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  1. Getting ripped up! LG Natadrol + progress pics

    I am currently on my fifth day of Natadrol. Ive been planning to log it. so i figured id start the thread. I dont know whether i should do weekly or daily updates, im leaning towards weekly.

    My aim through out the cycle is to loose bodyfat and retain streangth.
    Im still on my first week at 4 caps per day and i have started to notice a difference. I really have to take a before after picture as I have already noticed increases in streangth and have already put on 2 kg (4.4 pounds)! Thats before the end of the first week. Im going to put that down to increased water intake; however, i woke up dehydrated this morning for that reading.

    Ive been keeping logs of the first few days at home so i can keep good updates.

    I plan to increase dosage to 6 a day next week, and am contemplating upping it to 8 perday, however, id need to import another bottle if i am to do this or my cycle will only roughly be 30 days/4 weeks. how much difference does 8 per day make?

    My diet will be clean foods as much as i can with the majority of my carb intake occuring before 3pm. I will try not eat carbs after this time. The carb intake will depend on my activity level. I will have two meals with carbs on rest days and 3 with carbs on workoutdays. My friend had good success using this method to cut so i throught id give it a go. Im trying to eat maintenance level calories.

    Weight at start of cycle
    86 kg
    body fat: 18ish percent.
    Workout routine: full body split 3 times a week, consisting mainly of compound exersises.

    PCT: Formadrol xtreme+DS lean extreme.

    Do i need to include anything else?

  2. Okay here is the log so far! I have also attached a picture for comparison at the end of the cycle. Im currently deciding if i want a third bottle to bump my dose to 8 for the cycle-any suggestions?

    Natadrol Log

    Day 1- No gym

    First dose.

    I took the first dose this morning at 10am. Approximately 30 mins later I started to get rather thirsty. 45 minutes later I had a huge rush of energy through my body. This was a pronounced feeling in the muscles themselves. I thought this would be very good combined with a pre workout.

    I also experienced dramatic appetite increase. I’m very hungry even after finishing a decent sized lunch.

    Felt good.

    Day 2.

    Same as day 1. I urinated more and had a good session at the gym. I had a slight increase in endurance for most exersises. Surprisingly i was not sore.

    Day 3- off day. 4 pills.

    Day 4: Workoutday Whole body

    leg press + jump squats superset x3 sets
    deadlift + bent rows superset x 3
    Inline dumbell press+incline dumbellcurls superset x3 (dropset on last set)
    Cable rows x3
    Dips x3 (dropset last)

    I had a rough workout this morning. I was running late and had to fit the whole body workout and shower in within one hour before Uni. I vommited midway through the workout after doing supersets of bent rows and deadlifts. As the machine iw as on wasnt really made for deadlifts (bent row machine) my lower back didnt get a great workout.

    I bumped up the weight for incline dumbell presses and bicep curls. I was strugling with 44 pound dumbells before my break (recovery) . Today i was the first time ive done them since i came back. I managed 57 pounds each side. This dramatic increase could be because i used to do bench press before dumbbell presses (on 3 day split) and pre exaused the muscle.

    On legs press i was struggeling with 180 kg x 10reps before break. Today, I only did 180 kg but on the last set did 30 reps. I didnt have enough time to up the weight. I'll go 200kg next time. I also feet like i was jumping higher in my jump squats.

    Overall a hard workout. The vomiting didnt help. However, i guess i did see some improvements.

    Day 5. Off day.

    Today, i got on the scales first thing. I was dehydrated. my bodyweight was up 2kg (4.4 pounds) WOW!! in the excitment of it all i bumped my doseage to 6. I feel good and have a strong alphamale feeling. I have a **** load of energy and dont want to go to bed.
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  3. Subbed. You definitely need at least one, preferably two bottles more.

  4. Were you meaning 3 or 4 bottles total? I have two bottles at the moment.

  5. Oh, I thought you had just one. But I'd still buy one more bottle, you may need quite high dose as you're quite heavy.. But it'll be worth it

  6. Yeh, its probably for the best. I'll just bought another bottle. It should arrive in a few weeks

    Day 6: off day: Im going to go for a run this arvo.

    Im going to go real heavy at the gym tomorrow so i figured i'll have one extra day so im recovered for it.

    As far as Natadrol goes. Ive only taken two so far today, about to take another two--but i have increasing feelings of wellbeing.

    Another note: i have added doses of Aceyl-carnatine to my list. It could possibly increase androgen receptor response. I thought this would be beneficial with nata-d

  7. Day 7: Workout day: whole body

    3km run in morning

    Workout 4pm
    Superset 1: squats +jump squats x3.
    Superset 2: deadlift+ bent row x3
    Seated Calf raises x3
    Incline db press x3
    pullups x3
    Lat pull down x3
    Superset 3: Dips and cable pulldowns
    Lateral raises x3
    Inline curls x2
    Reverse preacher x2

    I had quite an intense workout yesterday as i cant make the gym for a few days due to other commitments.

    Lifts were up in everything. I hit 220 pounds on squats. Ive always had trouble with my legs so im happy im getting up there again. I want to get 240 by the end of the cycle.

    On Incline bench i managed 61 pounds (each dumb bell)and i increased my number of chins and dips. Im pretty sore today!

    Sessions next week will be a 3 day split as can only make it to the gym next week three days in a row

  8. Day 8 schedualed day off
    3km run, nothing additional to report, rather sore after yesterday's workout.

    day 9: unschedualed day off
    I had a day off today as ive got university work due in and dont have time to go to the gym. However i went for a three km run this morning. As i'm going away this weekend i can only workrout tuesday wednesday and thursday so i'll change up the workout and do a 3 day split this week.

    Im noticing my muscles are hardening up a lot. And i feel pretty good to spite the 4 hours sleep i got last night!

    I just had new protein arrive so it will also be easier to get protein at breakfast time now. Ive been struggling the last few days with protein intake. I tried to eat as much meat as i could!

  9. Day 10: workout day back biceps abs, 6 pills

    Chin ups x1 pull ups x 1, hammer grip x1

    Bent rows (machine) x5
    10 x 110 8x122 8x154 8x122 8x122
    Lateral pulldown x5
    176 x10 242x8 220x8 220x8 176x8

    Close grip pulldown x3
    132x8 132x8 132x8

    reverse flys x3
    88x8 88x8 88x8

    incline db curls x 4
    26x10 30x8 26x8 22x7

    reverse preacher curls x3
    33x8 33x8 33x8
    reverse barbell curls x2
    44x8 44x8

    hammer curls + wrist curst superset x3
    33x8 33x8 33x8
    wrist curls
    44x20 44x15 44x12

    Sit ups

    My diet was really **** today. I forgot to take my wallet with me to university and had no money to buy food. Lucky i had my protien powder with me for some energy. I didnt eat anywhere near enough, even for a cut.

    That being said, my workout wasn't too bad. I smashed through chins and most of back. I was out of energy by the time I got to reverse flys and biceps. I was happy with my back workout though. It really worked my bi’s hard.

    As for natadrol-Still good energy and wellbeing; muscles are rock hard!

  10. Day 11: Workout: Legs and Shoulders

    Leg press + Jump squats (superset) x 4
    Squats x4
    Deadlifts x3
    Millitarty press x4
    dumbell side laterals x3
    DB circular side laterals x3
    DB Shrugs x6 (superset with both side lateral exercises )
    Seated Calf raises- 70 reps. Once i reached failure id stop for five seconds until i reached failure again...and again until i got 70
    Standing calf raises x4
    Ham string curl x4

    I did good tonight. I had pleanty of endurance. Did 440 pounds on leg press, 220 on squats and 176 on dead lift. I tried doing 260 on squats but had no spotter. I did 2 reps and racked as i didnt feel stable. I also could of done more on deadlifts, but i couldnt find straps. 176 was as much as i could do without. I only managed 88 pounds on millitary press and 22 pounds on side laterals. My shoulders are probably my weakest body part.

    seated calves were 65 pounds. with the high reps i felt like my calves were cramping.
    I then did 8 slow reps for standing calves at 88 pounds.

    All in all good workout. And im really fuking hungry right now. Looking in the mirror, im starting to cut up a little and getting more definition.

  11. I'm in my fifth week and I just started to notice it really kicking in. Been at 6 caps the last 4 weeks; also thinking about buying another bottle and running it for another week.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by pigpen75 View Post
    I'm in my fifth week and I just started to notice it really kicking in. Been at 6 caps the last 4 weeks; also thinking about buying another bottle and running it for another week.
    Im at day 12 and have been noticing the difference. Im upping to 8 caps today just to experiment. My third bottle should get here in another 8-9 days. I will probably go 8/day when i come back from interstate. I'm there for 4 days. Hopefully the hotel im at has a gym> I'll probably stay at 8 for the rest of the log.

    Has natadrol leaned you out much by week 5?

  13. Day 16: After having a short holiday over the weekend i felt guilty as eating healily was hard. I was in the middle of a city i didn't know and no cooking materials in the hotel. That being said, i didnt eat terribly, but it definitely could have been better! I did walk around for like 5 hours a day though so hopefully that counteracted a little.

    Back on track today! I also have one workout i didn't log last week. From memory it was pretty good. It had nothing on today though.

    Im really tired so i'll keep this one brief.

    At the Gym:

    Did a full body workout and overall did pretty well

    I set prs in leg press, dead lift, lat pulldown,dips and seated calf raises. My vert jump felt like it was higher on my jumpsquats. I have no way to prove this at the moment though. Im just going by feel.

    I maintained on incline db bench press and military press and cable row. I stuggled more than usueal on incline DB bench, i think that was due to doing millitary presses beforehand. I dropped down on incline dumb bell curls but my bi's were fried from the lat pulldown.

    Good workout concidering my low cals today.


    Diet was also great and a good change from the bulk mentality ive had since november. I put in a real effort to make meal size smaller.

    breakfast. 3 wheat biscuits and protien shake.
    meal 2: 160g chicken and vegies + 80 g of fish as i was still hungary
    meal 3 protien shake
    Meal 4: 160g chicken
    Meal 5 preworkout 2 chicken squers, 2 boilt potatos and peas.
    Postworkout: 50g protien and a banana
    Prebed: just about to go grab that! I dont know what is there. im starving though.

  14. yea, bro i starved my ass off on Nat for those 6 weeks. Hunger pains a nil now.

  15. Day 18:

    Ive been eating very low cal diet. I think a little two low, i think i might bump the carbs up a bit tomorrow.

    I did well at the gym tonight. I didnt do legs becase they are still sore from tuesday and i want to play bball tomorrow.

    I did
    deadlift x3
    seated calf raise x3
    chinups/pullups/hammer grip x3
    dumbell pullover x3
    lat pulldownsx3
    Incline db press x3
    pec flys x3
    dips+ pushdown superset x3
    reverse preacher curls x3
    incline db curls x3

    I did well tonight i think. I could have done with more energy and eating more over the day.

    I maintained in every lift tonight and did not go back in any. I with i could of done a few more reps on chins but thats about it.

  16. Day 19 off day.

    Played some basketball today for the first time in a month. (season break) I thought my shooting ability would have dropped somewhat, but i hit enough shots to leave feeling good.

    Im starting to notice recomp effects from Nata. Im starting to get sbetter deffinition everywhere. I have nearly added 1/2 inch to my arms. going from 15' to 15.5' inches. Very happy with that!

  17. Day 20: workout

    Ticeps still sore from previous workout and generaly feeling a little worn down. Went for lighter weights today.

    lunges/ lateral raises superset x3
    hamstring curl + calfraises superset x3
    benchpress x3
    bent rows x3
    millitary press x3
    reverse preachers + db shrugs superst x3
    incline db curls x3

  18. Day 21 off day: ate well

    After finnishing my first bottle i have gained 5pounds, waistline has started to shrink, increased definaition and added 1/2 inch to each arm.

    Day 22 off day, ate fairly well. Third bottle of nata arrived. 8pills per day every day now untill PCT.
    There will be 30 days left on that dose.

  19. Day 23 gym day

    Smashed it tonight.

    I set a pr's for bent row at 160 pounds x8.

    Workout was

    Jump squats >bent row superset x4
    Calf raises>calf jumps superset x3
    Benchpress x4
    millitary press x3
    Chinups>cable cable crossovers supersetx3
    full body Dips>pushdowns superset x3
    Reverse preacher (barbell) > db shrugs superset x3
    Inline db curls x2

    I didnt eat great, i had uni exams on all day.

    After the workout i did a few flexes in the mirror. Starting to trim up nice. I'll post progress pics soon. Ive lost nearly an inch off my waist.

    Day 24 off day.

    I ate okay today. Probably too little. But i didnt have to workout.

    I played some bball.

    Tomorrow im going to go a little over mainenance so i have a good night in the gym.

  20. Day 25: Gym Day-upper body- Nearly mid way through.

    Todight i only did upper body as I have my first 1 on 1 basketball coaching tomorrow. I want to be able to run. so i left out legs and lower back.

    I did
    t bar rows x4
    incline chest press x4
    dumbell pullover x3
    Chinups + cable crossover x3
    Dips + pushdowns superset x3
    Reverse preacher + lateral raises x3
    incline db curls

    I had a good workout tonight. I had extra carbs and calories today to have a slight break from cutting so i had some more energy. I still ate well though.

    meal 1: pasta + protien shake
    Meal 2: pasta + tuna
    Meal 3: 1/2 tin of Tuna+ Protien shake (I couldnt stomach the second tin of i tossed it in the trash and had a shake instead.)
    Meal 4: 30 grams malto dextrose+ preworkout
    Meal 5: Post wokrout shake, Two extra lean beef rissols,a piece of cheese + 2 white breadrolls.
    Meal 6 TBA in a few mins. Probably 1 scoop of whey + 2 raw eggs in a shake as i think my cottage cheese is off.

    Im cutting up nicely: pics as promised. 1 full flex (bit blurred) 2 trying to do traps, 3 arms---i kind of blocked my tri's out though.
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  21. Good progress bro keep itup

  22. Keep it up Jeff

  23. Thanks guys, i appreciate the encouragement.

    Day 26: HALF WAY! day off.

    I had my first one on one basketball coaching session. It was quite humbling. The coach is great and made me realise i have a lot to learn. It should be a fun ride.

    I think i had about 10 natadrol today. I couldn't remember if id taken one dose so i took two more. 40 mins later i was amped, hungry and felt like king ****! I sweated like an absolute pig at training. 10 was nice but not cost effective.

    Legs ended up being sore after the basketball.

  24. Day 27: Had a good session tonight

    I started with

    t-bar rows x4 (superset on last)
    132 x12, 132 x12, 165x8, 132x10>88x8>44x10

    dumbell pullover x3
    60x10 60x10 66x8

    bench press x4 - I've really been struggeling with this latley....i think i need a spot. It used to be moy best exersise. It is the only aparatus that i have not increased weight on over the cycle.
    132x12, 154x10, 165x5, 132x8

    Pec dec x 3 smashed through the whole stack of weights for 3 sets with a
    drop set on last. It felt good to add this one in tonight.
    165x10 165x10 165x10>132x8

    millitary press (worst exersise for me) > db shrugs superset x3
    mp 88x8 88x8 77x8
    dbp: 66(each dumbell)x10 66x10 66x10>62xfailure>58xfalure>52f ailure

    full body Dips> crunches x5
    dips: x12 x10 x10 x8 x7
    Crunch: 90x20 90x20 90x20 90x20 90x20

    Incline db curls x4
    26x10 26x10 30x8 30 x8
    Reverse incline db curls x2
    18x10 18x10


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