I have historically been a creatine non-responder. I have tried various forms of mono and I get stomach cramps and frequent urination every time. Recently I decided to give some of the new forms of creatine a try. To this end I bought C-Bol and Con-Crete. I have not tried Con-Crete yet but I have tried C-Bol. It does provide stellar pumps and did not cause stomach cramps but I still had frequent urination problems. This is more than just a small annoyance since I have to get up 3-4 times a night to go to the restroom. However, it may not affect everyone this way. If this is not a problem for you C-Bol is a great product IMO. I also found that instead of taking one large dose preworkout, taking smaller doses throughout the day seems to works well as far as the “pump” is concerned.