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    Ive been working out for a few years, decided I would try some PH out. Couple months ago I tried out Torqued that I got from the local nutrition EFX. I didnt seem too bad. Had some acne at first but it went away. I had problem however stayin on key about taking it everyday. Im gunna try my damdest this time around. Im a pretty strong guy to begin with, not really looking for huge gains. Just coming off a month off cycle, no gym, no supps no anything. Right now I sit at about 220 and I want to say 18% body fat, im getting caliper tested soon. I have two bottles and I plan on running this, as well as the cyclic ketogenic diet. For a preworkout I will be using No-bomb. Along with this cycle I plan on running a mile or two every other night or swimming a few laps. Not a lot of cardio, but definitely sum. Any comments or suggestion are always welcome as well as any previous experience with the product.
    wk-pills dly

  2. So on Wednesday I did one of the Bio-empedence tests, and this morning(Fri) I did a caliper tests. The results were 17.5% and 12.8% relatively. This is a huge range. I think at 4 weeks, Ill take pics and redo both tests to see progress on both spectrums(??) at 4 and 8 weeks. Seeing as its only friday, There really hasnt been any notices or differences, no headaches, no acne(knock on wood) but its only been 4 days. I am however pumped to start my 3X on monday. Swimming also seems to be alot easier for me to do, because I despise running.

  3. So I start week 3 today. Ive seen some slight shedding, my strength is propbably still a little lower than it was 2 months ago. Im using JEFIT app to track my workouts. It keeps track of menchmark excersizes. These are a little low because I usually end up doing these as my last sets. Also, Im still getting back into it. It uses the 1RM=((1+(reps/30))*weight formula
    bicep curl-133.0
    shoulder press-170.5
    Like I said the bench is a little low becuase I usually do pullups, incline, rowns then flat bench... I might do flat to begin with today to see the number jump a little. As far as side effects, in the beginning i wa a little more edgy, little bit more tempered, thats subsided. i also get minor headaches, but there minor. Other than that im just always super hungry. As far as my diet goes, Ive been in putting as much protein as possible. usually 2 shakes a day, lots of bacon and chicken, cottage cheese. ive been trying out drinking egg wihits mixed with oj in the morning. Its not as gross as it sounds. Alright, well until next week,thanks for reading.

  4. So Im not sure if it has been my lack of proper diet, too much sleep or not enough cardio, but I have had no energy this week. Im up o about 230 today, I havent noticed any weight gais or losses recently, so Im thinking its mostly water weight. Ive also become extremely hungry lately, always hungry. I wasnt prepared for this, so like I said my diet has been a little off. takin in loads of protein still, just the side food as I know hasnt been great for me. Im propably hitting somewhere between 250-300g of protein a day. Ill post pics most likely at the end of next week. Ill also updarte my stength log then as well. Until then, thanks for reading.

  5. might want to train, and get your diet on point before jumping into steroids....
    Log of EPIC by FRL - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/202576-should-epic-frl.html

  6. Ya, I know what your saying. And I knew it to be true before I even started. Its not that Im not training. I lift just about everyday except for sundays. I think I took the pills for granted, thinking they were gunna do all the work. Silly me. Ive got to get back on it. I appreciate your input. Hopefully it will help me get my **** into gear.

  7. So after screwing around a bit, Im back on track with my diet. Feelin a little sluggish for the first few days but I should be good by the weekend. To change things up Im doing cardio before I lift, and Im lifting for repititions and not weight. Ill probably re cal my fat percentages and weight this weekend.


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