(NON-SPONSORED) JOURNEY2SWOLE gets totally ripped with BioForge, DAA and Agmatine

  1. (NON-SPONSORED) JOURNEY2SWOLE gets totally ripped with BioForge, DAA and Agmatine


    Over the next three months I will be logging the following products/stack to determine the effectiveness of each product. I am normally on another forum site but I am a rep for another company there so I will be logging these products here on Anabolic Minds.


    Botivia BioForge V-3

    Name:  biotivia-bioforge.jpg
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    Primaforce DAA

    Name:  DAA.jpeg
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    Serious Nutrition Agmatine

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    In the next three months I am looking for these products to assist me in raising my free test levels and in turn help me to build lean mass, drop body fat and build strength.


    I train at a local gym five days a week. I wake up at 4:15 AM and will be taking my supplements along with my multi and fish oil each morning upon waking and then am at the gym by 5:00 AM and workout fasted. I hit free weights working an individual muscle group each day Monday through Friday and then complete 30-45 minutes of LISS cardio after my weight training. My routine is taken from one developed by Layne Norton, Marc Lobliner, Derek Charlebois and Chuck Rudolph.

    Here is a basic break down of my routine

    Chest and Abs - Monday
    Back - Tuesday
    Shoulders and Traps - Wednesday
    Arms and Calves - Thursday
    Legs and Abs - Friday

    I have had good success with this plan in the past and am looking forward to it working again for me. I will tweak it as I go.

    I will be posting starting pics (UGH!!) and my nutrition plan as well. Now, time to get this started and time to get swole!!

  2. Here are my non-posed, non-flexed stating pics. As you can see I have a lot of room to improve.


    Name:  2011%u0025252520Vacation%252520Cut%252520Week%25252011.JPG
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    Name:  2011%u0025252520Vacation%252520Cut%252520Week%25252012.JPG
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    Name:  2011%u0025252520Vacation%252520Cut%252520Week%25252013.JPG
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    WEIGHT: 195.8lbs.
    BODY FAT: 22%
    CHEST: 43.5"
    ARMS: 14.5"
    THIGHS: 21.25"
    CALVES: 15.5"
    FOREARMS: 12"
    SHOULDERS: 52"

    Time to grow and loose some body fat !!

    All measurements were taken today unflexed at rest.

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