Mongo is going to throw the weights around with LG's M1D Black and Form-X(Sponsored)

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  1. It is Really smokey outside and 100 degrees so instead of my planned tire workout im going to hit cardio x. My legs are wrecked from yesterday and I wanted to hit some sled to get a decent pump in them but I will settle for the Cardio X. My schedule this week is going to change because i have to travel to ohio for a wedding. i will do Speed lower on thursday. will be traveling all day friday. Will try to hit a run or some cardio while up in ohio on Saturday. Sunday traveling with small speed upper late when I get in. It will probably be rep work with a couple tri exercises and call it a day. Next monday back on schedule. Tomorrow we will be maxing Bench with a pause or doing cg bench not sure. If I max reg bench this week Ill be able to hit it one more time before the end of the log.

  2. First ****ty day on upper in two months. I feel its time to deload a week. So next week thats what Im going to do. Shoulders and pecs are really tight. Especially the right shoulder and pec. Feel I just didnt have the power i should. Did tie a comp pr. though. We were doing 2+ sec pauses which hurt too. ME Upper:

    Bench-135-8, 225-5, 315-3, 355-3, 385-1, 405-1 start pause, 425-miss, 425-1, 435-miss
    Band over head hammer grip ext-red-105-8,8,7,7
    Jm Presses-155-8,8,8,8 last set was a max 8 was tough
    DB URR-70's-10,10,8,6
    CG LPD-170-10,8,6 Squeezed at bottom. My entire upper back was still fatigued from monday.

    Although I didnt hit what I wanted to on bench I still got work. I feel like Ill be sore. As long as Im getting work Ill improve. I feel the deload week will jump start me again. Ill will max bench again later but next time It will only be a 1 sec pause bar stops then command. Libido is still great. Wife commented on it the other day asking what supplement was I on! On a positive note my tris are really taking to this work load. But every so often I need to give the tendons a break. I really felt the difference in the aches i had in my lower body after the deload week so Im thinking it will be the same with the upper. I should have deloaded them together.

  3. I did get good work yesterday because Im pretty sore today. My muscles are looking fuller. Chest and arms are looking nice and dense. Also I have noticed my traps are looking a lot thicker as well.

  4. Its amazing what one day can do. My quads were still sore from the leg press and my upper back was a little sore but I absolutely crushed this workout. It was DE Lower and again my lower body feels great. Felt really strong. DE Lower

    speed Box Squats-Green band Double wrapped on DB-225-12x2
    way more tension than the blue bands last week. only had two bad reps. One lost balance so went down to fast other didnt explode up. concentration was off is all. The rest I was throwing the weight off my shoulders.

    Speed Dead-Black band-135-8x1 20 sec
    The black band was crazy hard a the top. first set caught me off guard but still hit it. The rest I blew threw them. It felt like it was in the 500 at the top. off the floor it had some tension as well. Really felt this in the upper back and glutes.

    GHR's-off floor self assisted-10,8,8,6 these really crush my hammys
    Rope face pulls-100-12,10,10 upper back was done after deads but psuhed threw these
    Decline sit ups-holding weight over head without moving as much as possible. 10lbs-8,8,6 These were way harder than holding the weight on my chest. Going to use these a lot more.

    Today noticed Hammys felt and looked thicker. My hammys recovered very quickly. Quads didnt but I normally dont hit them as hard as i did monday. So I shocked them. I expected them to be a little sore still. I am also hitting this workout on one less day of rest. I may take the next two days off while in ohio to let my body fully recover. Or I may hit a plyo or cardio x or a run. It will depend on how I feel. Ive noticed my strength on most exercises are up. Recovery is good. Libido is great. Even When Im tired, sore, or feeling off a little im still having solid workouts. Only thing off a little was the Bench yesterday but the pause was longer. I figured that evens out a bit.

  5. Good call on the de-load, but those were some awesome numbers on the sumo dead day. A tie isn't all that bad

    Glad to head that everything is feeling thicker and fuller, and the libido is still up. 5/5 we'll take that lol. Solid numbers on the lifts and that sounds like some great recovery. Do what you think is best in Ohio, some cardio + plyo doesn't sound like a bad idea. You will probably get back and be much more recovered and ready to throw around the heavy stuff again.

  6. Did you contact the loggers on PHF?

  7. Who or what is PHF? never heard of it but no havent talked with anyone except me lifting buddy who is on M1d black.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Good call on the de-load, but those were some awesome numbers on the sumo dead day. A tie isn't all that bad

    Glad to head that everything is feeling thicker and fuller, and the libido is still up. 5/5 we'll take that lol. Solid numbers on the lifts and that sounds like some great recovery. Do what you think is best in Ohio, some cardio + plyo doesn't sound like a bad idea. You will probably get back and be much more recovered and ready to throw around the heavy stuff again.
    Thats what I was thinking with the plyo workout probably hit 30 min if I do. Ill still go heavy lower next week. Looking to beat my pr of 405x3 on wide stance good mornings. definitely going deload upper.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mongo97 View Post
    Who or what is PHF? never heard of it but no havent talked with anyone except me lifting buddy who is on M1d black.
    It's another bodybuilding/prohormone forum. The guys on there are really having fun with M1D Black so far! But don't look hehe...try to keep the placebo effect down yanno?
    USPlabs | Ultra-Premium Sports Supplements | Product Educator

  10. Quote Originally Posted by classic34 View Post
    It's another bodybuilding/prohormone forum. The guys on there are really having fun with M1D Black so far! But don't look hehe...try to keep the placebo effect down yanno?
    Oh ok. I stated to figure as much. Im not going to look. But I just got back from ohio and Im about to hit up a DE upper in about an hour. Going to rep out 225 comp grip then med grip then index finger on smooth cg. hoping to crush last numbers after traveling 10 hrs! this will be the begining of my deload upper week

  11. Although I was exhausted I nailed this workout! The pump was unbelievable. I could flex my chest and could straighten my arms. Also my tri's were so pumped I thought they were going to fall off my arm...DE upper

    Rep bench-225-comp grip-31 pr 1 up from last time, med grip-20 up 1 from last time, cg-14 same 3.5 min break in between
    Green band lying ext-3x15
    rep rope pd-30-50 ds 20-50 The pump hurt this exercise. It was hard to straighten my arm. I focused on squeezing each rep and that hurt even more.
    Incline seated plate raise-45-3x15
    Yoga ball cobra-20's-3x12 (great core and upper back work)

    I was able to push through this workout even with a headache and being exhausted. Once I hit the gym i got focused. In between sets in had to refocus but when I grabbed the weight I was in the zone. Been running low on sleep this weekend. going to try and get some back tonight. With a spot might have had 1-3 more, depending, on my first set. other two sets those were borderline max if not max.

  12. quick note. I am changin my dosage to two in am 4 pre and 2 pm. taking 4 times a day was getting in the way a little.

  13. Good day today hit a pr on my bent leg arched back Good mornings. I took the 4 pre workout and its they way to go. I get a huge pump during the lift. This is the second day in a row. But this time it was in my lower back and its hard to stand straight up lol. strength is up, libido is still very high, energy in the gym is high, motivation is high, focus is up.

    Wide stance Arched back bent leg GM's-135-8, 225-5, 275-5, 315-3 (started with belt), 335-3, 355-3, 385-3, 410-3 pr
    ----Note on these I go as low as I can without losing my arch. also I know Im going low when I feel pressure in my face. But i know its not parallel to the ground. It is lower than 45 degrees though. I lose arch before 90

    Heavy sled-100ft pulls-8-70lbs on my sled pulled with heels
    Chest supported high row(hammer grip bar med width)-160-12,10,8,6 really felt these in my upper lat felt great. up on weight with these and really tried to squeeze at bottom
    Standing low row-CG bar-150-4x10 up on these by 2 on 3rd set and hit and extra set for 10
    GHR's-3x8 really feel like im getting much stronger here
    REv hypers-purple band-10,10,8 hammys, back, and glutes were so exhausted and I pushed threw these
    Machine rope crunch-face machine-60-20, 80-15, 100-11, 120-4

    Done. Feeling great. I thought that the traveling this weekend was going to effect me negatively. If it did Ive gotten a lot stronger. On the GM's I try to get really low on the warm ups and as it gets heavier I I focus on keeping my arch. When I lose my arch I feel it puts a lot of pressure on my lower back. At heavy weights this pressure hurts so I focus on keeping the arch.

  14. GPP workout today is going to be sled work...going to do 4 60 yard pulls will heels, then 8 sprints-4 forward 4 backwards, finishing it off with ad/abductor sled work. should be overall good work. Started rolling my chest out with a ball yesterday and noticed some loosening. Hoping this light week with added stretching and active release boosts my power back up.

  15. That was the perfect deload day I could have had. My joints felt great with no pain but my muscles all had a huge pump. Did not feel the tightness in my right pec that I was feeling. Still working out the knots by rolling on a ball. My lower body was destroyed from mondays lift but is starting to feel better. Me upper (deload day)

    Ball DB press max rep-110's-16,13,9 3 min rest
    Lying band ext off chest-black band-11,9,7,6,6
    Sled overhead ext-30 yard x2-these killed my tri's
    sled front raise-30 yards x2-first time doing these and they were tough
    sled one arm back- 30 yards each arm x2
    sled over head static hold-60 yards each arm - need weight but is an overall great stabilizer exercise

    Still have elevated libido, muscle fullness, focus, and motivation. Strength seems to be going up hit prs the last two workouts prior to today. Recovery is good but wish it was just a little better. I really picked up the intensity when I stated M1d black but have been recovering just in time. I wish it was a day sooner but Im still recovered so Not really a complaint just a wish.

  16. Nice job on the PRs man. I feel ya on the recovery aspect, but the increase in intensity and you still being able to run this split says a lot. Glad to hear the libido is still high as well as all the other aspects you've been mentioning.

  17. Did A hitt cardio on a exercise bike this morning then stretched. Hammys and back are still sore but feel way better. tomorrow is DE lower looking forward to another great lift.

  18. DE Lower today. Started out really tight and flet it in my speed box squats. I eventually warmed up but made it a light day to help with recovery. My speed deads felt great and felt strong. My tight hammys, hips, and back made squating a challenge but still most of my sets were a positive.

    Speed Box Squats-13.5 inch box-225-black band double wrapped-10x2 45 sec rest
    Speed dead-275-blue bands-10x2 20 sec rest
    Sled pull with heels-no weight-4 straight 60 yard pulls then 2 60 yard pulls
    decline over head sit ups-10-3x8 these are really tough. crushes the lower abs

    Libido is still crazy high...makes it hard to pee at night.... overall good day considering the tightness

  19. So My hips are still very tight. So tomorrow is going to be box front squats on a 14 to 14.5 inch box. I want to only go just below parallel. Had a good lift today. Muscles are looking full and hard. Strength is up and it was an accident that I found out. Chest is still tight. I am going to continue to rehab it and watch it. Once it warmed up i felt like i had good power. So I may need to take it slower on my warm ups. But DE upper today:

    Speed bench-265-16x3 6 cg, 5 med, 5 wide
    Blue band push ups-20,15,12 this is where I found out my strength was up. The first set was the same but I stopped because I wanted all 20's
    -----up 4 on second set and 2 on last set squeezed tris at top.
    Vbar band push downs-80-blue band-5x10 huge pump after these
    Red band Front raise-8,8,7 These were a lot harder than I anticipated but really felt good.

    So I ate or drank something yesterday that did not agree with me and its messing my stomach up bad. Even with that I felt great. I am going to drop the intensity down a touch to fully recover this week. Then next week I go by feel on upping it again. Need to work on my hips to loosen them up. Over all felling strong, muscles look full and hard, libido still very high!

    My lifting buddy is really liking M1d black as well. his numbers are up and he is recovering great. He has talked it up to some buddies who were asking about it. He is dosing 3 am 3 pm at 205.

  20. I just started using those foam roller things... has greatly lessened the pain in my hips both intra workout and post workout. Take like 5 min to loosen up on the roller, and bingo. But i know the feeling, my hips really take a beating during leg days.

    Glad to hear your friend is liking the M1-D at 6 caps, and REALLY glad to hear you guys spreading the word about LG

  21. Yeah Ill try that but i think Ill roll the hips on a ball to isolate it a little better as well. Never tried that pre always done it post and off days. gonna give it a shot!

  22. Started by rolling hips, hamstrings, quads, ab/adductors on a ball and foam roller and it did help loosen me up. It loosened me up a good bit but still very tight. I still hit great numbers on front squat and banded zercher. Felt very strong and explosive during ME front squats. Zercher did not use a belt and worked on reps for core and ad/abductor work. Im finally used to the libido increase and it started to level off. I still look full and thick. Noticed my shoulders are looking round and full in the mirror this morning. ME Lower

    wide stance Box front squat-14 5/8 inch box. 135-8, 185-5, 225-5, 275-3, 315-3, 365-1, 385-1, 395-1, 405-1
    ----note never done me box front squat but was up over 20lbs over my ME reg front squat. Also the box was just under or right at parallel. Still felt these in the hips with heavy weight.

    Hip width stance front box squat-14 inch box-275-6, 225-11
    ---on the 225 stopped at 11 because I was losing control of the eccentric portion of the move. felt like the last two reps I hit the box to hard so stopped.

    Double Purple band zercher-225-3x8 the band was a lot tougher than I thought. felt great on the hips and got great work. Almost made myslef throw up doing these. loved it

    low pully 1 arm row-130-3x8
    cglpd-170-10,10,8 pulled to chest and squeezed at bottom
    Rope machine crunch-70-20, 90-15, 100-12, 110-8
    ball plank on hands- 3x fail great shoulder and core stabilizer really tough

    Over all strength is up felt great. M1d is definitely doing its job! recovery is still not where i want it, so lowered the intensity a bit to make sure i recover.

  23. Those are insane numbers on the front box squat lol. Solid fukin work. Good thinking stopping a bit early to keep the movement correct.

    All i can say about the recovery is possibly to take some BCAAs pre workout, it's always helped my recovery. Other than that, you might just have to lift under 500lbs for a while

    Regardless, i'm loving the progress and dedication. Great log so far brother.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Those are insane numbers on the front box squat lol. Solid fukin work. Good thinking stopping a bit early to keep the movement correct.

    All i can say about the recovery is possibly to take some BCAAs pre workout, it's always helped my recovery. Other than that, you might just have to lift under 500lbs for a while

    Regardless, i'm loving the progress and dedication. Great log so far brother.
    Thanks man. I take about 10 gm bcaa during. I think I might have just been doing to much. I hit a exercise bike cardio and stretched, foam rolled, and rolled on a ball afterwards. Im feeling really good today. A little sore but not over sore like I was. So taking a little off the intensity helped I believe.

  25. Lifted early this morning. Hit some PRs. Also yesterday my cglpd was up 4 reps, i realized that today and that was after low pulley rows! It was max effort upper today and I felt very strong. Strength is continuing to go up. ME Upper

    45 degree incline bench-135-8, 185-5, 225-5, 275-3, 315-2, 335-1, 345-1 pr, 355-1 pr, 365-1 pr
    Band lying on ground Barbell ext-green band-115-8,10,6,5
    -----band tension was lighter on 2nd set. first 3rd 4th was great band tension all the way through rep
    Rev grip ext-fst 7's-80-7x7
    band over head ext-grn-9 ds blue-10
    Side raise-50's-10,8,7
    Tbar over hand grip med width-245-8,7,7

    Felt strong from start to finish. I rolled my chest out pre workout and it seemed to help. I also am going to do it here in a minute for a post release. I still felt the knot tighten a little during so its not 100% yet but its getting a lot better.

  26. Did a hitt workout yesterday on my exercise bike. Did DE Lower today. Felt good. made some band adjustments which made me lower the weight because It made a huge difference. Felt strong and still looking full and thick. DE lower

    speed Box squats-14 in-275-bl band triple wrapped on db-7x2 225-5x2
    ----band made a huge difference here wanted good speed so lowered the weight
    Speed deads-grn-275-5x1 225-5x1
    ----tried to go heavier but lost a little speed so lowered it for the last 5 to really work on that. felt great
    DB RDL's conventional stance-95's-2x15 sumo-95's-2x8 much harder
    Ball overhead sit ups-arms-15 5-10 10-8

    Felt good now time to get ready for the hurricane. Might be pulling 2 12hr days...

  27. The hurricane wasnt that bad here in va. Had to make a trench in the front yard to make sure side of house didnt flood. But had a good workout today. Really wanted to work speed but also wanted to work tri's very hard. accomplished both. Almost done with m1d and about to move to form-X. I used two different types of band tension. I had purple bands double wrapped on the bottom saftey bar making them double banded on the bar on both sides. then off the floor I had the red bands tripple wrapped on the db and single wrapped on the bar for speed bench.

    Speed bench-bands+225-16x3 cg-6 med-5 comp-5
    Really felt good at lock out but light at bottom for great speed work

    Band push ups-blue and purple band around back-3x12 this is an awesome pump in chest and tri's
    hammer bar over head ext with red band-105-8,8,6,5 this was way harder than I anticipated but got good work
    Red band straight bar tri pd-100+red-12,9,8
    band Front raise-reds-10,8,8 these give me great eccentric work
    ball cobra-15's-3x10

    Still looking full and dense. recovery is up to par now. The db straight leg deads really worked my legs and glutes good. My buddy is finished with m1d but stated he really felt strong and dense while taking it. He said his back, tri's and hammys really looked meaty. My back not so much but hammys and tri's are crazy full and dense.

  28. I have to say that taking 4 pills pre workout is freaking sweet! It makes me feel very strong and explosive! great ME lower day. Hips are starting to feel loser and more explosive. Chest still has a knot in it but I have been rolling on the foam roller and ball to loosen up the muscles Im working preworkout. It has been working well. I think it may be my pec minor that is knotted. Once that gets loosened I will feel great. ME Lower:

    Heavy sled-100lbs-6 trips of 60 yards lower back was so pumped
    double banded Zercher squats-blue bands-225-3,3,3 275-1 295-1 315-1 The top had to be at least 150 at the top but probably more. Felt very strong-these really work my weakness-glutes and mid back
    BHLPD-wide grip-210-6,6,5
    Floor GHR's-self assisted-bw-10,8,7 using less and less assistance felling these in my hammys and glutes a lot more.
    Rev hypers-purple bands-2x8 used as a cool down really squeezed at top
    Lying machine sit ups-20-10,12 30-8 abs were pumped

    m1d is on point at 8 caps a day. I would and have suggested to people to take 4 pre workout. made a big difference when I switched to this. almost done might have a day or two left max then on to form-x.

  29. Last day of M1d black today. Glad its for my ME upper. On to form-x tomorrow. rhadam or any lg rep should I dose at 3 or 4 a day with form-x? the original i dosed 4 but this is supposed to be better.

  30. For a last day on m1d black it was a good one. Hit a pr on cg bench. after a week of lighter intensity my recovery caught up and is really good. My chest was still a little knotted so that was annoying but still hit good numbers. The strength, fullness, and libido is still in full gear hopefully it continues with form-x. Im really liking these strength gains. ME Upper

    Close Grip bench-index finger on smooth(hands 18 in apart)- 135-10, 185-8, 225-5, 315-3, 335-3, 365-3, 385-2, 395-1, 405-1 pr, 410-1 pr
    -----410 went up easier than 405. i think i had 415 but had already done 5 sets at or above 90%
    DB floor press-110's-12,12,10,7 ds 95-2 buddy wanted to do these I was done after last set. have never done these before really liked them
    Bench tri dips-blue band+45 in lap-12,9,8,6 ds bl band-2 squeezed at top
    ----these blew up my triceps.
    Seated Military- no back support-135-8,8,8,6
    rev grip pull ups-25-8,7,6 good lower lat and lower trap activation
    Seated incline alt db curl-45's-8,8,7

    Here is my rating of M1d black
    Strength-10 constant gains everything was up and is continuing to go up
    Libido-10 from day 2-today sky high. plus towards the end I was lasting forever. like a cardio level
    overall recovery-7-may have been my fault for over doing it but towards the end it picked up last two weeks I have been fully recovered and ready to go.
    during workout recovery- 9 never felt like I was completely done always felt like i could do more even when I walked out feeling destroyed.
    Fullness-10- all my muscles especially chest, tri's, and hammys are really think and meaty looking
    focus/motivation-9- never had a problem once i step in my garage to lift. with 4 pre workout its probably a 10 but only doing that part of the time gave it a 9. really felt 4 pre is the key for me.
    No problem sleeping
    no increase appetite but then again i am always hungry.

    Have to give it to lg great product.
    only problem i can see is If your a big guy and tight on money this may be a problem but other than that no bad sides.
    On to form-x where ill rate that by its self and with m1d as a stack!


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