Is 1 androsterone as safe as AMS markets it to be?

  1. Is 1 androsterone as safe as AMS markets it to be?(career question)

    My friend sent me 2 bottle of the liquid 1 androsterone and I am a little worried about side effects. You see I am prone to male pattern baldness from both my mother and fathers side I however at 21 have a full head of hair no thinning what so ever.. I need to know if this is really true that it cannot cause hairloss because I am a fitness model although im shredded to the core in alot of shoots people say im too skinny and need to bulk up a bit but bulking at the expense of losing hair could destroy me, I am also aspiring to be an actor so i cannot afford to lose hair my career is at stake.. what are the chances of hair thinning occuring on this cycle i need solid information from people prone to balding like me ... help and advice would be greatly appreciated..

  2. anyone? i could really use some advice

  3. I would also like to add that I know there is such a thing as a natural bulk but i have tried mny times tried atkins, tried carb cycling, tried EVERYTHING if i bulk i become stronger more muscular but lose my abs when i cut i become skinny again bt not big eniugh ive kept my protein intake high as reccomended 1 gram per pound etc nothing works this an ultimatum for me thats why i ask

  4. You have to be doing something wrong with your diet then, if you look skinny while defined and can't keep it. You realize the same thing will happen with anabolics too right?

    whats your height + weight now, and age? BTW if you are prone to male pattern balding, then really any hormone fluctuation can cause shedding.

  5. I am 21, 154 pounds 5'11 thank you for advice i guess ill stay away from it than.. balding is a risk i definetly cant take

  6. I think likely the reason you have relatively limited luck is that you are probably trying to gain too much mass too fast, then after having done that trying to lose fat too fast. Really at your size I'd shoot for a 1/2 pound gain per week, and then when going to fat loss keep to just 1lb a week of loss. that should help a bit


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