated Shoulder BB Press - Strength was way down for whatever reason. shoulders were feeling shot; not sure why. To put things in perspective, the previous week I hit 190x3 for 5 sets and then 195x3 for the last 2 sets, and that felt good. Probably my own fault :\
    195x2.5, 190x2, 185x3, 185x3, 185x3, 185x3, 185x2.5

    Flat BB Bench - Another seemingly weak / unstable day. Planned on doing 255x5 for 3 sets, unfortunately my body in general did not feel like doing that. Had to switch it up a tad, as I think I will have to keep my weight lower and reps high simply due to my body :\. At least 225 pause reps felt amazing
    255x4.5, 245x5, 245x4.5, 225x7 (pause reps), 225x4 (pause reps, maximum acceleration)

    Off day

    Knee rehab / calves day - Nothing to note, finally been able to do some SLDLs on the smyth machine to hit my hams and glutes; up to this point I have not been able to work them at all . Legs were shaking after my sets with 275 . . . feltgoodmang

    Incline Bench - I have to say, for whatever reason I can go heavy on incline BB bench no problem and my body likes it (weight is catching up to my flat bench )
    240x3, 245x3, 250x2.5

    Off day

    4/27 (Today, last day of cycle)
    Knee rehab / Smyth Machine SLDL / calves - Well, today is my last day on. I'll go more into this and my experiences below.
    Smyth Machine SLDL (weight added, not including weight of bar, which I think is ≈15lbs)
    230x5, 230x5, 230x5 drop 180x5 drop 140x5 drop 90x10 => killed it

    So, over the last week I have hit some serious lethargy for the first time (pretty bad especially at work when things are slow), other than that no real downsides to the cycle at all. Again, I will reiterate that I have ran 2 methyl orals (epi, halodrol) also with no sides (but with more supports), so take this with a grain of salt.

    PCT will begin tomorrow (duh!). In case anyone is curious, it will be:
    tamoxifen: 20/20/20/20 - may drop it down to 20/20/10/10 depending on how it goes. I imagine I will, but the 20 for 4 weeks is pretty standard.
    testabolan v2 - don't laugh, got it for dirt cheap so I will be running it at recommended dose for 3 bottles worth. will be combining with 2 bottles of triazole after the tamoxifen runs out.
    resveratrol v2 - again, one of those things that I don't need, but I have it and have no other plans for it and need to start going through my stash. Recommended dose for 1 bottle's worth.
    daa @ 3g - staple for me. run it pretty much indefinitely, as I have in the past (come @ me critics).

    Final review / stats will be in the next post.

    Going to throw this at the top, I injured my right knee so my leg progress will not be listed as I have not squated or done heavy legs in the past 3 weeks

    Alright, having said that, let's get to the changes:

    Weight: 180lbs
    Flat Bench: 225x10, 265x3
    Incline Bench: 230x3
    Seated BB Shoulder Press: 180x3 for 7 sets
    CGBP: 230x3

    Weight: 189 (+9 lbs)
    Flat Bench: 270x3 (didnt max out my reps with 225, but I could tell you that I hit 225x7 pause reps after my working sets this past week, so I can say for sure that my flat bench strength has increased based on that and just the feel of the weight. My body does not like heavy flat BB bench , I'll just call this +strength )
    Incline Bench: 245x3 easy (+15 lbs)
    Seated BB shoulder press: 190x3 for 7 sets easy (+10lbs)
    CGBP: 255x3 (+25lbs) . . . woah

    Da pics:

    Da feeling:
    Aside from the intense lethargy over the past week, nothing negative to speak of. Kind of didn't have that 'on' feeling though, I feel like if I didn't know I was taking this I wouldn't think I was (may be a negative for some people, I didn't care that much).

    As for the results, you can see that they are in fact there, just not too drastic. Keep in mind I have been eating ≈4000cals every day since week 2 (March 25 ish), so over the course of 6 ish weeks, these gains seem reasonable but not extraordinary. Was looking for more in the strength department, but I was somewhat limited by my own body design in certain exercises.

    The other thing I have to note here is where my leg strength was going before I injured my knee. Back squats were up about 15lbs on 3 rep max to 340x3 and front squats went up about 15 lbs on my 8 rep max to 240x8 for 3 sets. I can only imagine where I would be now had I not injured myself (rather stupidly I'll admit) only 3 weeks into my run . Unfortunately, I can only rest, recover and hope to one day get my squat back up to where I was a few weeks ago.

    In terms of my weight gain, I'll let you decide for yourself from the pictures, but I'll say from my own views I have put on fat, no doubt in my mind about it. This somewhat further discounts my actual muscle gains, which I would conservatively estimate at ≈4 lbs; still not bad at all for 6.8 weeks. The fat gain is unfortunate, but not something I wasn't expecting. Not being a methyl, I had my doubts for the capability of this compound from the start. However, it did surprise me with all that it did do.

    So, what's next for me? Going to keep my cals at 4000 for the next 4-5 weeks, and then drop them down to maintenance and start up a recomp to get rid of some of this fat gain. I am planning (as of now) to not do a full cut during the summer, and just keep on trucking. After I get to a reasonable body composition in my mind, I'll slowly start bumping up the cals and continue my foreverbulk.

    I'll update weekly during PCT to keep you guys informed of any changes, but I doubt anything negative will be going on given the gains I did get over the past 7ish weeks. If anything, I don't think I'd be surprised if I lost a few lbs due to glycogen storage, but we'll see . . . I've misread this compound before.
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  5. Great log
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  6. Agree
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  7. PCT is going great. Strength is still up there (and increasing), weight has dropped by 1-1.5lbs (I expect because of water loss - surprisingly affecting my knee, see below), and I still look as big as I did before.

    In regards to my knee, I suspect that what has happened in these past 6-7 weeks is that I have had an excess amount of fluid buildup in my right knee (I have some sort of fluid in my knees already) maybe resulting from an increased fluid retention from AM. Somewhere along the line I aggravated the area and boom! excess fluid hurts my knee. now that Im in PCT my fluid retention has gone down and the pain in my knee is much better . . . to the point where I can actually squat again (just with like 95 lbs, but good progress).

    that's just my theory.


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