Here is a collection of reviews I have gathered from around the boards and such so far. Feel free to post up your review of Shift, whether it was in a stack or as a standalone!

A Home Run !!!by Sterling By: sterling
Review posted on: Wed Jan 19 1422 -0600 2011

After years of essentialy no uncoupling/T-2 metabolic agents on the market, paydirt finally arrives with this Shift product. I remember the the days when you could add T-2 by itself and the fat melted rapidly and results could be seen in a week!!!! I imagine nothing will change when using this product at a healthy dose of 150mcgs per cap compared to the old standard of 100mcgs per cap. Good deal! Instead, this is 3,3 instead of 3,5 which 3,3 is safer if not more effective!!! It's 2003 again...happy days are here again. Its more economical compared to the old school Thyrocuts. More bang for 90 caps @ 150mcgs w/shift.

PES is on the right track starting with the 3 solid fatburning/body compostion products that blow all fat burners away except Oxy-elite. You can stack it with Oxyelite and save a TON of money and wasted effort with the Phenorex and Lipo 6 Black of the world who underdose 3,3 and 3,5. With Shift, You can can control exactly the amount you want plus increase within the prescribed limits. This product alone will sell and stacked like you would not believe. This will be a frequent purchase for me and those serious about keeping the fat/muscle ratio in check year round! Salute to PES for keeping it funky with the science and not being watered down like the mainstream brands


Rojasdave - i just finished my alpha t2 and shift stack. lost 12 lbs and 5% bf in 4 weeks. AMAZING!

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3rd day of taking shift before bed. i wake up really hungry and look leaner upon rising, my diet is maintenance so i haven't lost any pounds-but not really looking to loose pounds, just keep bf% down.

btw-2 at2 upon rising with an erase. 2 at2 6-8 hours later-then 1 erase, 2 shift before bed.

bubsnt3 - I have been on it for a couple of weeks and will say it is a great compound.. I have been running it with DCP/HEAT and I can tell the difference between these two weeks and the two before where I was running the DCP/HEAT solo.. Wish I had bought more at the 14.99 price.. It will be a staple in my future cuts.. A lot less sides than T3 also!!

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Just to update this, I stopped taking Shift immediately pre-bed and instead take it 3-4 hrs pre-bed. No more night sweats.

Although I tried again once pre-bed to see, and yet again I woke up drenched haha. The body temp difference is actually noticeable; I don't necessarily sweat more during the day after dosing, but I am definitely more "resistant" shall we say to the cold. I don't find myself buttoning up like normal if I've had Shift an hour or two before.
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I have been dosing 2 shift pre bed lately and find in the middle of the night I wake up to take a leak and I have successfully left a complete outline sweat imprint on my bed... always great when I have to climb back in a sweat puddle to go back to bed!
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Yeah, it doesn't hit you fast and hard like a strong stim. I get a warmer sensation. I get an elevated leaning benefit without the speed. I hate strong stims... they make me feel like trash. Wont shred you down hardcore, but a nice adjunct to a plan.
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Shift is essentially the stimulant-free version of Alpha-T2 (I love Alpha-T2 and definitely notice the difference when I am not using it!) I started off using Shift at just one cap pre-bed - as a replacement for Lipotrophin-PM and instead of using Alpha-T2, to ensure optimal fat loss and sleeping benefits. The first week of using Shift I was also using Alpha-T2, but once that was gone I replaced all my Alpha-T2 doses with Shift, keeping the additional pre-bed dose. My metabolism was pretty up there when using Shift, even though my appetite was through the roof and I was eating almost on every hour for at least a week once I changed my training programme (added in 2-a-day sessions). Even though I was maintaining my body composition until I changed my training programme, over the entire period of using Shift, I ended up recomping, successfully gaining ~8 pounds in lean body mass and losing ~2 pounds of bodyfat (do note that not all body changes can be attributed solely to Shift, since I stacked it with other products, albeit all I had used before)! Although I prefer using Alpha-T2, I didn’t mind Shift - it is definitely stackable with other “fat burners”, stimulant or non-stimulant, and makes a great replacement for those who are sensitive to or can’t use stimulant products.

Great for stim free fat loss By: Mike
Review posted on: Sun Apr 10 23:57:08 -0500 2011

I took erase with shift for a lean bulk. this was after i lost 11lbs on alpha-t2.

My goal with the lean bulk was to not gain any fat, but get stronger and harder. this stack let me to exactly that. Shift really gives a "warm" feeling. I took 2 pills in the morning and then 1 more later and 1 more before bed.

Erase i did 1 in the morning 1 during day and 1 at night. It dried me out very nice. Great hardener and libido booster. Also noticed some increase aggression in the gym

I got even leaner during my lean bulk but did not lose any weight, which was exactly what I was looking for. I am going to do a super lean bulk in the summer with erase, shift, alpha-t2, and maybe some DAA


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