Conrad Erase

  1. Conrad Erase

    I thought I would provide weekly updates or so on my solo erase run!

    So far im on day 4. I notice an increase in vascularity, and aggression! Libdo has dropped considerably however.

    Im taking 1 cap upon waking going to bump it to 2 caps this friday!

  2. Go with 2 caps...ride it out!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Go with 2 caps...ride it out!
    Ya i plan on taking 25mg around 9am then 25mg around every 12 hours to keep levels constant! im going to start doing this today!

  4. I did 3 caps and was fine, just judge it by how your joints feel. I 2nd that bump to 2.

  5. Nice review so far. Last time I used Erase, I experimented and bumped dosage up to 4-5 caps a day. I didn't experience any joint issues but I did run through my bottles quicker lol. I was incredibly dry all the time which was missed tremendously when I ran out.



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