Boladrol + Erase + OEP + Alpha-T2/Shift Lean Bulk Cycle

  1. Boladrol + Erase + OEP + Alpha-T2/Shift Lean Bulk Cycle

    Started today...

    Boladrol: 8/8/8
    PES Erase: 3/3/3
    OxyELITE Pro: 2/2/2
    PES Alpha-T2: 1/1/1
    PES Shift: 2/2/2

    General schedule...

    8AM: Boladrol x 2 + Erase x 1 + OEP x 2 + Alpha-T2 x 1 + Aspirin (81mg)
    9AM w/ Breakfast: NOW NAC (600mg) x 1 + NOW Liver Detoxifier x 1 + Barleans (1000mg) x 2

    2PM Workout...

    4PM: Boladrol x 1 + Erase x 1 + Shift x 1 + NOW Liver Detoxifier x 1 + Barleans (100mg) x 2
    12AM: Boladrol x 1 + Erase x 1 + Shift x 1 + NOW Liver Detoxifier x 1 + Barleans (100mg) x 2

    General thoughts...

    Weekly soft tissue work is scheduled in for the duration of the cycle, focus will be on improving strength by way of improving neural drive and not neccesarily through hypertrophy i.e. heavy singles, doubles and triples. Going to lift daily, off days will consist of active rest in the form of plyometric movements, PNF stretching and the like. Not listing my exact routine as it varies according to how I feel during the session, suffice to say that I will be basing the core of my routine off the Thibaudeau Superhero program. No bloodwork, feedback will simply consist of thoughts and impressions only.

    Expected PCT...

    Clomid: 50/50/0
    Formadrol Extreme: 0/3/3
    PES Erase: 0/3/3

  2. Day 1 w/ 3PM Workout:

    Tanita BC-548 caught me at 216 lbs in the morning on an empty stomach...

    Front pause-at-rock-bottom squats were a little off today. Only went 4x2 today with fair form. Usually like to see 5x2 done well. I might have been caught up in anticipating how the stack was working through the session as opposed to focusing on form. Will try not to make the same mistake tomorrow. Superset said front pause-at-rock-bottom squats with conventional hook-gripped deads. Everything done raw, no belt, no straps. Posterior chain was sore within hours, decompressed with PNF hangs (ala Tsatasouline) throughout the night. Taking a capsule of Boladrol right before bed to see if it will impact sleep. So far, so good (feel tired and ready to crash)...

    Update: Did not get much sleep, if at all. Mind was tired, yet the body refused to take a break. Boladrol is the likely culprit as I have taken Erase x 1 + Shift x 1 in the past with no ill effects on sleep patterns. Adjusting dosage schedule tomorrow to accomodate Boladrol earlier in the day...

  3. Day 2 w/ 12:30 PM Workout:

    Followed the general dosing schedule this morning and hit the gym early on zero sleep for 24 hours. Felt as if I were regressing in form and power output with heavy incline bench presses, dropped weight and focused on eccentrics and speed with a 4101 tempo. Regained my confidence, started to once again anticipate the effects of Boladrol + Erase and ended up straining my back on a push press. Have to remind myself that these supplements are not magic recovery pills, though I am holding out hope that I am one of those who responds well to Boladrol earlier rather than later in a three-week cycle. A session of soft tissue work immediately afterwards ought keep the debilitating effects of the strain at a minimum. Modified the dosing schedule for Boladrol as such:

    4PM: Boladrol x 2 + Erase x 1 + Shift x 1 + NOW Liver Detoxifier x 1 + Barleans (100mg) x 2
    12AM: Erase x 1 + Shift x 1 + NOW NAC (600mg) + NOW Liver Detoxifier x 1 + Barleans (100mg) x 2

    Lesson for today is not to overreach on zero sleep, no matter what OTC supplements are being taken and not to take Boladrol too late in the day. YMMV, of course. Being only the second day of the cycle, nothing really to report on supplement-specific gains. If anything, an increase in thirst which can most likely be attributed to OEP + Erase. I have been cognizant of proper hydration, but fluids seem to go out as fast as they come in. Tomorrow will see only rest and plenty of stretching. Day 4 ought to be interesting...

    Update: Just downed an entire canteloupe and a full serving of Muscle Milk mixed with grape juice and soy milk. This is about two hours after a large dinner. Now that I have had some additional time to reflect, the increase in hunger over previous baseline conditions is unmistakeable. In fact, hunger was one of the primary culprits keeping me awake all of last night.

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