My final review of the 1-Andro 6 week bridge.

First thanks again to FINAFLEX and ScottyDoc for sponsoring this awesome run.

I wasn't expecting too much from this run, not because of the product but because I was bridging it from a test of a beta product that put 7 lbs of LBM on me already. All of the other logs I read on 1-Andro products the guys had gained about 5 lbs in 6 weeks being fresh not bridging into it. So basically I assumed running this I may be able to put on another 2 lbs of muscle while continuing to lean up. Well happily I can say that is not what has happened. I will just use some bullet points here and show the stats and result rather than bore you to death with useless dialog.

Strength - This product really shined when it came to strength. I kept increasing on every lift even when I had really pushed it on the last workout.
Composition - This product seems to respond to whatever you do with calorie intake. When I ate big I gained quickly, and when a limited intake I dropped quickly so I would say it is great in either situation.
Mass gains - As I said above I was able to add mass easily. I was surpised to see that I put on 4.8 lbs of LBM after already gaining quite a bit on the beta. To me this means this product is probably noticeably stronger than the other 1-Andro products considering I was able to gain as much as them coming off of that. Although it also has an extra 10mg od 1-Andro and the DHB which is an anabolic amplifier.
Aggression / Alpha Male - At first I noticed some mild aggression and alpha male feel but it was short lived and gradually as the run went on aggression and alpha male feeling is only a memory... Then again this is a low androgenic product and I was shutting down so that is to be expected.
Libido - Once again this went up shortly and then I gradually became less interested in sex. once again a result of this being low androgen and highly anabolic.
Sides - Honestly other than the expected shut down that was going to happen just from 10 weeks of PH's I didn't have any sides to speak of. I had a couple extra pimples but more related to heat. Shut down obviously, which cause the lower libido and less motivation. I did have lethargy, and the tingling / itching feeling at the end of the urethra when peeing which is common of all 1-Andro products from what I have read.
Beginning / End
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There are some lighting differences that benefited the first set of pictures but I still think the extra muscle and definition are still apparent considering the lighting in the second set is more washed out by the sun coming in the window and you can still see improvements.

6/10/11 - 203 8% LBM 186.7, 16.3 Fat Mass
6/25/11 205.5 8% 189.06 LBM 16.44 Fat Mass
7/2/11 204 7.4 188.9 LBM 15.1 Fat Mass
7-23-11 - 205.5 6.8% LBM 191.53 up 4.83 lbs, Fat 13.97 lbs

Total change since beginning
LBM 191.53 up 4.83 lbs, Fat 13.97 lbs down 2.33 lbs
Summary - I am very please to have gained almost 5 lbs lbm and lost a little over 2 lbs of fat. Was a pleasent run and would do it again for sure. This is a very solid product considering the low sides I would like to run it around 6--8 caps over an 8 week period and see how much mass I could gain on a bulker.

Stack I would like to see ran. -
1-Andro and EPI-V, the androgens in the EPI V would balance out the low androgen in the 1-Andro, it would also keep any water off of you so you could eat more carbs without holding excess water making it a killer stack for adding very lean and dry mass.