MKretz gets marinaded in muscle marinade!

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  1. uh o...hope it was a decent transition, hope ur happy, lovin the purus stuff right nwo i can assure you that!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz
    uh o...hope it was a decent transition, hope ur happy, lovin the purus stuff right nwo i can assure you that!
    No hard feelings on either party.
    Just moving in different directions....
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  3. btw u got the best avatars lol

  4. ok so today's workout was GREAT!!! i was pretty tired most of the day but i got an absolutely INTENSE focus goin on today and jsut felt on top of the world the whoel great contractions in my back and jsut overall a great back workout... quick rundown

    reverse banded rack pull


    rev. banded bent over row

    185 x 12
    245x 8
    245x10! all really solid reps very bent over minimal swing

    pendlay row

    115x10 Rest, +2

    wierd grip front pull down hammer strength row.....(weird grip = palms facing out thumless grip, hard to explain)

    forgot exact weights, sets were 15, 12,12, think i only got 8 was shooting for 10 on the last set with a drop set

    hammer strength low row..... squatting in front of the machine so u can pull real a sick lat contraction on all sets of this....same rep scheme as exercise before

    banded behind the head lat pulldown 3 x12 60lbs

    tbar VERY strict controlled with squeezing at the top for a second

    70 x 20
    80 x 17
    90 x 15 drop 70, 60

    overhand str8 bar low row ss underhand str8 bar low row....such a good superset really fried the lats, good contractions on all


    str8 bar one arm pull down

    3x 15 - 30 lbs

    leg press calf raise - strict form
    320 x 12
    340x10 drop 270

    donkey calf machine
    230x8+5 drop 170, 140

  5. sry guys gotta get to bed but ill still try to give a rundwon o the workout.....

    power movement - 5 sets push press working up to 145x3 solid explosive reps...short of failure for power

    db press 50x8
    40x12 slow negative controlled reps

    smith high pull

    115x8+2 Drop 95 x 15
    115 rp to 15 ds 95 rp to 15 drop 85 x 15

    lateral raise machine ss machine press
    dont remember weights but each was 10-12 reps witha drop on the last set of machine presses

    leaning DB laterals were before high pulls

    25x12 drop 20 x 12

    leaning over in the lateral raise machine for rear delts.....3 sets of 12

    rope face pulls on low cable machine, real good squeeze 3 sets 10-12 drop on last one

    DB shrugs - worked up to 100s for 2 solid sets of 10 with a drop to failure on 75s and 55s

    prone on incline db shrug 3 x 12 with 50's

    great pump once im on a high and gotta try to sleep, wish me luck !!!

  6. Good luck
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  7. You're doing a great job in here with this log!!
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    You're doing a great job in here with this log!!
    thanks man...appreciate it! glad to have u in

  9. today was a LEG DAY!!! I felt fine going into the workout, legs actually felt fresher than normal but once the workout got going i jsut couldnt push as hard, i really dotn knwo y.....still did a full workout but i was kinda out of it for alot of the workout. I also felt liek i was gonna throw up any time i did a hard set after one of my heavysets of squats....i kinda looked at it as a good thing to begin with but then it kept happening and didnt think tha was good, probably should have stopped but i didnt..........

    jump squat

    1 leg jump squat 25lb dbs 3 sets of 8

    box squat - strict sit on the bench at the bottom


    atg squats......first 3 sets had 2.5 lb plates under heeels, i hear this should make it easier but i took them out for the last 2 sets and it was easier without.

    175x12 no weights
    185x10 rest +2 no weights
    135x15 no weights

    hack squat

    105x15 drop 90x11 70x11

    DB RDL


    seated leg curl - real good squeezes on all reps, hams were on fire which felt good

    135x12 drop 105x12 90x12

    leg ext each set is 2 sets one with toes in one with toes out

    7(weight) (hoist machine) x15
    8 x 15
    9 x 15 drop 7x12 5x12

    lying leg curl

    85x12 drop 70 x 7 55x12

    wide stance smith squat really squeezed the glutes at the top of each rep....if u havent tried this U HAVE TO!!! such a crazy burn in my ass its the only exercise ve ever done that give me that intense burn right in the glutes.....


    gonna need some serious recovery from that one......... well ill be getttin lots of protein bars at the arnold on sat haha

  10. p.s. due to my scheudle tomorrow i will be training fasted so hopefuly the d-pol will still have the same effect cuz its an arm day, gota gt sum goo dpumps on arm day haha, gonna be doing and IF type diet tomorrow too , only 2 real big meals...........

  11. the fasted training was not too great....i used to LG and was pretty used to it, but to jsut throw it in esp. after a tough leg workout wasnt smart...i jsut wasnt completely there, this is also a reason i usually take the day after legs off...... well had two days off for the first time in a long time with the arnold yest and ltos of work today, the diet was **** at the arnold though, literally just protein bars on top of protein bars all day....ready to go for tomorow thouhg, can wait to train again!

  12. today was a great back workout.....MM kept me goin strong throughout the whoel was long btu i felt great the whoel time, alot of tiems i tend to drag towards the end but even up through my calves at teh end i had plenty of energy, felt great, loved it haha

    Deadlifts - 265x5
    335x1 (just to try).....very solid guesssing my 1rm is around 365-375?

    explosive pendlay rows touching at the bottom

    120x9+3 (rested a little between reps)

    dont know why but i tried to do bw pull ups and was shooting for 4 sets of 6-8 and only got 5 and 3 good reps without cheating so i jsut did weight pull ups on the machine...i really hate sucking at pull ups im gonna focus on them from nwo on i think, i dont liek doign them though cuz i suck at them lol, never been good at them, anyone got any tips for gettin good at pull ups?

    anyways....10 x 10
    10x9 ds 13x11 great squeezes all teh way up and slow controlled negatives

    tbar row!!!! I decided i jstu wante dto load the effing bar and move some weight not worrying abotu start

    5 plates x 10
    5 platesx10
    5plates +10 x 8
    4 plates x 20 rest +5 Drop 3 plates x 15 2 plates controlled x 10

    landmines 4 x 30 - ab exercise, figures i was at the tbar station so it was a good opportunity to do these!

    bent over row.....

    205 x 10
    205x10 these sets were pretty sloppy not gonna lie , wanted to go heavy but i think iwas pretty shot form the t bars
    145 x 15 solid set!

    my school gym has a cool rowing station on liek the cable station which has the footplatforms higher and the cable higher so u row pulling down towards you a bit so i took advantage of that but did it with an ez bar underhand grip.......

    all isolation work i really focused on exploding the concentric, squeezing and then having a slow controlled eccentric...really feel the muscles working this way, really liking it!


    lat pullover

    105x12+3 extra reps were done witha normalgrip other reps are with hands all teh way at the top of the handles for a bigger stretch
    120x10+5 drop 90x15

    hammer strength pull down

    210x8 these were jerky reps
    120x12 + 3 unilateral
    120x 12 +3 unilateral drop 90 x 15.......good squeezes

    some calf work on a hack squat machine and seated calf raises, dont remember wights but i did 4 sets on each, first two sets were heavy 8-12 reps and the next 2 sets were high reps around 20......i get a horrible pain in my foot when i do calf raises though which makes it realyl hard to do them its not liek planter fasciatis or anyrthing either its a bone issue, i think i brok emy foot a long time ago but never got it fixed and now the bone kinda like pokes out, i dunno, i do what i can, im nto gonna go have my foot broken to fix it.

    this stack is fastly dwindling and its making me sad.....pumps are still great, energy, focus everythign is still great at one scoop although i do usually drink some coffee or green tea before hand as well, but sip on the MM throughout the workout, but suemtime si dont even fini****, didnt finsih it today (almsot) and today was a long one, so that will tell u something about its strenght!!!

  13. today was an "off" day but turned into quite teh wrokout day.....went in just gonna do some plyos but it tunred into alot of plyos and sum sprints....felt great i jsut didnt wanna stop, theres really not much else for me to say about that lol jsut felt great! still do crash jsut clean great energy, also i want to reemphasize how great this stuff tastes too! nice job purus!

  14. sooo i gotta be hoenst, i really didnt think i was going to train today, i had every intention too when i got up but after sitting through a new employee orientation(u know how much fun those are) i was absolutely dead , jsut wanted to sleep...fortunately we got out a littel early so i was able to run a few errands and that kinda woke me up...not totally though, i jsut pushed through i gues (whether i shoudl have or not....

    anyways.... it was a leg day...and turned out to be a damn good one and i attribute alot of it to MUSCLE MARINADE!!!!!

    mixed up about a scoop and a quarter and hit it hard..... went heavy to start on sets and pumped it out more towards the last few sets...think m gonna keep tryin this ou for a few weeks, i like the idea of relaly breakin down the muscle and then using hte higher reps towards the ned to relaly get the blood to the damaged areas......

    Squats- really focuseing on slow negatives and ATG


    front squat


    squat again (higher reps, no belt)
    135x17, slight rest +3
    155x15 (belt)

    leg press machine

    stack (380) x 12
    stack x 13
    320 x 20
    320x20 drop 260x15 220x 25!!! burned liek hell....and got such a head rush, kinda effected the rest of my workout, almost liek a dull headahce

    DB RDL


    seated leg curl

    130x15 pr
    145x10 drop 110 x 6 drop 95x15 really felt these in my hams today, not sure why, partly because of the heavy rdls before maybe but it felt liek my hams wnated to tear , good stuff

    lying leg curl 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out

    55x12 x 4

    started talkin to a buddy about a new way to hit my ass, he said sumo deads so i tried them .....

    185x12....if u really focus on squeeing the glutes this def does the trick!....and i jsut realied i forgot to do leg ext....o well, im gonna have trouble walking for a few days as it is

    pumps were relaly good, focus was good, and im really suprised i got such a good workout troday with teh way the day started....anyoen notice that sumtimes ur best workout s are when ur not feelign ur best,, i have a bit of a head cold too

  15. only got about 2 servings left of d-pol left :-( prolly about 3-5 servings of MM left as stinks this stck is coming to an end, but it has been a great run, on the bright side, still got some mroe workouts left!

    today was a good back day

    rev. band deadlift


    rev band bent over row - when i do these i do a over under grip, do 6, then switch and do 6 more

    both hands reg. with straps- 270x8 x 2

    pull up machine

    front pulldown 85x12, 100x10, realgood contractions!......the pumps and contractions i get on this are very impressive.

    one arm db row

    100x9 all were a little jerky but with controlled negatives....not out of control whatsoever
    50x13 perfect form on last 2 sets

    rev grip pull down hammer strength

    2 sets 8-10 (forgot weights) 1 set -10 with a drop, one set 12-15 with squeezes

    neutral grip pulldown 3 x 10-12....think i got 12,10,10

    low cable row....2 heavy sets of 160 x 7, 2 sets with 100 for around 12 reps with a double clutch (double contraction)

    low back rasis 4 x 25 w/ 25lb plate

  16. i think i may go back to IF stlye eating, i just have more energy throughout the beginning of the day....althoguth i have to train fasted usually eating that way, i will see how taht effects me, today i felt great so it didnt effet me and that after an off day where i sitll did plyos with no carbs so i was probably pretty depleted......


    banded standing push press


    military press w/ chains


    db lat. raises

    17.5 x 12
    17.5 x 10+2
    17.5 x 8+4
    17.5 x 9+3

    supersetted with

    DB shoulder press

    37.5x8 Drop 25 x 7 drop 20 x11......back to lateral rasies 12.5x12....Brutal set! i love doign lateral raises right before, relaly helps me feel my delts working on the presses!

    smith high pull (wide grip)

    115x 8 +5 drop 95 x 12 drop 85x12

    hammer strength shoulder press

    90x13 drop 70x 11 drop 50 x 13

    bent over DB rear laterals

    35x10+2 drop to 10s bent over seated with pinkies up x 12

    cable bent over 1 arm rear lateral

    20x8+4 drop 10 x 12

    banded shurg- over under grip for first 3 sets....strapps and overhand for last 6 reps then swithc hands then 6 more

    225x12----bands give a really good contraction!

    seated hammer strength shrug

    130x8 drop 90 x 10

    6 sets of donkey calf raises, 3 heavy sets, reps around 8-12, 3 lighter sets with reps around 20 with 10-20 pulse reps...after last set i just let my eels go down as far as possble with all the weight still on my back and jsut forced the stretch for about 45 seconds, man did that hurt, felt soo good after though, i gotta start doign mroe of that stretching....i notice when i do foam rolling my calves are liek big knots

  17. only 2 day left of d-pol :-(

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz
    only 2 day left of d-pol :-(
    SLINshots coming
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  19. i been checking my door soo often its rediculous, relal ythough it woudlve been here or fedex?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz
    i been checking my door soo often its rediculous, relal ythough it woudlve been here or fedex?
    Think UPS
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  21. damn, they deliver at does during the day so i was hoping id get it during th day before work, its all good though

  22. very focused arm workout today, and some light chest work with sum abs as well.....

    banded bench lockouts

    forgot weights, sorry guys but i did 5 sets of 6-8 reps, think i only got 7 reps on teh last 2 sets

    banded CG smith machine.... 4 sets 6-8 reps.....the bands are incredible for the tris, so much weight at the top of the motion so locking out puts the tris on fire, love thebands!

    skull crushers

    3 sets 8-10
    1 set 10-12 with cg presses as a SS

    DB overhead - 2 sets 8-10
    1 set 10-12 with a drop set

    neutral grip lying DB ext. ss bench dips

    3 sets 10-12 SS as many as possible on dips

    Barbell curl

    3 sets of 6-8
    1 set 10-12 witha drop

    banded machine preacher curl

    3 sets of 8-10

    standing DB twist curl

    3 sets 10-12 last set double drop

    high cable curl FST-7 style

    banded incline hammer strength

    4 sets 8-10

    3 way (low , mid high) cable fly 3 set of 20 at each height for a killer pump!

    hanging leg raises , 7 sets of 12-15 short rest (fst style)

    rope crunches , 7 sets 12-15 (fst style)

    felt swole all workout, loved it!!! great energy thorguough even though i was training fasted.....tomorrow will be a test with teh fasted training , leg day!!!!!

  23. slin shot came in today, my log for the will be up asap hopefully by sunday night....busy weekend

  24. well i had a cray leg workout today, definitely ALOT of hormones released, there jsut had to be lol.....
    did some heavy reverse banded squats which was a real cool feel to it.
    Then did 4 sets of high rep squats which had me at the bottom of the rack on the last set
    -next was 3 sets of heavy hack squats where i was ablt to set soem prs, and then one drop set to ttal failure

    i also did glute bridges, RDL, sumo deads (lighter weight really focusing on squeeing my glutes) from a step so i had to get down extra low, 1 leg squats and a superset of leg curls with leg ext. to finish hell of a workout

    funny thing is i was really tired before teh workout and was REALLY close to taking today off, but the workout turned out to be one of my best leg workouts in a really long tiem, i was soooo focused the entire time, i think part of the reason was the fact that i was sweatin my ass off lol it was hot today and the sweat jsut gets me goin i guess haha......not looking forward to teh net couple of days.....unfortunately not gonna eb getting alot of sleep again tonight so recoery may be an issue, i really think this is where i tend to fall short, i train hard as hell, eat like crazy but soemtimes i jsut dotn rest enough im always on the go, and dont sleep very well..........

  25. I've had a few, and when I say few I mean very few days that when I feel tired and go in & still have a legit work out.
    In the future for me I'll make sure I get my sleep and food 1st lol.

    Glad u had a good work out.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  26. MKRETZ inSLINsifys his gains with Purus labs Pslin! cant wait to try another purus product!!!! check it out guys!

  27. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    I've had a few, and when I say few I mean very few days that when I feel tired and go in & still have a legit work out.
    In the future for me I'll make sure I get my sleep and food 1st lol.

    Glad u had a good work out.

    yea pretty suprising since it was les too, and it was a long workout...........MM is the real deal, still ahve energ too even after woring all night!!! prolly not good sicne i gotta sleep lol

  28. chest workout today...little shaky, wasnt relaly focused for sum reason, really no idea why since i took two days off.... did al ittel cardio both days, my guess is that i didnt get enough cals in, esp. sunday since i did cardio and tehn was on my feet ALL day literally dont think isat down till righ before bed, and still was only taking in around 2600 cals.....that mixed with almost no carsb both days, althoug my pre workout meal had about 125 g carbs in it so i decently focused towards the end, ..........still feel like i got a good chest workout though, maybe iddnt get teh intesnte pumps but my reps were lower using bands alot on bench and hammer strength presses so hat could be why, we will see what soreness tomorrow brings haha probably only about 3 servings left of MM....will be posting a final review shortly,,, great stuff!

  29. so the chest workout was prett good, the bands got me lol, chest was pretty sore today, sitll got a sick back workout in , very focused, godo contractiosn and used the bands on sum hammer strength row machines, felt real nice, also using good form on 1 arm DB rows kills me , i swear i sweat more doin those than deads

  30. today was an arm day....started offwith banded towel bench 4 sets of 6 then a couple heavy singles jsut to see what i could do, def. not a max but felt good to move some heavier weights.

    then i did Rev. banded close grip smith bench presses, normally i dotn feel CG presse smuch in my tris but toay was an exception, great pumps the whoel workout, even working in the 8-10 rep range on these, i was really feelin it in my tris

    next was decline skull crushers , 4 sets 8-10 last set was a drop with presses as well

    then i did a different superset for me, 3 sets of vbar pushdown ss with bench dips, this relaly pumped up teh tris

    lastly for tris i did DB overhead ext. but woulnt go nearly as heavy as normal, tris were def. shot, form was perfect thogh, all the way down fora good stretch

    for bis i started off with sumthign ery different..... i did 4 sets of 5 negatives which was pretty tough, i have never really done negatives before i dont think, def. felt somedamage goin on haha

    net was one of my new favorite exercises, banded hammer stength plate loaded curl.......the contraction at the top of the movement becasue of the band is un beatable, nothin like it! its liek a mix of a pump and a ripping feeling all at once, gota lvoe it! 4 sets of 10 for that!

    next was lying cable str8 bar curl, 3 sets 10-12 then 3 sets incline curl 10-12 with a double drop on teh last set!

    pumps were really good today, vascularity seemed more intense as well..... overall very good workout, my tris were shaking or a few hours after, which is not normal lol so i think i did good :-)


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