Review of metha drol and halo extreme

  1. Review of metha drol and halo extreme

    I personally took halo extreme at the 2 pills a day like suggested on the bottle and gained barely anything from it. My buddy took metha drol for a month at 2the pills and 2 weeks at 3the pills and barely gained anything. I dunno if it was a bad batch of pills or these 2 products just don't work but I will never purchase a ironmaglabs product again. I contacted ironmaglabs direct and they will not even email me back. So. Buyer beware of these products

  2. thats weird, never once had a problem with ironmaglabs. i can imagine why you wouldnt have really any results off halo extreme. 50mg for a full month isnt much. the typical cycle usually takes two bottles and people will usually run it as 50/50/75/75/100/100 as a first time user. your halo extreme (despite what the bottle says) was underdosed. as for the metha drol, im not sure about that. it's a very strong and harsh compound mix, that one could be a bad batch but like i said, never met a person with a problem with them. did you guys take a pct?

  3. I ran Halo Extreme last fall at 50/75/75/75/75/75 and faired pretty well...went up 10lbs...common dosing of any Hdrol product is 75mg/day though as the 'sweet spot'...

  4. Bout to be on pct now real disappointed with these products Ill be going back. To kre alk. Not gonna waste my time with prohormones after these didn't do anything unless anyone can direct me to a company that can guarantee me some results

  5. If ironmaglabs would even send my buddy a new bottle of metha drol to replace the bunk one he had that would be nice



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