M-drol advice

  1. M-drol advice

    Hey I am almost 21 and have ran a cycle of h-drol in the past so I'm somewhat experienced with ph's. I used to weigh 185 but got really sick and lost 10 lbs:/ I'm looking to gain it back maybe more. I've been doing my research on m-drol and I'm going to run a 10/20/20/20 cycle. If the sides get too bad I'll cut it short. I'll be running milk thistle and fish oil with my cycle and throughout my pct with inhibit-e. I'm going to start sometime this week and just want to know of I'm missing anything. All the help is appreciated thanks.

  2. Cycle assist, Nolva or Clomid for pct, and a natural test booster.
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  3. Sweet thanks bro

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Cycle assist, Nolva or Clomid for pct, and a natural test booster.
    You should have already known this. I think you should hold off on the M-Drol. Seems you got lucky running H-Drol underage, you won't be so lucky with M-Drol.

  5. mdrol will shut u down....post in the right section...mdrol is NOT a supplement. Serm + Cycle Assist + natty test booster like what was stated above
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