Hey Everyone,

This is my second review post that I have written. The first was on the Athletic Edge Nutrition stack. This one is on two supplements from a smaller and new company called Empyrean Nutrition. The products are Insu-Pro and Beta Peptide.

About Me:
10% BF
Lifting for 10 years

Why I Like This Company
I originally was hooked on Insu-Pro (we will call it version 1) a couple years ago from Empyrean Nutrition. The ingredients were good and they push products that have human studies and don't pixie dust. They have since come out with more products, which I will review below (well two of them anyway).

Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro (Post-Workout)
15 grams of whey isolate
10 grams of peptopro hydrolyzed casein
150mg of na-r-ala
2:1 ratio of carbs to protein

I used the first version of this supplement a couple years ago and really liked it. From the taste to the effects of it. Then it went out of stock everywhere I looked for like a year. Well from what I heard they reformulated it and it took them a while...damn. The new version seems to be a lot better. They are no longer using waxy maize and added na-r-ala to the formula. Now I loved...I mean loved the watermelon flavor of the first version, but the new version actually tastes pretty damn good too. It's a little lighter than before. Not I have taken this product post-workout for about 2 months now and am loving it. I feel like I get a really good insulin spike after my workout, so much so, I get dry mouth for awhile afterwords. Then about 1-1.5 hours later i eat a meal. Now I can't say I am gettin big because of it, but I do feel it does better than anything else I have tried post-workout in the past. No bloating and I feel like my muscles are fuller afterwards. So what was the big draw to this product...the hydrolyzed casein from PeptoPro. This isn't your mama's casein...this is shown to absorb quicker and more effectively than whey. There are some studies out there on this stuff...shouldn't be hard to find...and they are on humans...a bonus.

Overall if you are looking for an effective post-workout supplement, this is definitely one I would recommend. Now it's not cheap, but from other PeptoPro products I have tried in the past...Peptopro hydrolyzed casein is expensive...but very effective.

Empyrean Nutrition Beta Peptide (Non Stim Pre/Intra-Workout)
2 grams of beta alanine
3 grams of bcaas/peptopro hydrolyzed casein
4 servings of veggies
Green Tea

I bought this product because there was a deal on it because it's their new product. This is kind of a hybrid supplement, because with all the natural green tea, veggies and beta alanine, it actually gives me an energy boost without the caffeine, so it could be used as a non-stim pre-workout or an anytime pick-me-up, but also with the veggies it could be used as a 'greens' supplement or with the amino acids, it could be used as an intra amino acid supplement. I didn't go into buying it with a goal supplement in mind. So what the hell do I do with it? Well I don't eat enough veggies and tried another 'grass' tasting greens supplements, so this definitely fills the void here. So I definitely use it in the morning when I am not working out for the day. Oh...and it tastes awesome...actually better than the insu-pro above. A great fruit punch match. I also don't take a stim pre-workout everyday of the week, only about 3-4 days per week, so on the off days, I take this pre-workout. On the on-days then I use it as an intra-workout supplement. So I don't know is this is confusing or what, but overall I think it's just a solid supplement that is trying to find it's place. It's not cheaper either...like $45...but it does last 30 days. I think it could definitely replace your amino acid supplement (I mean it has all 20 aminos where others have only a few?)...and you should never stay on pre-workout stims forever, so this could get you by on your breaks, and then if you are looking to add more greens this could help.

So overall I am going to continue with it, and would recommend people to at least try it and see how it works out in their supplement stash.