[LOG] [Not Sponsored] M1P Create-A-Stack! [12/12/11]

  1. Cool [LOG] [Not Sponsored] M1P Create-A-Stack! [12/12/11]

    What's up AM?!

    I will be starting a 6 week cycle of M1P by Taurus Nutrition, probably the week after Christmas, and I'm looking for input!

    The following are more or less set in stone, however, suggestions are always welcome:

    --Two bottles of M1P (currently thinking 6ml a day - suggestions wanted)
    --PCT: PCT Rev Black + Pure Test by Redefine Nutrition
    --Staples: CL Orange Triad, CL OxiMega Greens, Fish Oil, Syngex Protein, Xtend

    Now, I'm hoping you all can help me pick a PWO as well as anything else you think should be added to this run since I won't be starting it for a couple of weeks.
    I've taken all kinds of PWO's in the past but I don't really have anything particular in mind right now - so, help me pick

    **I've recently applied to get in on the new Controlled Labs Golden Gains replacement to add onto this stack - so CL reps, let me know. If I get chosen, that product will definitely be my post workout shake for this run.

    **Pictures will be posted.

    A little bit about me & my goals..

    22 years old, been working out seriously for about 4 years.
    I'm just finishing up a sort of recomp, so my goals for this cycle will be to put on as much LBM as possible during a (relatively) clean bulk.
    5'11", currently 175lbs around 11-12% BF according to a recent Dexa scan.

    PH History: PP Turinabol solo (cycle was fantastic)


    Also, I'm looking for help in creating a workout plan for during this run.
    Looking for strength/size (who isn't?).

  2. Reserved for pictures...

    Also, still looking for additional PWO suggestions and workout routines...

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